TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – Would I Think of Suicide?

Susan: If you are actually considering having a serious relationship with this man then I want to make sure that you have all of the facts.

Bree: What kind of facts?

Susan: Karl facts.

This episode set up a new direction for all of the story lines to head, which I enjoyed to an extent. There were so many emotions to feel in this episode. Mike threatening Katherine after she told MJ that Susan was a bad person was all I needed to smile and feel good for the majority of the episode. Katherine picking up MJ was beyond disrespectful and ridiculous. If she really loved Mike she would listen to him. Instead, Katherine putting a knife to herself was predictable and irritating to see. Hopefully this does not go the “Mike tried to kill me” route because if so, I think I’ve had enough of this season. Katherine alone will make me stop watching this show. Anyway, Susan trying to spy on Julie and ending up finding out about Bree and Karl made me think…it’s about time! Susan accepted this relationship much better than I had expected, although since she is not in love with Karl, it seems it would be much easier to accept! Now let’s see how everyone else on Wisteria Lane takes the news! As for Julie… discouraging the ladies from taking a self defense class was understandable and interesting to see since the ladies did not say anything after Julie said what she said. With Julie’s recent stay in the hospital and now the death of a young girl, terrible life threatening things are back on Wisteria Lane. Although I don’t want to wait until the end of the season to find out who the girl’s murderer was. Nor do I want it to become a central part of any storyline. Anyway, Danny attempting to kill himself was heartbreaking to see although he was healing himself of so much pain by beginning to reveal his true identity as Tyler. Lastly, Lynette being blindsided by Carlos’s attempt to get her to move to Florida was rough. Lynette suing Carlos was right for her to do but it did not help her re-establishing a friendship with Gabby. Carlos was unprofessional for mixing the personal with business when he forced Lynette to over work herself and choose work over supporting her children. Carlos firing Lynette made me dislike Carlos because the only reason he is upset is because Lynette was pregnant. So hopefully Lynette can fight the company – not for her job since she is too good to work there – but for her rights. This episode was very well done and I am anticipating what’s next for everyone.

Heroes – The Fifth Stage

Claire: You can’t hurt us.

This episode was not thrilling in any way nor did it pack that emotional punch that I expected. Sylar coming for Peter was disturbing, especially when Peter nailed Sylar (that’s what she said) and then was trying to get Nathan to overpower Sylar. Nathan was right for telling Peter to accept his death. Thankfully, he did and now that Nathan is gone…unfortunately Sylar is back in full force. Sadly Sylar is old news in the sense that I’d really like a new main villain since Sylar has been the main one since Season 1. Sylar needs to either be overtaken, turned to the good side, or killed off and I’d rather he not be killed off so…anyway…it was great seeing Doyle at the circus but it looks like Claire has made herself a bit too comfortable at the circus and while it’s fine for Doyle since he’s a better person…Claire is already a good person and does not need to be confined to this “freeing” circus. She is free as she is on her own in college, experiencing life. Please don’t get sucked in Claire! As for her dad, HRG…what was up with the unexpected visitors and why is this Primatech lady all of a sudden a main focus in HRG’s life? Not cool. Also, I don’t like how in the last few minutes of the episode, all of the heroes were shown in each of their journeys when the entire episode only focused on a few heroes. What a tease. Overall, I can’t say that I was pleased with this episode. I’ve held onto Heroes this long, please don’t give me a reason to really drop it.

One Tree Hill – You Know I Love You, Don’t You

Julian: Alex, let me be perfectly clear. I do not love you. I don’t even like you.

This episode was somewhat engaging. The best storyline stood with Brooke. Brooke telling her mother that she can’t have kids is a testament to how much their relationship has grown. Brooke taking her mother’s advice that Julian may not be the one for her was a step in the right direction. If Brooke has to put up with the way Julian acts now for the rest of her life, is it really worth it? No, Brooke deserves better and can get better so this break between the two should help her see that more clearly. Will anyone get to Alex before she loses enough blood? Her attempting suicide is the most immature and stupid thing she could ever do. She should have just went back home to her family and got her life back together. Anyway, Millie also needs to not be the line of Clothes Over Bros because she is a terrible role model. It all happened so quickly and it is just so uncomfortable to watch. If Millie ends up taking the dress, it is over for her and I never want to see her again. Thankfully Mouth and Millie are over and well wishes for Antwon getting the job in LA so Mouth can go with him and get a job out there himself. As for Nathan & Haley, it seems like their lives are going to get very busy but it will be worth it, so good for them. As for Clay…coming to his senses was the best thing that has happened in the season. Quinn was just an annoying bug in his ear. It was upsetting when she said, “So you’re just running away.” No Quinn, that’s what you do. He is moving on. Whatever Quinn is up to with Clay’s ex assistant, I don’t care. Lastly regarding the episode, I was thrilled when Jimmy’s mother came to Dan and told him off. Dan came to his senses too but his wife stopped him from ending the show. Rachel is so insensitive, she is such a shell, it is ridiculous. Dan needs to find a way to divorce her (have her sign the papers when she is really drunk perhaps?) and change his will fast. Would he go so far as to kill her? Hmmm…well, while this episode was somewhat enthralling…it has come time for me to call it quits with One Tree Hill. It breaks my heart to say this but the show does not have that spark that it did in the first 3 seasons and I anticipated and stood by the show after the four year jump but it seems now is the right time to end. There have been no announcements as to this being the last season of the show but it will be the last for me and depending what happens in the next 2 episodes, these could be my last few reviews for the show.

