Movie Review: Justice League in 4DX

Having enjoyed my most recent 4DX experience, I decided to take up the offer to go again…this time to see Justice League.

4DX is “the world’s first and leading 4D technology-based movie experience” and there are only nine 4DX screens in the nation. 4DX aims to close the distance between the viewer and the screen and bring you into the story like never before. In this instance, the 4DX environmental effects (fog, water, motion, side air, tilt, vibrations, light effects for lightning, etc…) were felt throughout the two hour movie. I have to say the most fully immersive scenes were the scenes with Aquaman because of the water effects and side air that made you both wet and chilly and really made those scenes all the more real. I’d honestly recommend seeing this movie in 4DX just based on the 4DX choreography of the Aquaman scenes alone. It was that good.

That said, this showing was not only in 4DX but also in 3D. So not only is your chair moving around in the fight scenes and what not but the characters are coming at you as they’re being tossed around in the fight scenes. So. It’s A LOT. If you feel like you can handle 4DX and 3D at the same time, go for it. This is quite an experience and definitely the movie you’d want to choose for both. But if you think it might be overwhelming to experience both 3D and 4DX at the same time, just know your limits. There’s a lot to experience here and the 4DX experience was rather light in the last movie that I saw in 4DX compared to how almost non-stop it is for Justice League.

Finally, I’m not sure if it was the 3D or the movie itself, someone who saw the movie in standard hi-def can tell me, but some scenes just looked weird, especially in close ups, they looked too fake. Simply put, there were some moments where the CGI was absolutely terrible.  Those moments took me out of the story for a hot second because this is DC so surely they have the money to not make the background in the close ups look terrible. I know there were issues behind the scenes and Director, Zack Snyder had a real life tragedy on his hands so I don’t want to be too harsh here. Snyder aside, what happened??? Anyway…

In regards to the movie itself, it was solid and for a DC film, it was better than usual. But it wasn’t the epic Justice League that everyone hoped beyond hope that it would be given the build up over the years. Accepting that disappointment and looking at this movie on its own, I liked the tone of the movie, it wasn’t too dark and it was just the right amount of comedic. It didn’t go overboard on either end. Although some would say a less comedic edge would have been great and I can appreciate that too.

Justice League didn’t feel like a long movie, the pacing was good compared to the never-ending trash fire that was Batman v Superman. I think because we had so many characters to look forward to catching up to, that made the time go by fast. However, character development was rushed and glossed over, even for people who know these characters, there wasn’t much to look forward to here. And most of the movie did feel like we were just watching Wonder Woman and Batman recruiting, which could have been done a lot quicker and given more time to add more depth to the plot which was far too simple to carry out and have anyone overly enjoy and fangirl/fanboy about afterwards. It just felt too surface level for a film that, again, should have been epic.

Gal Gadot killed it once again as Wonder Woman. Always such a treat, more than a treat, really, it’s hard to describe, but it’s really the best feeling in the world to see her on screen as Wonder Woman. Ezra Miller was fantastic as The Flash. I was worried that he would play it too far out of left field but he really made it his own while keeping the spirit of The Flash alive and well. Ben Affleck was a boring Batman. He’s clearly over this role and that’s a shame because someone else could have nailed this role instead of giving this guy way too much money to phone in in. The sexy beast that is Jason Momoa was Aquaman and wow. I mean, I’m biased here but we could have really used more Aquaman scenes.I think it’s safe to say that I’d swim in an body of water where Aquaman is. Anyway, I’m looking forward to his solo movie. Henry Cavill gave so much range to Superman though he had a lot more to play with here which made this Superman really entertaining and gripping to watch. Ray Fisher as the Cyborg was exciting to see until I saw how little they did for this character. They truly gave him the worst dialogue ever. Wow.

Overall, the movie could have been so much better but I’m not at all feeling in anyway like I felt when I saw Batman v Superman (Which was a sleeper and I can’t believe I wasted my time watching that movie). So, there’s that. Justice League wasn’t five stars or even four stars but it certainly wasn’t one. But I had a blast experiencing the movie in 4DX. 4DX sure knows how to pick the right movies for this experience. Take all of this as you will when you go to spend your hard earned money on movie night.

If you’ve seen Justice League (whether in 4DX or not), what did you think?