TV Week In Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – Never Judge A Lady By Her Lover

Orson: Oh, argue all you like. A woman doesn’t pull a stunt like that over a man she is not in love with.

This episodes was very entertaining. Watching Bree act the way that she did at the dinner while she was with Orson and sabotaging Karl’s date…why doesn’t she divorce Orson and get on with her life? Not with Karl but just get on with it? Karl’s ex, Susan is not doing well at all. I honestly can say that I didn’t expect her to threaten Danny the way that she did but luckily Danny’s mom came out in time before Susan practically killed the boy! Although her anger is making me really wonder even more now just who it was that suffocated Julie and put her in the hospital. Although I am more interested in Julie waking up again and telling her mom who she saw kissing in her hospital room. Anyway, guess who cam back in this episode, Jesse Metclafe as John and how awkward that was for Gabby but she put Carlos in his place by telling him that she has been through enough tests in their marriage. Tell him! Back at work, Carlos hired Lynette because he doesn’t know that she is pregnant and was going to promote another woman until he found out she was pregnant. So will Lynette keep on keeping on or will she do the right thing and tell Carlos to give the promotion to the other woman (whether or not she tells him she herself is pregnant)? What will Lynette do? She already gained the courage to tell her kids about the pregnancy, so will she gain the guts to tell Carlos? Every bit of this episode was entertaining and I am anticipating next week.

Heroes – Hysterical Blindness

Gretchen: So I googled you, so what’s the big deal?

I enjoyed this episode very much, as there was a lot of revelation in this episode. Peter gets to know more about the deaf woman and gains her power. It will be interesting to see how the 2 communicate from here. We found out that the deaf woman works in close quarters with her mother, who in the previous episode I assumed like many was just a very close nurse to her. As far as Claire goes, we find out that her roomie Gretchen has a sincere and deep interest, likeness for Claire. Will Claire & Gretchen end up in a relationship that is more than friends or is this just experimentation? Will the two end up in a sorority? Will Claire, or better yet, who will find out about the new hero/villain who killed Claire’s roommate and is making her life hell but is helping out others? This chic is obviously involved with the circus heroes…I wonder who they are trying to recruit exactly as new members of their “family.” So far, it seems Sylar is the first one on board…although he doesn’t even know who he is really. Its as if Sylar is in his own body but his mind is still with Matt and it will be that way until…well, I don’t know. I am looking forward to more development with every storyline next week as every storyline is equally entertaining.

One Tree Hill – Your Cheatin’ Heart

Brooke: Does Brooke Davis have to slap a bitch?

What a perfect introduction. Immediately I was laughing out loud with the replays of Haley hitting the home wrecker and smiled as Quinn and Clay’s relationship moved forward but I was not thrilled when Haley was arrested and Quinn and Clay didn’t get the message until they went to Haley’s house. Thankfully, Haley got out quickly – but not quick enough as she stayed long enough to have a visitor – the home wrecker who told Haley she was dropping the charges but to check Nathan’s phone records. Not only is the number in the phone records (once) but Dan is working with the home wrecker. Yikes! Another yikes for David saying goodbye to Quinn…Quinn is terrible for breaking things off with David if there is not more to the story she gave as to why she doesn’t want to be with him and for the way she left him. Mouth putting his friendship, his integrity before his job is commendable as is Julian for being a true gentleman working with Brooke’s frenemy in a sense. Let’s see if it works out. Seeing Mia and Chase together was cute, but I miss Lucas & Peyton. 🙁 I know, I know, move on. Lately it has just really hit me that they are really not coming back and it hurts to think about :/ so anyway, looking forward to next week.

Gossip Girl – Rufus Getting Married

Rufus: That was –
Georgina: Your lovechild, yeah, not dead. Congratulations, it’s a boy.

Blair and Chuck’s double date with Nate and Bree was short and not sweet and for good reason since Bree was using Nate the entire time to get to Carter! Wow. Blair & Chuck did not have any drama in this episode because all of the drama was surrounded by the wedding that didn’t even happen. Will it happen? Will it happen because Rufus & Lily know who their son is or will it happen because Lily has come to her senses that she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life without Rufus no matter their differences? Will Serena, Dan, Jenny, & Eric have a relationship with their new brother? It seems as though Georgina has left the country after creating enough damage. Blackmailing Vanessa only to have V tell Dan so that everything is out there, wow. G should know it’s all of them against her. She’s not that powerful. While a good episode, I feel that there is so much more that can be done. Gossip Girl, where is that amazing episode that builds up so much drama and so many questions and is the episode that leaves everyone talking for days?