Gossip Girl – The Treasure of Serena Madre

Jenny: Blair told me that you were responsible for sabotaging me at cotillion. What, you don’t have anything to say to me?
Eric: Your sweet potatoes are bland.

Eleanor: That’s enough, what has gotten into you?
Blair: Into me? try you, you’re the one that’s pregnant.

Vanessa’s Mom: Kids.
Vanessa: Oh, what makes you an expert?

What an episode to be thankful for! Tripp’s wife asking Nathan if Tripp and Serena were having an affair was a smart move on her part and then on Nathan’s part for telling her that he could help end the affair quietly. Too bad the wife couldn’t hold it and put the two on blast at the table. Lily’s face was torn and I felt so much empathy for Lily. What an embarrassment Serena is. I shouted, “Yes” when Lily kicked Serena out until she gets her act together. Even though I don’t know why Tripp and his wife’s marriage is really struggling, I am on the wife’s side because what Tripp did was wrong and I am looking forward to seeing what she has planned to save her marriage or at least end it right. Also, Nate deserves so much better than Serena and even though it would be comfortable to see them together, hopefully Nate will find someone for him way better than Serena. Blair may not know how to solve her issues but she sure knows how and when to tell other people when they are wrong, so Blair, Chuck, and Nathan all against her was great to see. It wasn’t so great when Blair went and told her to go with Tripp after the whole blow up…friends support friends, especially when you see that they are in love and are conflicted but Blair should have stood her ground throughout. Speaking of the big blow up, Thanksgiving dinner was the best scene ever this entire season. I love when the music is just right, the secrets come pouring out, and all of the actors deliver their lines so convincingly and yet with such comedic edge as well. After the dinner, Eric telling Jenny that she was wrong for choosing Queen over being a friend was a great moment and would have been better if Jenny gained any bit of clarity, but she didn’t. Eric is best to never become friends with her again, no matter what. Speaking of friends, I was grateful of Vanessa’s mom for telling Dan to continue to be friends with Vanessa if he thinks it’s possible to break V’s heart again. The big surprise of the night was finding out that Dorota is pregnant. That is exciting! I am definitely looking forward to next week after this fabulous episode!

90210 – And Away They Go!

Naomi: I lost the person I love most in this world. Now all I have left is this stupid horse.

What another terrific episode! Staring off with… Navid is a very strong person and I admire how disciplined he can be, not going back to Adrianna, not ignoring everything that Ad did to him, he’s smart. Ad is doing what is right for her but not doing drugs anymore (again) and hopefully it lasts this time. Will Navid and Ad get back together? It always seemed like there was another chance so let’s see how things change in the relationship if they choose to get back together. In the meantime, it is fun seeing Annie’s boyfriend nervous about Navid remembering what happened. I can’t wait until Navid does because he is not shy about telling the truth. Annie is so naive and because she chooses to be which is the real shame. What a brat. No wonder she doesn’t have any friends. Debbie wasn’t too bright for buying the study group line. As for who was bright in this episode…Liam, Dixon, Teddy, and Liam’s girl whose name I always forget were set to take down Jen! What’s hysterical is that Jen heard their plans before they played out, and Naomi found out the truth as Jen was trying to stop Liam! Ryan finding out and breaking it off with Naomi was a moment I had been waiting for. Hopefully he will tell Naomi about Jen using her money to buy the horse! Or is that not his place? Hmm… Lastly, are Dixon and Silver back together? I didn’t think anything of her kiss with Teddy but no matter what, she needs to be with the person who is best for her. Everyone does.

Melrose Place – June

Amanda: The truth is, I really miss this place and I can’t wait to become a part of each and everyone of your lives.

