TV Week In Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – Rose‘s Turn

Lynette: I should have just had sex, I’d be asleep by now.

The introduction was clever. Although I had imagined that since the title is named after Rose, she would have played a bigger part in this episode. Anyway, I found it extremely entertaining that Gabby was going to take down Edna with her gardening pals. Gabby saying, “I trump your mother. I am garden party President” to Tom was hysterical. Lynette, Tom, Gabby, and Carlos having dinner was just perfect. Everything about it was entertaining! The writing in this episode was on point. Especially with Susan.

When Susan brought up the accident she and Mike had, and the sad music started to play, it really made me want to see Susan happy with a man. That is what she wants, a healthy, happy relationship with someone so I hope that she gets what she wants. Susan’s overreaction to Dave’s gun was hilarious. Especially when she suggested that Dave call a hot line. When she came back to his house later and they had a heart to heart, I thought that Dave was going to try to kill her right then and there. Susan’s confession to him does not look like it will do any good for her.

All I could feel was disgust when Dave talked to MJ and said that he could get hurt if he played in the street. Knock off the “if you play in the street” part and you are looking at Dave’s new plan to hurt Susan & Mike possibly. Now Bree did not get a lot of screen time in this episode, but I am glad that she is finally looking into a divorce. This episode was full of laughs, and I really enjoyed it. It is weird to know that Edie won’t be back but I definitely still enjoyed the episode.

Chuck Season Finale – Chuck vs. the Ring

Chuck: Everything’s alright. There was just a minor centerpiece problem.

The introduction had the Season Finale feel to it. It was great to see Chuck and Casey quit. I have to say really quickly, I loved when Casey said, “What the Chuck?“ Anyway, I wonder what Chuck quitting means for him next season. I was also glad that Casey gave Chuck his cell phone number for emergencies although I was not happy that Casey said if Chuck were a real patron, he would not cash the check. Chuck did not ask to have the intersect in him, therefore it was his job to do all that he has done.

Anyway… As this episode was the season finale, it could not have been one without Bryce. It was so sad when Sarah told Chuck that she had to go with Bryce for the new intersect project. I was not at all thrilled when Roark came to Chuck and gave him an ultimatum. Thankfully, Chuck went on the move so quickly to try and save Ellie and Bryce was more willing to help. I can’t believe that Sarah went somewhere without a gun. What Morgan came up with to stall the wedding was just brilliant. When Casey came to save the day.

In the midst of saving the day, the reception room was completely destroyed. When the alarm went off and the water came out to issue an emergency exit, that was just the last of it. Just like Ellie said, “wedding canceled.” What Chuck did for Ellie in order for her to have her dream wedding was just the sweetest thing he could have ever done. Finding out that Chuck’s dad had an intersect in his head was somewhat a surprise. There was showdown after showdown.

Unfortunately Bryce died trying to destroy the intersect. When Chuck uploaded the intersect and everyone found out, I loved it when Casey said, “Chuck Me” and Chuck said, “Guys, I know kung fu.” I loved it! Even better was the “To be continued” message at the end. Season 3 here we come!

Gossip Girl – Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Blair: It does sound kind of stupid when you say it out loud.

The introduction was somewhat funny when Blair was telling Nate she would not go on the subway. It was good to know that she got into NYU. I would have been thrilled to have gotten into NYU, that is an incredible “back up” for Blair. You know what, Blair seemed very erratic in this episode. It just did not seem like she was herself. Maybe that is because she was focusing on other people and not herself at all instead of the usual balance between the two.

Even though Blair loves Nate, there is no denying that she will always have something with Chuck. Blair and Nate moving in will not change that but I hope that she makes the effort to realize that she needs to show the same amount of care, no, more care than she does to Nate than with Chuck. I am glad that Serena told Blair off about going back to her boyfriend. I was not glad when the Poppy and Gabriel storyline took up so much time. I do not like either of them so that was just a waste of time.

Things got interesting when Chuck visited Georgina. The ending had me wanting to see more Georgina so I am excited for next week. Move over Poppy. Georgina is coming to town. She is going to take Poppy down, I can’t wait. Now that Serena knows Gabriel is lying, she will be more than happy to help take Poppy and Gabriel down.

Getting to the others… as soon as Dan and Jenny thought that Rufus was going to buy a ring for Lily, I knew that was going to be the main conflict for them in this episode. This could have been dragged out longer into something quite dramatic and humorous. So I am somewhat disappointed the way that it played out so quickly. Although it was great that Dan and Jenny put their money together to buy the ring that Rufus was looking at earlier. Dan and Vanessa playing “I Never” was incredibly funny.

This episode overall was not all that interesting. The most exciting part was seeing Georgina and seeing her make her way back to the city with Chuck. Next week looks like it will be very exciting, so I look forward to it.

House – House Divided

Amber: Sleep well?

