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Heroes – Orientation & Jump, Push, Fall

Sylar: Hi. My name is Sylar. It’s been about six weeks or so since I’ve seen my body and I want it back.

I was very pleased with this 2 hour premiere! Starting off with Claire, while her college roommate, Annie was quite annoying, it was upsetting to see her die. Although whether Claire likes it or not, Gretchen is going to be her new best friend forever since Gretchen has seen her power. It will be interesting to see how Claire and Gretchen find out why Annie killed herself, if that will be revealed…unless that was a simple move to have Gretchen become Claire’s room mate. I try not to read spoilers, so I do not know what is in store. Two things I want to mention, Claire’s hair is back to normal and I like the Crossing Jordan reference. Getting to Claire’s dad, HRG…while I did not expect HRG to team up with Tracy, it seems fitting so long as their relationship does not go any further than that. Thankfully, HRG did not have the chance to even consider working with Danko again since her was murdered. Honestly, I was glad that Danko was killed because his character would seem like a distraction in this volume. The only thing I am interested in regarding Danko is why Danko had the key that was in his body. What is so special about that compass? Getting to one of the new character, Nadia…her power just does not seem all that special. Actually, so far the only cool new power of the new characters is the speed/martial arts power. Hopefully the story lines are strong for these new characters because the powers need an upgrade. A storyline that has definitely gotten better is Hiro & Andy’s storyline. I have no idea where their storyline started to go down the drain but it is finally getting back to being interesting. I wonder what else Hiro will change in the past and cannot wait to see the repercussions of those actions. Someone that never disappoints me is Sylar. I absolutely love where his storyline is going. I want to know how he has the power to get into people’s heads like he has to Matt and Angela. Zachary Quinto is a phenomenal actor. The recovery group scene and interrogation room scene were the most powerful of the night. It looks like Matt is going to be the one to let Sylar loose, possibly through him. He should have listened to Angela while he had the chance! Last, but certainly not least…Peter! I loved seeing Peter saving lives as a paramedic and a hero. Bravo! Also, I was over the moon when I saw Wes Ramsey’s name in the opening credits, as I am a huge fan of his work on Charmed. So to see him as a water boy on Heroes was funny since on Charmed he had powers and on Heroes, he is not a hero. I must say, if this had not been a 2 hour premiere…looking at the episodes separately…I don’t think I got much anything out of “Orientation.” It seems like all of the action was in “Jump, Push, Fall.” I look forward to more action, more character development from the 3 new characters, and lots more secrets to be unveiled and heroes being heroes – not just against Sylar and the government. So far so good, next week looks even better!

One Tree Hill – What Are You Willing to Lose

Haley: You’re not broken.
Quinn: Thanks. I hope not.

What was perhaps an even bigger shocker than last week is Rachel being married to Dan! How did that happen? Scandalous! Will Rachel interact with her former high school class or be in the same amount of spotlight as Dan is? Anyway…continuing from last week’s scandal that is coming to the surface, we found out the motive of the girl who is about to tear down Nathan’s life. We all know it’s not Nathan’s baby but why did Nathan & Clay seem to accept this truth so easily? Did Nathan indeed cheat on Haley while on the road? I hope not. Next week cannot get here soon enough, to see Haley’s reaction to all of this. Anyway…Haley does have one thing to be grateful about, the label not closing! Yay! Brief moment on Quinn – I am tired of her not explaining how her husband changed and I can’t wait to see who her husband is…casting better do a good job on that one because there is a lot of build up to him. Last but not least…Brooke was right, why did Julian’s dad need to come to Tree Hill to share his opinion about Julian being with Brooke? It seemed really random. Something that also did not add up was Julian’s father recognizing how wrong he was in one conversation with Brooke? Really? Also, Brooke & Millie buying Alex’s terrible acting at Clothes Over Bros was hard to watch. The dress that Alex was wearing was not cute at all so that is even more confusing. Neither of the girls are stupid, so how did that go over their heads? Actually, why did Brooke offer to pay so much money for a celebrity she has never met? That is not a wise business decision. Everything about Brooke’s story lines were just wrong in this episode. Overall, this episode was decent but I want the drama to hit the fan already. Also, I love the Spring Awakening shout out in this episode!

Gossip Girl – The Freshmen

Dan: No headbands in college, okay?

This was a very entertaining episode! Georgina trying to play buddy buddy with Blair was fun to see! Blair being desperate enough to reach out to Dan in public shows Georgina’s effect on Blair, if nothing else. Thankfully Dan of all people put Blair in her place once all was said and done. Although it looks like there will be a lot more to be said in the Upper East Side if people find out that Dan and Georgina hooked up! Moving onto Serena…I was wondering when Serena would finally decide to skip out on college. She just doesn’t seem like the college fit. Plus, the moment we all love and agree with (what Chuck said), Serena is a train wreck! There are many reasons why I agree, including Serena crashing Chuck’s business meeting which was really low. Serena is so idiotic. Ugh. Anyway, Nate seems so disconnected from the group so I hope he interacts more with everyone soon! This week’s episode was better than the premiere and it looks like next week’s episode will be better than the first two, so this season is off to a terrific start!