This was a quite a thrilling episode to watch. Violet was irritating with her, “how do you sleep at night” speech to Riley about telling the police what she thought about Auggie. Riley sleeps just fine because Auggie is not a true friend as it I’m sure they haven’t been “friends” for a long time, shared their deepest secrets, been through hell and back, etc… Riley sleeps just fine. Also, as if there wasn’t enough reason to think this way, Violet is even more disturbing to watch because her and her adoptive brother had a sexual relationship. Yikes! If I were Riley, I would not have said, “It’s okay” after Violet’s brother smashed my fiance’s work! Nope, I would have been heated and Violet would be paying for the camera and her brother would be tracked down and paying for it as well. So not as to get riled up about that, moving onto Ella…she was clever for thinking of herself and having Jonah search through the company’s email history to see if Amanda really did despise her. However she did not think about the consequences and given what Jonah knows…he did what was best by firing Ella. Way to go Jonah! I wonder how Riley and Jonah will get through until they make it back on their feet and I wonder how far Amanda will let Ella go rejecting her morals to keep her precious career. There wasn’t a lot going on with Lauren in this episode, she just trusted in David as they helped bring down Michael who is now under investigation for Sydney’s murder. But is he really the murderer? Hmm. Good episode. Keep the goodness coming!


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Flash Forward – A561984

Mark: I’m sorry.

Demetri: What are you sorry for? It’s my murder, my problem. I’m sitting here with your badge in my pocket.

This episode started off with a bang and a well deserved one given the circumstances. Lloyd was brave for stepping up and being a man and admitting his mistake being part of the experiment to the public but now he has to face the ridicule. It seems as though the ending shows the beginning of the consequences unfolding and it was a shame that Olivia bore witness to it. Although she wasn’t much of a focus in this episode. Her husband was, and Demetri and Zoey. Zoey calling Demetri’s parents was a great move in trying to reach out to them and become a family and hopefully Demetri will still be alive so the wedding can happen. Is there a way for Zoey’s flash forward which was actually a flash forward of her at Demetri’s memorial to change? Especially since his death is “the start of a long line of dominoes” according to the woman who saw the flash forward. Even more disturbing is that his own partner, Mark is the one who (intentionally) kills Mark! Yikes. From the looks of the preview for future episodes, Mark is not so friendly with Demetri anymore and I can’t wait to find out why and how everything plays out. Although even though it seems like a lot was revealed in the preview, all the footage was edited together so who knows what bits in pieces from what situations were taken. Remember, “It’s not destiny vs free will it’s destiny and free will.” Looking forward to Flash Forward’s return!

The Office – Scott’s Tots

Michael: I destroyed 15 young lives today.

What an odd (thank goodness this is TV not real life because that would be tragic) episode! Michael promising all of those kids that he would pay for their college education was the dumbest thing that he has done this season. The lead up to him breaking it to the kids was written, directed, and acted so well. Every moment was anticipated and once the moment came, it was just heartbreaking to see because Michael has such amazing intentions but the execution is never right. Although it was not intelligent for the public education system to not keep up with Michael throughout the years to see how he was going to fulfill this promise. Michael buying one student’s books each year was a good save for that one student. Erin did make a great point though that all of the kids tried much harder, stayed in school, and stayed out of trouble because of his promise. We also learned something in Michael’s crazy day, Kevin applied to work in the warehouse when he first came to the company! Quite an interesting fun fact! Speaking of Kevin…Dwight’s impressions of Kevin, Stanley, and Tobey were perfect! Although Dwight sabotaging the employee of the month award was actually quite irritating. Dwight was tolerable before Jim became co-manager but since Jim has become co-manager, Dwight has become intolerable. Will Ryan becoming his partner in crime help make Dwight less irritating for the time being? Only time will tell. In the meantime, I will be having the “Hey Mr. Scott” song in my head probably until Christmas.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Mac and Charlie Write a Movie

Mac: Look at her dude. It might be god to have an older lady in the mix, right?. Sort of a work whore secretary.

Charlie: I don’t care for their demographic. I find them to be judgmental. You know what I mean?

This episode brought quite the laughs! It was quite funny to see Dee going to the set of the M. Night film thinking she was a featured actress when she was really a featured extra! The gang following her to the set to be stars in their own right was not a disaster at all since they left to their own are to come up with “The Sixth Sense” pre-quel (which Charlie could have done as a musical) but Dennis completely screwed up the original concept by trying to make it a porn film! Back to Dee, trying to pose during the corpse scene made me laugh out loud and Dennis using his phone was unprofessional and somewhat out of character for him. Can Dee act or did she get into acting because of the attention? Dennis has a lot of bad qualities but his unprofessionalism on set really turned me off. Overall, this was quite the comedic episode! Looking forward to more Sunny!