This was probably the most powerful introduction of the season (aside from the episode of Kutner’s death). It was good to see special guest star, Clare Carey in this episode. I absolutely adored her in Jericho (CBS). I also definitely enjoy seeing Amber back every week as an hallucination to House. Anne Dudek is an amazing actress so it is always good to see her on screen. Her hallucinations were more than interesting, being that it seemed like she was either right or corrupting House’s mind.

Now I was hoping that House would not end up throwing Chase a bachelor party. It was hilarious that House sent Foreman and 13 to the strip club. It was even funnier that House found Wilson’s favorite stripped. The bachelor party was something else. Was 13 the only female there that wasn’t a stripper?

Anyway, I feel like with the patient’s storyline…well everything in this episode, the more times that I watch it, the more I will see. I can’t write so much about it now because I feel like there is so much to say and I do not know what to even say. I definitely enjoyed this episode and I cannot wait for next week.

Heroes Season Finale – An Invisible Thread

Claire: I’ll keep trying to kill you for the rest of my life.
Sylar: Everybody needs a hobby.

The introduction was a nice setup to the finale. From the moment Sylar said, “Later” in response to the question of whether or not he would kill Nathan, I knew the big death would be Nathan. It was still a somber moment when Nathan was killed. I was very disappointed when Sylar threw Claire out of the room like a rag doll and the showdown between Sylar, Nathan, and Peter was not even shown. I feel like I was ripped off. This is Heroes for goodness sake.

Now Sylar was doing his thing in this episode! His shape shifting created an incredibly dangerous dilemma for the heroes. Claire should have known that “Nathan” wasn’t him. His body language was all wrong. Why didn’t Claire see the real Nathan face don on the floor farther back? I would assume anyone can see that even if they are not intentionally looking. Claire started to catch on when “Nathan” wrote with his left hand, when in reality Nathan is right handed. Things turned ugly when Sylar shape shifted into Claire, alerting HRG and soon the showdown began. Although getting back to that, Claire and Peter should have heard Nathan slam on the piano. They did not leave the hall of the suite that quickly! Anyway, Peter turned the tables on Sylar though. It was incredible.

The last twist when Angela had Parkman mind swipe Sylar into believing that he is Nathan was brilliant! Only Angela, Parkman, and HRG know and I do not know if that is good or bad. The swipe could bite them in the butt if something goes wrong with Sylar’s memories somehow.

Now I was disappointed that Hiro’s body was rejecting his powers and I hope that gets figured out…but Hiro and Ando were honestly not interesting in this episode. They have not been all that interesting in a long time. Since Hiro was in the past and saw his mother.

Anyway, it was no surprise to see Ali Larter return at the very last moment of the show. I do not read spoilers but Ali mentioned she would be back on a TV interview so that was exciting. I wonder what she is up to for the next season. Overall, this episode honestly did not feel like a season finale and every moment of it was not as thrilling as I would have expected. The next volume, the next season looks to be interesting so I hope that it does not disappoint!

One Tree Hill – A Kiss To Build A Dream On

Peyton: We are going to get married and we are going to make a lot of babies in the backseat of this car.

I really enjoyed this episode. Peyton was hilarious in the introduction. The Peyton and Lucas flashback was the most interesting story in this episode. I find it very interesting that Peyton sent out Lucas’ book years ago, which ended up getting into Lindsay’s hands. Everything about the flashbacks I loved.

Haley not selling her music just makes me that much more excited to see Haley work on her own album…whenever that time comes. The song she wrote that Nick Lachey performed was really good. I would rather hear Haley perform it but it is still good with Nick. I will also be thrilled when Nathan gets into the NBA.

Now, Victoria had no right to shred Sam’s letters from Sam’s birth mother. I understand her motive however, she should have gone to Brookie with the letters and explain what she thinks would be best. Brooke may have listened if she was sincere about it. Thankfully, she was rushing so much that there was a jam and Brooke found the letters!

I am glad that Brooke encouraged Sam to go to her mother in the diner to let her know that she is her daughter. I just hope that there are no negative feelings after Sam and her birth mother talk. Skills and Jamie’s entrance to the dance was entertaining. I really hope that Skills and Jamie’s teacher do not get together. I do not want Skills to get in a relationship with anybody that knows any of the main characters. After him and Deb, the way that I thought about Skills changed. Anyway, I cannot wait until next week.

90210 – The Dionysian Debacle

Dixon: Stop calling me Dixie.

Navid and Adrianna’a introduction was great. That was the best introduction all season. Naomi is right though, Ad needed to tell Navid who the real father is. Navid’s proposal was just so beautiful and his freak out when Ad told him the truth was expected…as was him telling her he still wanted to marry her. Navid and Adrianna getting married in high school reminded me of Haley and Nathan from One Tree Hill.