90210 – Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat

Annie: I’m not about to fight some war I can’t win.

After watching this episode twice, I still am not excited about anything that has happened. Dixon is ridiculous for not being straight up with the girl he met. If David and Silver are not going to be with each other, they at least need to be with people who are their own age and on the same level as them. I’m over Naomi and Annie fighting about what really happened at the party. What Navid did for Adrianna was adorable but there’s not much else to being adorable…so…I don’t know. I was really excited for this episode and it just seemed to be a let down. I want Naomi to find out that her sister was the one who slept around, not Annie. When that happens or some serious drama hits the fan, someone let me know so I can tune in again.

Melrose Place – Grand

Jonah: I’m pretty much the least intimidating person I know.

I know I am hooked to this show. Ella’s personality…I love it! She is a shining star in her own right. As far as the star she is trying to make…Jonah should not be discouraged with the music video credit, because he will have his time. As for his fiancee, Riley…why did she lie to Jonah on top of kissing Auggie while drunk?! Why mess up a good thing? Is this why Ella has it out for Riley? As for someone who is really hiding secrets, Dr. Mancini is hiding quite a lot! I hope his son, David finds out what he is up to. This twist is making it even more of a guessing game for who killed Sydney. Honestly, I don’t think it is Michael, Auggie, or Violet. Speaking of Violet, she is made out to be very creepy but when you think about it…wouldn’t you want something of your parents if they died? Anyway, congratulations to Lauren for joining Michael’s team. Did Michael only hire her to keep tabs on David? Lauren saying that she had something worked out to keep up with the program, makes it seem like she hasn’t left prostitution behind. Please, find another way! There’s a lot of baggage these people need to leave behind…but then where would the drama be? Keep it coming because I love it! I wasn’t expecting to see Taryn Manning in Melrose Place, thankfully it is only in one episode. She just doesn’t fit the show, so to play a star for Jonah’s music video was enough. Overall, this was a great episode and I love the direction this show is headed.

The Good Wife – Pilot

Alicia: I thought, how could you allow yourself to be used like that? And then it happened and I was…unprepared.

While I wanted more from the Pilot, it was exactly as I expected it to be. It was a great setup to what I am sure will be an interesting season. Julianna Margulies is doing a phenomenal job and I am a big fan of Christine Baranski, so it is a thrill to see her in this show. As for Julianna’s character Alicia…I wonder how long it will take for her to really feel comfortable and at home getting back into law. There is only so much that I can take of seeing her scrambling and nervous about her job. I also want to see more of Alicia interacting with her daughter, and the students and adults at her daughter’s school and in the neighborhood. I wonder how long Alicia’s husband, Peter will remain behind bars for the season and how much longer his mother will irritate Alicia and the kids. What I am really interested to see is where Alicia and Peter’s relationship goes over time. Show less time in the courtroom having Alicia do her job and more time with Alicia and Peter. Now that the Pilot has aired, the show can pick up the pace in setting things up and getting to the nitty gritty of the main storyline. That is what I am excited to see. So far, I am not committed to this show, but if it picks up then I am on board.


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Eastwick – Pilot

Roxanne: $50,000.
Darryl: Ouch.
Roxanne: You want me to build a monument to your ego, that’s the going rate.

I enjoyed this episode much more than I thought I would! The introduction was fun to watch although there were too many ants to look at in a later scene. I hope viewers do not have to see that again. I was wondering how the 3 women would come together, and it seems realistic how this would happen in a small town. However, hanging out everyday afterwards, that seems like a bit much. Once they share that they have discovered their powers, then I can see them together all the time. The women shared their first impressions of each other very quickly. It was fun to hear what the women wished at the fountain. It will be exciting to see how their wishes play out, how their powers play out throughout the season. Kat’s power proves to be the most dangerous. Joanna’s power proves to be the most fun to use yet the most disconnecting. Roxanne’s power seems to be the most useful. Let’s see how my impressions change over time. Speaking of Roxanne…Matt Dallas’ character is very young for Roxanne, and does not seem like the right fit for her so I do not see that lasting very long. Although I do find Roxie to be very comedic when it comes to her storyline with her daughter. Hmmm…will Kat kill her husband, Chad? That would be one less problem to worry about. Kidding. Sort of. Will Joanna find true love? As for Darryl…will Darryl be a problem for just one of the women or all of them? How long will Darryl be in the picture? I say this because that certainly cannot be the only main conflict for the women. It was great to see Sara Rue on the show playing Penny, as I loved her on The WB show, Popular years ago. So my only big problem with the show is that you can tell that the show is filmed on a set. It doesn’t feel real. Hopefully that will change. Also, there are too many sex talk. Less sex talk more magic! It seems like the writers are trying way too hard with all of the sex talk. If the show is not afraid to make it their own, this could be a great show! Only time will tell! Don’t watch Eastwick with expectations of it being like the film. I haven’t read the book so I can’t comment on this, but I hope it stays true to the book/film while finding its own feet without trying to be like any other show and has a plan for the longrun because right now, I don’t see it. I will keep watching though!

