TV Week In Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – Bargaining

Gabby: I will make the ultimate sacrifice and I will be ugly for my daughter.

The introduction was clever, I loved it. I always do love the introductions! Hopefully this does not come off the wrong way but I really am proud of Bree for standing up for the money that she earned in her business. Orson does deserve a small portion of it, being that he did support her in the business as some point but he definitely does not deserve 50%.

Anyway, Lynette and Tom were probably the funniest in this episode. As soon as Lynette said that she was stuck at work, I knew Tom would come to her. I also knew that it would be Lynette to fall asleep during sex! I loved their storyline was equally comedic as it was stressful (bringing out the real sex issues to the forefront in the marriage).

I really enjoyed seeing Juanita as more of a focus in this episode, especially since the storyline came across so genuine. Gabby not wearing makeup to an event for Juanita was a great gesture, deed, whatever you would like to call it. Too bad Gabby could not handle it the entire night. Gotta say, I do love what Gabby said to Juanita, that she would be allowed to wear makeup when she realized that she didn’t really need it. Bravo Gabby.

Now at first, I felt so bad for Susan after she poured her heart out to Jackson when he “proposed to her.” Then, when she agreed to help him out, it made me wonder if their real relationship would build up again. If it does, I do not know how I feel about that. If it doesn’t, then I have nothing to stress about thinking about. Only time will tell.

Getting to Susan’s ex and his girlfriend…Katherine setting MJ up to bring about the marriage topic to Mike was something else. Although I am glad that Katherine took Mike’s personal decision well. At least that is the way it looked. She was upset but she wanted to hear the truth and she got it. Last and yes, least…I really hope that Dave does not actually accomplish his evil plans for Susan and MJ now that she knows it was Susan and not Mike he is really bitter about.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed this episode and I hope that what was developed in this episode will play out very smoothly, in the coming weeks. There is a lot that can come from this episode so I hope I see it!

Gossip Girl – The Wrath of Con

Georgina: And they shall know I am the Lord when I shall lay my vengeance on them.
Blair: How’d you know my favorite passage?

I loved how Chuck said that the pregnancy lie was cliché but effective. I was shocked when Serena did meet with Gabriel and he told her that Poppy had the money. That didn’t take long at all. The timing of Georgina’s entrance when she saw everyone together and Blair’s reaction was the funniest moment of the season. Georgina totally stole the show in this episode (as usual with every other episode she is in).

Of course I could not believe that Poppy got away again with so much money! I thought that Georgina was gong to go back into her old ways sooner than she did! Michelle Trachtenberg really did a phenomenal job! I cheered when she told Blair, “You can tell Jesus that the bitch is back.” Blair was so wrong to give Georgina that evil speech. Hopefully Georgina will not only take Poppy down, but put Blair in her place too.

Now I was so glad that Dan went to Lily about Serena trying to resolve the scam artist issues. Lily took care of business and if I was Rufus, I would have been glad that my loved one cared enough about me to set up a mutual fund. Lily had to do what she had to do with the scam and with giving Serena a reality check. Like I said last week, Serena is just plain annoying now.

By the way, next week’s promo made me extremely excited about seeing Brittany Snow back on the small screen! I cannot wait to see next week! Okay, getting back to this week’s episode, I just have one more thing to share. Rufus wanting to ask Erik for permission to marry Lily was definitely the right step but unfortunately it looks like Rufus is not even going to propose. Rufus needs to get off of his “don’t help me, I can make it myself” horse and take a blessing when it comes! Okay, that’s all I have to say. I enjoyed the episode tons and next week looks even better!

House – Under My Skin

Cuddy: You want to kiss me don’t you?
House: I always want to kiss you.

I love ballet so I enjoyed the introduction, however it was not as dramatic as others. I honestly thought that there was nothing more the staff could do when the patient woke up and Chase told her they needed to amputate her hands and feet or she would die. Thankfully, the staff resolved the issue and the patient was able to keep her hands and feet.