Anyway, Naomi is so dramatic and so funny. Of course Naomi invited Annie to the double date with Liam which ended up being quite the conflict. I am glad that Naomi did not freak out on Annie when Annie told her about Liam. It looks like Naomi has backed off of Liam but someone who actually wants to see her has come around. Naomi’s sister, Jen is in town. I wonder how long Jen is going to be in the picture for now.

There seemed to be no Ethan in this episode until the very end when Jen said that she would not tell Naomi that she was his first. This storyline was done in One Tree Hill so as far as I am concerned, I am so over it. Dixon should definitely be patient with Silver because she is trying to find her way. I definitely do not see this relationship lasting in the long run but as long as he is by her side right now, while she is going through her storm, that is what matters most. Aside from Naomi’s humor, this episode was pretty decent. There are only 3 episodes left and I hope that they are good.

Ugly Betty – Rabbit Test

Amanda: I have a pornographic memory.

Betty’s back!!! I enjoyed the introduction very much. Seeing Daniel get off a bus and Betty come out of a limo was just perfect. Then Betty getting the eggvite that Daniel had been longing to get for years was just incredible. Justin telling Grandpa to give the security guy the thumbprint for the exclusive party really did make me laugh out loud. It was hilarious when Hilda did a curtsy of some sort when the Suarez family met Matt’s dad later in the episode.

Throughout the entire episode, I was hoping that Betty would listen to Matt and try not to get the meeting with Matt’s dad for Meade. She waited until it was too late to let Daniel know that Matt could not set up a meeting with his father for Meade. Unfortunately, this meant company cuts and I was torn when Amanda was given the pink slip. Of course I can definitely understand why she was picked, it was still hard to accept. I was not pleased with Betty at all for going behind Matt’s back and trying to set a meet up with Daniel and Matt’s dad.

The rabbit test Matt’s dad gave Daniel was one that I definitely wanted to see come to pass. It was good to know that Daniel said he could deal with someone’s ego if it meant saving the company. When the photographer said that Wilhelmina’s baby looked like Christina, I became so excited. I could not wait to see what drama would come of this.

Sadly, the route was not as dramatic as I had hoped since the baby really was Wilhelmina’s. Opening up a way for such a strong storyline and then ending it so quickly was such an unnecessary tease. Anyway, this episode was very enjoyable. The death trap song that played at the end of this episode was brilliant. Also, if you are not watching Ugly Betty in HD, you need to.

The Office – Casual Friday

Michael: I am not to be truffled with.

The cold open with Kevin was hilarious. Michael’s intro was also hilarious, especially the whispers and Michael not being able to rip the paper the first time around. I loved it when Creed took a photo. Michael playing favorites with Pam and Ryan was perfect. I can definitely see this lasting a long time, even after the feud between their nonexistent paper company and the rest of the staff ends. Meredith’s comment to Ryan was just hysterical. You never know what is going to come out of her mouth.

Phyllis can be evil when she wants to be and it is always entertaining when she is. The thing is, while it is entertaining, it is also very intimidating even watching it. Then, to find out that Toby was in the seminary was quite amusing. Something that wasn’t amusing…I was disgusted when Dwight told us what his secret ink was. So I loved how Michael, Pam, and Ryan ate the others’ lunch. That was evil.

I also thought it was funny that Dwight still does not know Stanley’s last name. How many years have they been working together and he still does not know his last name? So when Michael went to Jim about picking Pam or Ryan in sales, he acted like he found out a huge secret about Pam. What really made me laugh out loud was Michael’s rendition of what he thought Jim was talking about and his bit about making a difficult decision. Michael’s joke to Ryan and Pam to tell them the bad/good news about who was/wasn’t joining them in sale was typical Michael. Funny though.

Now getting to casual Friday, Oscar should know that sandals are not acceptable. I am sure he had some sneakers lying around. Meredith’s version of casual day was just hysterical. Could you imagine if that actually happened in the work place? The rules still apply on casual Friday! I found Kelly’s enunciation of the word, “panties” extremely funny and I do not know why. Kelly’s outfit was just a hot mess. It looked like Angela was wearing the same thing that she always wears.

I have to say that I loved every moment of this episode. Job well done. This is definitely an episode that stands out in the season and I am looking forward to next week. I really hope bloopers from this episode are put on the DVD.


  1. I thought this was a great episode of Ugly Betty, and I’m curious as to whether this sets up Christina’s exit, or perhaps some more future drama between Christina and Willi. Either way, it was quite entertaining. I also loved that they used the song “Before It Gets Better” by Earlimart during the ending montage…great song that fit the mood and really makes you empathize with Christina. Check it the clip of the scene at :

  2. No problem, Melody! I really thought it was the perfect song to use for that scene – in terms of the music itself and the lyrics.

    Still can’t believe it’s Willie’s baby, I am half expecting a huge twist this week…we’ll see soon!