Glee Cast Talks on the Gleek Tour

Last week, I mentioned that I attended the Gleek Tour at King of Prussia Mall where members of the cast of Glee held a meet and greet and Q&A with the fans. I was able to interview a few members of the cast and previews of the interviews are below! You can hear my entire interview with Lea Michele on the latest episode of Gleek Squad Podcast. You will be able to hear the entire interviews of the rest of the cast members in future episodes of Gleek Squad, so stay tuned for that!

Also check out these videos of a quick behind the scenes look at right before the meet and greet began, the cast at the signing, and fans singing “Don’t Stop Believin” while waiting for the Q&A to begin.

Lea Michele

What remedies do you have for your voice?
Rest and water, definitely!

If the glee club went on a school trip, where would you want them to go?
I think they would go to NY for sure!

Tell me about your character’s love life.
I can tell you that definitely some stuff goes on with Rachel & Finn but he’s not the only guy that Rachel hooks up with this season.

Jenna Ushkowitz

Do you have a favorite quote?
It’s so hard, I have so many one liners…I have to say that one of my favorites is “We’re d-d-d-doomed.” Everybody says it to me now!

How far in advance did you get the script before shooting & were there a lot of re-writes?
There are actually not a lot of rewrites. We’ll go through the writer’s draft and and then we get the script again a week before the next episode. Sometimes they cut stuff, sometimes they need another song, sometimes we don’t get rights to some songs…so it definitely changes a little bit but no so much.

Amber Riley

This tour is great but would you be on board for a live music Gleek tour?
I don’t know, it’s a lot of work. I sing background and I know how much work it is to put into a show…sure…I think that would be cool.

Are you interested in writing, producing, or directing?
I’m really starting to get into cinematography. I really like writing a lot. I think I could do all of it. I think it would be really fun! It seems really stressful for them though.

If the glee club went on a school trip, where would you want them to go?
I think that they would try to make a school trip to LA and try to get a record deal!

Chris Colfer

What’s your dream Broadway role?
You know that’s a good question. Hmm…I would love to an original role.

What decade do you think has the best music?
I don’t know what generation it’s from but I am a huge fan of grunge rock and roll music.

Are you interested in writing, producing, or directing?
Writing absolutely. I don’t think I could write an entire episode…maybe if it were a generic into the future episode.

Kevin McHale

What do you have to say about your character’s love life?
Something definitely happens but it happens a little differently than you may think.

What is your favorite set or prop piece?
We are in the choir room a lot so it’s kind of like home now.

If the glee club went on a school trip, where would you want them to go?
They are in the middle of Ohio but I think it would really funny if they went to the beach because it might be awkward. To see how those characters react on a beach would be kind of funny.

Glee premieres Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 9/8c.

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  1. i really love this show but i think in season 2 more people should get to sing solos more instead of just rachel, like quinn should i think.
    i also think quinn and finn should get back together, they were really good together!:) but them be happy without all the fighting. and quinn should become head cheerleader again!:)