Syfy Upfront Scoop

Tuesday night, I attended the Syfy Upfront event in New York City where all the stars came out to support & celebrate the success of their shows as well as the new advertising partnerships.

First on the schedule of events was an advanced screening of Caprica‘s episodes 108 and the mid season finale 109. All I can say right here is that things get heated, people are tested, and things only get deeper from here. For semi-spoilers…I will say that in the first draft of the mid season finale, the dog was killed. Also, Joseph’s story line with Tamara may seem to have wrapped up in the mid season finale, but that is not the case.

So right after the screening, various cast members and 2 executive producers came on stage for a brief Q&A.

An overview of what was discussed during the Caprica Q&A:
As for the timeline for the show, the executive producers explained that about 10 years ahead of where the series is at this point is when the first cylon war will occur and the history of the cylons on Caprica is consistent with the cylons in Battlestar Galactica. But the masterminds behind the show are unsure of the endpoint for series – how close to the BSG timeline they want to get. As far as cylons and technology goes…it was made a point that having respect for technology is not a driving theme for the show but it is one of many that fans do see. After hearing this, it makes me wonder all the more what goes on in the writer’s room…intentions and what is seen beyond those initial intentions. One thing that is intentional is how the viewers connect with the characters. The executive producers explained that they want the relationship between the viewers and characters to be more of a challenge in regards to who to root for. Very intelligent decision this was. It makes every character all the more complex and intriguing. This brings me to my last point, that both Alessandra Torresani and Magda Apanowicz thanked Jane Espenson for such strong female characters.

Then the red carpet began…

Pictured Above: Eddie McClintock (Warehouse 13)

I interviewed just about everyone who arrived that night. Check it out in the videos below!

In Video Above: David Blue & Ming-Na (Stargate Universe), Magda Apanowicz (Caprica), and Joanne Kelly & Eddie McClintock (Warehouse 13)

In Video Above: Colin Ferguson & Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Eureka), Amanda Tapping (Sanctuary), Kris Williams & Amy Bruni (Ghost Hunters), The Miz (WWE’s NXT), and Emily Rose (Haven)

The Overall Interview Scoop:
We haven’t seen the last of the chair on Stargate Universe. Gray also takes on more of a leadership role in the upcoming episode. The tensions on the ship and trust issues really come to a boiling point in the upcoming episodes.
Caprica fans get to see Geminon in episode 114, which is one of Magda’s favorite episode of the entire season.
Warehouse 13 gets another new villain that will shock you.
Things will not go the way that you will expect on Eureka. Everything changes, not necessarily just for the better or just for the worst.
The new Syfy series, Haven shoots in Novia Scotia…unlike most Syfy shows which shoot in the Vancouver area. Aside from Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant is attached to the show. The series begins shooting in April.

Next came the Upfront Presentation. Here are the highlights:
As for new programming this fall and next year…Syfy has order 3 new scripted shows, “Haven,” “Being Human” which is the American version of the TV series of the same name, and the dramedy, “Three Inches.” Thursday night’s lineup has been taken over by reality TV with the new shows, “Mary Knows Best,” “Force of Nature,” “Quantam Kitchen,” and “Paranormal Investigators.” “Mary Knows Best,” follows Mary, a psychic with a family living in Staten Island…and after having been shown a preview, it will be quite interesting and entertaining. But Upfront wouldn’t be upfront without mentioning advertisers. Syfy was thrilled to announce that Twizzlers has partnered up with Warehouse 13. As a regular Comic Con visitor, I must say that I am anticipating free Twizzlers at the Syfy booth! To close out the presentation, Tracy Morgan recorded a short message to let Syfy fans know that he is the new executive producer for Scare Tactics.

Afterwords, the celebration party began and the media and advertisers partied with the stars. I had the pleasure of talking to Joanne Kelly (Warehouse 13) and Alessanda Torresani (Caprica).

All in all, it was a very successful and fun night and there is a lot to be very excited about for the upcoming all new episodes of your favorite Syfy shows!


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  2. Sorry about double posting! Just wanted to thank you for the report and the lovely interviews!

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