Ugly Betty – The Bahamas Triangle

Amanda: Betty, did it ever occur to you that I might actually had real feelings for Matt?

This was quite an entertaining episode! Shakira was a great guest star! Although this episode was really all about relationships at Mode…Connor came for Wilhelmina but unfortunately that didn’t last since the authorities found him and Wilhelmina had to act like she caught him. Will she tell Marc the entire truth or will Marc or anybody else find out the entire truth about what has been going on between the two? Well, actually I don’t think that Willie will be going to Marc much since Marc has accepted Daniel’s offer to be his assistant. Good for Marc! It’s about time he stand up to Wilhelmina and tell her he would rather be behind someone who will actually help him become an editor. Good for him! Not so good for him that he hooked up with someone from Mode of all the people in the Bahamas. Was that just a fling he doesn’t have to remember again (unless he passes the guy at Mode), or will the two form a relationship back in the city, or will the guy that Marc hooked up with become an annoyance? As for Daniel, is it odd that he is forming a relationship with Amanda? That’s all I have to say about that. There’s a more important matter at hand… was the kiss between Matt and Betty a moment many have been waiting for? Am I happy for sad that Matt and Betty are back together? At first, I was thrilled but when I thought about it…they both have to be willing to really make this work this time otherwise it is back at square one. Only time will tell. Lastly, Hilda needs to tell her boyfriend about Eric. It will break his heart but Hilda needs to tell him so it will force her to really think about what she really wants and can handle. Overall, this was a great episode and there was so much relationship development, it left us with a lot to keep us thinking! The directing was fabulous as well, the shots on location were just beautiful. Loved it!

Dollhouse – The Public Eye

Senator: Who the hell are you?

Echo as Bree: Ah, you forgot me already?

Madison exposing the dollhouse was quite interesting since Adelle was quick to pick up on the fact that Madison was being used against her. Adelle and Paul planning to save her made me anticipate every moment that would happen next. Echo as Bree setting up the senator was exactly what I thought would happen so it was fun to see that play out, where the senator is the doll and not the wife. When all of the actives Echo has been were awakened and she fought the senator’s handler, the flashbacks to her past fights mixed in with shots of the current was perfect. It was discouraging to see the handler catch up to the two when it seemed they had gotten away. Summer Glau guest starring as Bennett was a moment Whedon fans have been waiting for! Based on what was seen, it seems as if Bennett is the biggest enemy to the dolls unless she is tearing them down only to make them better. Either way, this episode had me anticipating every moment and I feel like I need to watch it again to catch more! What a very well written episode!

Dollhouse – The Left Hand

This episode started off exactly where the last left off which was great! There was also some sweet comedy in Bennett crushing hard on Topher. The background music during Topher and Bennett scenes set just the right emotions, it was all so brilliantly put together. Victor as the Topher back at the dollhouse was my favorite part of this episode. Victor is my favorite doll hands down. Enver Gjokaj is the strongest actor on this show no question. Therefore, all of his story lines beat anything else that is going on. Anyway, Echo and the senator taking out their tracking devices was clever and looked like it hurt like…and soon they were taken back to Bennett’s dollhouse but Bennett seemed to have turned the senator into a killer which I did not see coming! What a surprise to find out that Bennett was Caroline’s best friend before Caroline turned into Echo. Thankfully, much was resolved in the end but there is still a lot to be covered so I am really anticipating Dollhouse next week!


  1. ahhh love your recaps, melody! omg i'm so feeling melrose, flashforward, and dollhouse now. melrose is getting so good with the creepy suspense and tense relationships (i heart jonah so much!); flashforward is becoming a genuine thriller of a show (how great was gabrielle union's performance? i teared up when she realized the truth of her flashforward!); and dollhouse!! wooooow, enver's topher impersonation was AMAZING!! and summer glau's performance was so good; never saw her so creepy, even when she was kickin' ass and killin' people in firefly and serenity!

    haha ok, now i gotta go write up my flashforward review now. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much!

    Yeah, the complex relationships on Melrose is what makes that show so amazing and I'm team Jonah too! Flash Forward is getting great too, not thrilled about this long hiatus…I'm going to have to watch these episodes again once the show comes back in the new year so I remember what happened. As for Dollhouse, those 2 episodes were amazing and I can't wait for another back to back!

    Looking forward to your review at Pinkraygun!