90210 – Wild Alaskan Salmon

Ad: I can’t do this.
Navid: What?
Ad: This. Us. I can’t do it anymore.

What a great episode! While I understood where Kelly was coming from, she had no right to keep Silver away from her dying mother so hopefully Kelly comes to realize that she too needs to be with her mother in her last days. As for Silver’s buddy, Adrianna, Ad was not smart to break up with Navid for what she perceived was to become a serious relationship with Teddy. There is a price to pay for stupidity and Navid not taking her back because of her secrets is that price. While not as interesting right now but still worth the mention, Naomi is also stupid for letting her sister live off of her and Jen just needs to grow up. Naomi is way more respectable than Jen. Naomi has a heart whereas with Jen, there is no limit to the damage she can do and the things she will do to cover it all up until the only thing left to do is run away. Good luck Naomi dealing with that hot mess. I don’t like Annie with Jasper, Dixon with such an older girl, and Harry calling his wife Kelly. Yikes. That family is a little screwed up right now when it comes to the people they associate with, so hopefully that will change for the better. While it felt like this episode belonged to Adrianna and Navid, Silver is dealing with an awful lot and I am curious to see how she manages over the next few episodes.

Melrose Place – Shoreline

Lauren: I have to get off this boat. That guy’s my neighbor. Don’t look, don’t look. Blonde, leather jacket. He can’t no I’m here.

The way that Violet went after Michael was so out of nowhere and so cruel. Violet is not a good person in any way shape or form. The good people are Jonah & Riley however there was nothing interesting with the two as the focus was on their money issues and Lauren accepting the modeling offer. Things can get more interesting now that she has accepted the offer though but only time will tell. It seem as though cheating will play more of a role in next week’s episode, which while interesting, I am interested to see more than cheating and financial issues be issues for them. The most interesting storyline in this episode was Lauren’s since Tiffany Dupont who played Frannie on Greek appeared as a prostitute in this episode and helped Lauren when she almost ran into David while she is on a boat about to “work.” This was a major close call and there’s no telling how soon it will be until there is another close call, or until Lauren’s secret is revealed to any of the others. The anticipation is killing me. Next week looks like a good one!


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Vampire Diaries – Lost Girls

Katherine: You have no idea of the future I have planned for us Stefan.

This was truly an incredible episode! There was nonstop drama which really started after Stefan finally told Elena that he is a vampire, which was so exciting! Seeing the flashback of the 1800s with Stefan, Damon, & Katherine – finding out that Katherine turned both Stefan & Damon was such a revelation! In present day, Damon killing Victoria’s friends and keeping Vicky alive only to turn her into a vampire was wild! I wonder how this will affect her once it really hits her that she is a vampire. When Elena found out that Vicky was transitioning and sent Stefan after Vicky when she fled (after coming to the house for food) was such a energized scene! Not only was Stefan searching for Vicky but the adults were trying to find the vampires since the mayor, cop, and others are trying to put together the puzzle as to who the vampires in town are. Thankfully Damon saved Stefan when he was shot with wood but unfortunately Vicky fed on the victim who shot Stefan so now Vicky is on the loose. I don’t know what’s more sad, Vicky being a vampire on the loose or Elena breaking up with Damon. I do know that next week is going to be an incredible episode based on what we have seen here. Looking forward to it!

Flash Forward – Black Swan

Nicole: What did I do that I deserved being killed?

The introduction was the best intro since the Pilot episode, whether this man on the bus is significant to the entire puzzle or not. Something that I am unsure if it is significant in the big picture, the man Demetri and Mark were chasing after. It went right over my head who that man was. I was taken aback by the words of the woman whom Mark interrogated. Although more interesting than that is how Olivia is reacting. The flash forward has really taken a toll on her attitude towards everything and everyone in her life. She needs to stop trying to avoid the affair and just find a way to nip it in the butt before it starts. Especially since this man is partly responsible for this disaster apparently. I do have to say that on a side note, it was comforting to know that her co-worker, Bryce is attending weekly psych visits since he did after all try to shoot himself before the flash forward. Something not so reassuring for Demetri since it would just put him in more denial about not having a flash, but something that he shouldn’t do is tell his soon to be in laws that the wedding date has been pushed up. He needs to tell the truth, because whether he tells the truth or keeps it to himself he will still be hurting someone but if he tells the truth there are more people there to help him from keeping that future from coming true. The most startling scene in this episode took place when Nicole went to the Father at church to attempt to atone for her sins in order to avoid her flash forward. What did she do that she felt she deserved to be killed? Who is the killer? Will that future take place? What a great episode!