Vampire Diaries – Friday Night Bites

Elena: So, which one of you dated her first?
Damon: Ask Stefan. I’m sure his answer differs from mine.

This episode was so much more entertaining than last week. Stefan trying out for the football team and Elena trying to get back into her extracurricular activities while Caroline starts a relationship with Damon…wow. It looks like Caroline is not a vampire and unaware of Damon being a vampire so long as he erases/changes her memory. Whatever that power is called. I hope Elena is in the know about the vampire world soon. It would be a bad mood to have Elena find out at the end of the season…that is just dragging out the unnecessary. Anyway, if Elena’s other bff, Bonnie isn’t careful with her psychic powers, she could end up a vampire victim soon. Let’s hope she is careful. 8-14-22, is that the day that Stefan became a vampire? Well, someone who just created danger for herself unknowingly, Elena invited Damon into her house! Yikes. Damon is getting very comfortable, hitting on Elena and biting when he feels like it. This will prove to be a major problem in future episodes, I’m sure. This episode really moved the story along and showed Stefan and Damon’s powers more than in the last episode which I would like to continue to see throughout the season. Looking forward to next week.

Flash Forward – No More Good Days

Charlie: I had a bad dream.

What an incredible opening to what will be an extraordinary first season to Flash Forward. My only question is…what will happen when those 2 minutes and 17 seconds occur on April 29, 2010 at 10pm? What is there left for the show? Will there be more flash forwards? How drawn out will the first season be time wise? Will there be not only flashes forwards but flashbacks to give more insight into characters? Although, sticking to what I know…the series premiere! I cannot begin to tell you how thrilling it is trying to solve this mystery along with Mark and the entire world. Mark’s wall chart is going to drive me crazy! What do the 3 stars mean? Who or what is mosaic? “Who else knows” what? What did Mark’s daughter, Charlie dream? Will Olivia really cheat on Mark and even become that kid’s stepmom? Then…why didn’t Demetri have a flash forward? For some reason I find death to be too easy of a reason why he wouldn’t have gotten a flash. Perhaps he was part of the reason the flash forward even happened and doesn’t realize it but was at a stage where he still passed out with the rest of the world. That might be a long shot. We’ll see. There were more questions that arose from each scene than answers and because of that, there is going to be so much to look forward to this season. I am hooked and you should be too. I can’t wait until next week.

The Office – The Meeting

Michael: Jim has been promoted to co-manager.
Stanley: Of What?
Michael: Of your butt.

While the cold open wasn’t funny, the episode was. It does not at all surprise me that Michael would do anything he could to get into a private meeting with David Wallace and Jim. Although it was extremely surprising that Michael threw Jim under the bus so quickly. He wants to be everyone’s friend but he apparently wants to be number one more. This was disappointing because I don’t think I ever wanted to see Michael throw someone under the bus like that since he doesn’t seem as deserving as Jim for a manager position. The assistant to the regional manager, Dwight had his own goal in this episode, partnering up with Toby of all people! What a hilarious moment when the two mistook Daryl’s wife for Daryl! Although the funniest moments I feel were all of the pregnancy lines. Who will end up going to Jim and Pam’s wedding?

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Gang Hits the Road

Mac: Maybe you shouldn’t be throwing jars of pee out the window!
Sweet Dee: Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t. It’s up for debate.

What a fun cold open! This episode was bound to be funny based on the title alone, but the setup to the road trip was stellar. Then injuring a bike rider, getting a flat tire, attempting to leave Sweet Dee, and stopping at the Italian market before attempting to go on a road trip…everything about this episode was perfect. It doesn’t surprise me that Charlie has never been out of Philly or ever had a pear. He doesn’t seem like a fruity person and he does seem like a home body. Sweet Dee thinking that there is a state called East Virginia is not surprising either and yet still incredibly funny! Funniest of all, Sweet Dee getting a random stranger to drive their car while they play a drinking game. Things just got even funnier as the episode went on. This episode definitely made my night!

Dollhouse – Vows

Dr. Saunders: You don’t care if people get hurt.
Topher: You don’t know me!

Season 2 did not start off with as much of a bang as I would have expected but it was still a decent setup for what is to come. There is so much more comedy in Topher’s dialogue, it’s great! Now will Ivy, Topher’s assistant I guess, will she play a bigger part in this season? Anyway, Ballard and Adelle discussing Echo and Millie was quite interesting. Although even more interesting, perhaps the best scene in this episode was when Echo was imprinted to be a newlywed and her “husband” wanted to beat the truth out from her about what was really going on with Ballard’s case. The best line was when Echo said, “Wait, what did they make me this time?” Seeing Echo crack and appear to be multiple imprints while Ballard was trying to get her to trust him was quite fun to watch! What wasn’t so fun was a lack of Sierra and Victor in this episode. I look forward to seeing more from them in future episodes and interactions with all of the dolls. Next week looks good!

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