Seeing the patient go through so much physically was just heartbreaking to see, so I am very glad that she was saved in the end. I mentioned Chase earlier and boy was he in a predicament. Based on the past few weeks, I really have no idea if Cameron and Chase will eventually get married and make it work for the long run. I would prefer one scenario over the other, although I truly believe that either could work out well.

Is it just me or do Chase and Cameron get these mini story lines that are a bit rushed in a sense? The stories are great, but they usually wrap up within one or two episodes. Unless everything we have seen so far builds up to one big conflict… Anyway, getting to House…I was wondering how long it would take him to go to Wilson and Cuddy about his hallucinations of Amber. Thankfully, both were able to monitor and help out their friend.

I think it is safe to say that House will not be seeing anymore Amber. It is terrible to see House in the state that he is in, but this is a perfect spot to leave House for next’s week’s season finale. Of course, I am anticipating the season finale and what is to come for House.

One Tree Hill – Show Me How To Live

Lucas: A death video? A sad box of stuff! I’m not having this Peyton.

I definitely loved the introduction. When Peyton was talking about Brooke and then we saw Brooke spying on Sam and Sam’s birth mother to when Peyton talked about need a parenting fix and then we see Nathan and Haley. The transition was perfect.

Yes, I got teary eyed when Peyton was talking about if she wasn’t there, take care of Lucas. Peyton’s talk of wanting to get married as soon as possible stirred Lucas for the right reasons but Nathan told Lucas to put himself in her shoes, so that opened up his eyes. Peyton’s wardrobe throughout the entire episode was just adorable. Also equally adorable, Victoria trying to shop with Brooke! Victoria has a soul!

But it was heartbreaking to see Sam show Brooke the picture of her biological mother’s home. The look on Brooke’s face just tore me on the inside. At the same time, Sam has to do what she believes is best for her. Although I am glad that Sam will finally get to spend some quality time with her biological mother, I definitely hope that Brooke does not fall into some sort of slump while Sam is gone. Knowing Brooke, she won’t but you never know. I definitely look forward to seeing what the end result is of this situation.

Last and least, Skills. Skills was not happy when the kid had to tag along with his date. He especially was not happy when the kid threw up on his sneakers. He handled that better than I would think. His character in general is just annoying at this point. I think I have mentioned that before. Anyway, this was a very enjoyable episode. It was probably the most emotional episode of OTH in awhile. I am definitely anticipating the last 2 episodes of the season!

90210 – The Party‘s Over

Jen: There is no way on earth I’m gonna rally around some narcissistic, freaky old, sexual degenerate just because he happens to be my father.

The introduction was interesting. I felt really bad that Adrianna and Navid received no support at first from their friends. That was just wrong, so thankfully they came around. I love the way that scene was written. Getting to Jen and Naomi really quick, before the baby shower…Jen is such a great big sister swooping in to save Naomi from her father and the girls bugging Naomi. Perfect casting by the way on Jen.

My only issue with Jen is her money issues, so I hope that Jen does not use Naomi for her money. I also do not know yet how I feel about Jen going on a date with Naomi’s teacher. We will see how that goes.

So, the baby shower looked like fun until Navid’s mother came to Ad and said that she was going to ruin her life, the baby’s life, and Navid’s life. Wow. Really? I know grown adults who had children at the appropriate times and their lives are still ruined so does that really account for much? No, that was not needed to be said to Ad at all. There are other ways to get yur message across lady.

Anyway, Ad taking drugs and making herself throw it up and talking to Navid about everything ended in the end of an engagement and going back to the option of adoption. I wonder if this is the last time they make a “to keep the baby or not to keep the baby” decision. I really hope that Ad gets an open adoption where she can communicate with her child, etc… and not the closed adoption.

So, I was glad that Silver was able to make it to the shower. Another Silver moment that I wanted to mention was when she asked Dixon to the prom since she knew he really wanted to go. That was great that she came around for him – and it just might be good for her. Now Liam throwing Navid a bachelor party was odd since I never thought of Liam as one of Navid’s friends. Navid is such a sweetheart, helping out the rush girl. I was hoping that would not blow up in his face.

