Movie Review: Geostorm in 4DX

I recently had the opportunity to check out the latest Gerard Butler movie, Geostorm in 4DX. If you’re unfamiliar, 4DX is “the world’s first and leading 4D technology-based movie experience” and there are only nine 4DX screens in the nation. In this instance, the 4DX environmental effects (fog, water, motion, side air, tilt, vibrations etc…) were put to work for this global warming disaster movie. Not your average movie theater going experience, I’ll tell you that!

The 4DX experiences really brings you that much closer to the experience of those in the movie. 4DX aims to close the distance between the viewer and the screen and really bring you in on the ride. It legit feels like a ride. You get to feel like you’re riding through the bumpy deserts of the Middle East, soaring through space, being hit with the aftermath gust of an iceberg. It’s pretty wild. I really enjoyed the 4DX experience. Of course, it’s not for everyone, especially depending on what kind of movie you feel comfortable seeing with the 4DX experience. But I highly, highly recommend checking out Geostorm or a future film in 4DX.

As for the movie itself, it’s about as generic as it gets. But that’s okay. You know what you’re getting yourself into if you’ve seen the trailer for the film or are just familiar enough with movies to know which ones are just pure tropey entertainment and know they’re not exactly going to win any awards. So if you’re looking for a really compelling, thought provoking disaster movie, this isn’t it. From a critical standpoint, this movie is just plain bad. But if you just want to sit back and relax without thinking too much about what you’re watching, this movie is here for you.

Basically, if you liked San Andreas (I loved it), you’ll enjoy what this movie has to offer. And while this film has family stakes (maybe not quite as emotionally gripping as San Andreas), it also has a political twist which I’m quite neutral on. Because no matter how the movie ended, it was always going to be basic. Enjoyable but again, let’s not kid ourselves here.

I also must mention how diverse this cast is! Yeah, the movie stars Gerard ButlerJim Sturgess (who I will never not see as anything other than Jude from Across the Universe), Abbie Cornish, Ed Harris, etc… but it also stars Daniel Wu (Into the Badlands), Eugenio Derbez (How to Be a Latin Lover), Amr Waked (Lucy), Adepero Oduye (The Big Short), Zazie Beetz (Atlanta), etc… Yes, this movie is a global disaster movie but it’s diverse within the setting of the U.S. as well which is so important to see on screen so that was really delightful to see.

With a strong cast and characters I could root for, an exciting disaster storyline I could get onboard for, and great action (even though it was a missed opportunity to give us so much more), Geostorm is one to check out if you have the chance and it seems like you’re kind of movie. Or rather, make plans to visit a theater near you for a future movie in 4DX because the 4DX experience is pretty great. A nice shake up from the mundane.

If you’ve seen Geostorm or any movie in 4DX, what did you think?