The Office – Mafia

Andy: You made the mafia be polite!

Andy and Dwight putting it in Michael’s mind that the Grotti salesman was part of the mafia was quite funny! Especially since Pam & Jim were on vacation and Oscar tried to fill the sane void. Unfortunately both Oscar and Michael are desperate enough for help to call Pam & Jim on their honeymoon. Really? If I were on my honeymoon, my phone would be off. Anyway, Michael, Andy, & Dwight at the meeting in a public place was quite funny since Andy thought his plan through well enough for the sake of the plan but not for reality which caught him in a sparky situation. That was comedy right there! Michael trying to act like the Grotti was incredibly comedic towards the end. However, overall, this episode lacked many literal laugh out loud moments and was somewhat forgettable. Hopefully next week will be much more entertaining.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Waitress Is Getting Married

Charlie: I’m a full on rapist.

The introduction was quite comedic! Finding out that Dee has been trying on wedding dresses every week for a year and a half or finding out that Dee’s ex was engaged to the waitress…what is more unbelievable? It was great to see the waitress and Artemis back in the same episode. Dee throwing a bachelor party for the engaged couple and inviting Artemis & Frank, and the mothers made it sure to be a train wreck of a party. I would say that there was some good out of it, but Brad breaking it off with the waitress and telling Dee that he is still in love with her just to get back at them…wow. It’s no question that was the best ending ever, Charlie giving Brad the hornets! The other storyline with Charlie on a date with a lawyer was only really funny when he said he was a full on rapist instead of philanthropist and then when Mac & Dennis came in trying to save the date. Charlie is funniest with Dee and Mac & Dennis are funniest when it’s just them two. So the three of them together with no interaction with Dee other than the intro was odd. Overall, it was quite funny and I am looking forward to more episodes with the waitress and Artemis!

Ugly Betty – The Butterfly Effect

Marc: Mandy you are brilliant.
Amanda: You take that back! I am beautiful.

What a great season premiere! hopefully Betty’s assistant, Megan won’t last that ong because she is a sourpuss and it’s not done in a comedic way, moreso an annoying distraction. What was actually of help to Betty was Wilhelmina giving Betty advice when they were alone in the steam room. That was amazing! What a standout moment for the two. Speaking of standing out, Daniel taking Betty under his wing the way that he has since the promotion has everyone at work riled up and most importantly, Matt riled up because he was already mad to begin with. No one can blame Betty for kissing Matt to try to get back with him but Betty needs to give him time and space and Matt needs to learn how to leave his personal feelings at the door when he goes to work. Daniel putting Matt in his place and giving the story back to Betty was amazing! Speaking of work, what exactly was Marc doing in the entire episodes? Other than attending meetings, talking to Amanda, and giving Justin advice, what was he doing? I am sure we can all assume what Justin really went to Marc about but what if it is not the obvious? Justin’s first day of high school did not go well at all but hopefully we can go inside his school more and see things look up for him. Something else I would like to see is Amanda take on a second job (within or outside of the company) or move up in the company since she is now thinking about the future seriously. Those who should really be thinking about what will happen in their future…Wilhelmina and her daughter, Nico who just arrived for Mommy’s help covering up a murder, even though it was apparently self defense. Let’s see where this goes…I really hope this storyline does not drag out all season long. That would not be entertaining. Something I would love to find entertaining is Wilhelmina and Connor reuniting so that Connor could give the money back to Wilhelmina. However, Wilhelmina should take another thought as to what she would spend the money on if she gets it. As for the ending of the episode, it is quite obvious that Betty’s makeover has begun. Just how far will it go? As of right now, I love it. Well, at first glance I love it but at the same time, it’s not “ugly” Betty anymore so hmm. Tough call with that one. Anyway, overall I enjoyed the premiere and am looking forward to more comedy mixed with incredible dramatic storylines all season long.


  1. My thoughts are that Bree is smart, she can find a way if not around it, then through it because she can't live like that forever so she needs to start thinking about how's she's going to get out. :/