I also wonder if Dixon is going to become an alcoholic or this is just a phase and if Ethan will talk to Liam or someone else about Liam stealing people’s identities. Is Liam even his real name? There is not much left of 90210 to go and I am looking forward to see how this season wraps.

Ugly Betty – Born Identity

Hilda: That was my son. Brian Austin Green and Meagan Good broke up and he was really pulling for them.

There was nothing special about the introduction. Hilda’s storyline was not interesting. The whole staff huddled together to welcome Mr. Heartly was quite funny and everyone’s fake laughs were also quite funny. I loved Amanda’s wardrobe in the introduction. I found it hysterical when Amanda could not pronounce anonymity and Claire said that kidnapping wasn’t her m.o. Amanda talking to Betty about being her mother made me laugh so much. What is even funnier is how Betty is so used to Amanda‘s silliness.

Anyway, it was no surprise that Christina was the one who took the baby…which really was her baby! So Betty freaking out when it really is Christina’s baby‘s was pointless but her way of getting out of the cops looking into her and Christina the first time was clever. I was thankful that Claire was so willing to help Christina and Betty, as she should be for various reasons. The timing was wrong though and the cops came, but that didn‘t stop Betty from helping Christina.

Wilhelmina was just wrong for telling Daniel that Christina should rot behind bars for trying to kidnap “her child.” She did not have to go that far in her lying game. Thankfully, she realized how wrong she was in the situation and told everyone that the baby was in fact Christina’s.

Now, if Claire had kept her mouth shut, Wilhelmina could have been fired. I wonder what this means for Wilhelmina in the company. Mr. Heartly gave certain commands to Daniel and Claire about her but will they really follow what he has to say? That’s a tough call. Well, I definitely enjoyed this episode and I cannot wait for next week.

The Office – Café Disco

Phyllis: I think Bob is going to cheat on me with his new secretary.

The cold open was hysterical. I do not think I have ever seen Dwight laugh that much! Ryan going back to being a temp and saying that the only thing he had to control was his diet was quite funny. The new secretary Erin is an oddball. Why does she carry around her birth certificate? Michael referring to himself as everyone’s daddy was hysterical.

The past few episodes have been phenomenal! “I can’t force you to go down but I can only entice you” was a “That’s what she said” moment. I love how Michael said his café was an all you can eat zone when you drink espresso. The way that the secretary exited Bob’s office made for quite an interesting scene. Could Bob be cheating on Phyllis? Anyway, it was a bit funny and sad that Phyllis’s back went out when she was trying to dance.

That was insane when you could hear Phyllis’s screams in the conference room and then Dwight came out of the conference room without his shirt on. It was great to see the writers appear again when Kelly and Erin were dancing. I want to know why Dwight gave Phyllis a carrot and was treating her like a horse. It was so funny to see everyone dancing. Why was Kevin slow dancing to a fast song? Pam’s dress was cute and no, I was not surprised that Pam and Jim did not go to Ohio to get married. It was no surprise that Stanley was sleeping throughout this whole disco party. I definitely enjoyed this episode and I can’t wait for next week.


  1. Melody, I really like your weekly recaps…helps me decide whether to skip or view a couple of shows that I sort of follow, but not religiously.

    However, one show I always follow is Ugly Betty, and this week was another good episode…so glad it’s back. I knew it couldn’t be Willie’s baby, and I’m glad they at least got that part right instead of trying to get for a really shocking twist. However, I really wish they would’ve found a way to keep Christina on the show…I thought she was a great character. I’m interested in seeing how they fill that void – I think Betty needs some sort of similar confidant…we’ll see. The scene at the end was so beautiful, I’m really glad they used the song “Layers” by Asobi Seksu – this is the second week in a row where I thought they used a perfect song at the end to convey the emotion of the scene. Anyway, a video clip of the scene/song is at

  2. Thanks so much Darci!

    As far as Christina leaving…Ashley Jensen was cast as a series regular on the new CBS comedy pilot, Accidentally on Purpose. I wish her all the best on the new comedy she is attached to but I am definitely not ruling out ever seeing her appear on Ugly Betty again.