Desperate Housewives Season 7 Cast Promo Photo

I admit that after the Season 6 episode, “Boom Crunch” on Desperate Housewives, I stopped watching the show. There seemed to be recycled story lines coming on and a soap opera vibe coming on even stronger. The season was also quite dry without Nicollette Sheridan. So in the end, I just couldn’t take it anymore. But when it was announced that Vanessa Williams would be joining the cast in Season 7, I knew that I had to start watching again. So yes, I will be watching the new season of Desperate Housewives and I look forward to seeing what Vanessa Williams has to offer. She never disappoints, so I know that this season will be incredibly entertaining. Check out the new season 7 cast promo photo with Williams front and center.

Loves it!

Desperate Housewives Season 7 premieres Sunday, September 26, 2010 at 9/8c on ABC.


  1. Desperate Housewives Season 7 is one of the masterpieces of the TV shows from Mark Cherry – its enigmatic, it's bizarre, and it's deep. Don't think of it as just another Melrose Place; go beyond the superficial to see the depth of the issues the show talks about. It's really well
    written, you can't help but not love the acting, and the show itself has become a major influence over the years. It's gotten high ratings consistently, and has even won a couple of awards. They're well deserved! Watch the show and you'll know why.

  2. Marc Cherry (Yes, it's Marc with a C) is one of my favorite television writers today and I have no problem saying that by no means do I think that Season 6 (since Season 7 premieres this month) is Marc Cherry's best season of DH.

    I do agree that the acting is great and writing is good (love the dialogue). I do agree that this past season was enigmatic, bizarre, and deep. The most deep and meaningful storyline for me personally this season had to be Lynette's.

    But here's the thing.

    For one, I never watched the original Melrose Place and don't think the remake can even compare to DH (as I don't think it's in the same league) so I'm really lost that you threw that in there. Note that there is a difference between the soap opera vibe and being superficial. But since you mentioned superficial, yeah I thought there was a bit of that too this season.

    Second, I like to be entertained and I like a show that makes me think. I also like shows that both entertain AND teach you something at the same time, but season 6 does not do this as much as the show did before. So here I am watching season 6 being somewhat entertained and now I have to work to get to the depth to some of the shows' issues…umm no, this isn't Lost; I shouldn't have to work to mold the depth of the show. No I don't mind working but to me, part of the heart of the original DH concept is disappearing and that, I mind. If the whole heart of a show isn't there after 6 seasons, going back to basics for concept is okay, recycled stories and outlandish change, not so much. Some things are too outplayed and bizarre, even for Wisteria Lane.

    But I do agree that the show has had a major influence over television, American popular culture, and the viewers over the years. But there have been a number of shows that only lasted one or two seasons and have also made a huge impact.

    I don't follow ratings because the system is very flawed. Though yes, it is true that the show has gotten consistently high ratings. But you have to take into account the people that leave their TV on after Extreme Makeover Home Edition but aren't really paying attention to what's on television and also the fans who really aren't as into the show anymore but were fans from the beginning and feel obligated to watch. (I myself have a few shows that I feel obligated to watch as a longtime fan – one of them was DH until the Boom Crunch episode). Also, not as many people were watching DH season 6 online as they were watching Dexter Season 4. If you are going to talk ratings, you have to take into account what else is on Sunday night and how many people are watching all of the other Sunday night shows on all of the other different outlets. DH Season 6 doesn't win for that. It may have won in the beginning, but not now.

    Lastly, feel free to read my blog more, as I keep up with award shows very much. I agree that DH deserved all of the awards that it has won over the years…notice though, DH didn't win any awards for Season 6 and was only nominated for an Outstanding Sound Mixing award and an Emmy nod for Outstanding Guest Star. So it's not just me who thinks that this season could have been better. But the past is the past and I look forward to seeing what Season 7 has to offer!