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Desperate Housewives – Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know

Edie: I’m not up to anything, you redheaded ice cube.

I really enjoyed this episode. The walk down memory lane was written, acted, and directed very well. To find out that Edie warned Susan about her ex so early on in their neighbor “friendship” was interesting to find out. Lynette’s memory was classic Edie in the sense of what a friend should be. I loved that memory. In the present, I was wondering where the flat tire would lead the ladies. It was a segway into Bree’s memory.

Her memory of Edie also showed how great of a person Edie was and that she was not afraid to tell people what they need to do to be better off themselves. Gabby’s memory of Edie started off fun and ended interesting. Edie seems like the type of person that would have that mindset at such a young age of her knowing that she would die young.

Although the way that it was portrayed made it seem like just another explanation for her death. Not surprising that Edie’s son reacted the way that he did to the news of his mother’s death. Thankfully, Mrs. McCluskey’s memory somewhat helped him realize that Edie really did love her son. Come time for the show to end, the outro was just right and I will definitely miss Edie Britt.

Chuck – Chuck vs. the Colonel

Chuck: I need you to be Awesome. Can you be Awesome?

While it was expected that Casey would be promoted, I was not expecting Casey to put his hand on his gun in case he had to shoot Awesome and/or Ellie. Was he going to just shoot them or shoot to kill? I was so worried that Sarah would get caught by Fulcrum by trying to save Casey and of course it happened. The action that took place in order to save Sarah was great!

I do not remember the first time Sarah called Casey by his first name. The tension between Casey and Sarah was so strong it was uncomfortable. I could not believe that Casey was so caught up in his work that he would not be willing to do the right thing as a human being. Thankfully, he came around later on in the episode.

I was so surprised that Jeff and Lester shut down the majority of Burbank. That was just hysterical. Thankfully, their prank helped Sarah and Chuck escape Casey’s capture just in time to save Awesome from getting knocked out by Casey. I think that was the first time I heard Chuck call Awesome by his first name. Wow! Awesome found out about Chuck first! I was hoping it would be him or Morgan first. That was so exciting! That was quite funny how Ellie was talking to Awesome about bringing his A-game and getting over his wedding jitters. The action that took place after this with Chuck, Sarah, Casey, and Chuck’s father was incredible.

I was ecstatic when Chuck’s father took the intersect out of Chuck’s head. How incredible was it when Casey lied to the General and helped get Sarah a promotion and let Chuck go. Back at the Buy More, it was a great step Morgan took by quitting. I wonder how much he will be in a possible season 3 of Chuck. I have said it before and I will say it again that I love how Morgan’s lines connect to Chuck’s circumstances. Going back to Chuck, Casey and Sarah joining him to go to Ellie’s wedding was so heartwarming to see. I was not thrilled with the ending hint of a disaster wedding. This episode goes down as one of my favorites in both Season 1 and 2. I am so pumped for the Season Finale next!

Gossip Girl – Seder Anything

Dan: I love Serena. No matter what crazy things she does.

Blair’s dream as the introduction was fun to see. I am wondering if Blair is going to get her way when it comes to Yale. She sure did when it came to the wedding. Unfortunately for Blair, even if Blair gets into Yale, it looks like Nate won’t be going with her. It was really much more simple to tell the truth. Nate’s speech was something else! I did not expect that!

When William grabbed Blair and threatened her due to what just came out in Nate‘s speech and their Nate deal, he made it seem like Blair working under Blair’s mother was a bad thing. If I didn’t get accepted into my dream school and things weren’t going as planned, I would be more than happy to work for her mother’s fashion company. If you ask me, as soon as William made the deal with Blair, she should have gone to Nate and they should have discussed everything. Blair needs to figure out not only what she really wants but how she is going to get it without hurting herself and other people she cares about.

As far as the Seder goes, I was wondering why Serena and Dan did not just tell Lily and Rufus the truth about why they were there. It was incredibly hilarious how Serena and Dan were acting like they were together, completely confusing Lily and Rufus. Of course Dan would be the one to unintentionally get a job under Blair’s mother as a server. Also, when Dan found out that Serena was “married,” I felt terrible for him. Thankfully the marriage was a misunderstanding. I was waiting for the moment for when Serena’s “husband,” Gabriel would show up. The look on Dan’s face as he was saying his quote that is posted above, was hilarious. Serena need not get more involved with Gabriel. Gabriel was good looking but he seemed too old to be in the high school crowd.

Although since he hangs out with Poppy, I can see why he is in the crowd that he is in. I wonder why Poppy is backstabbing Serena now. I never did like Poppy so hopefully that storyline won’t be a long one. Mentioning the other two really quickly, Jenny told Chuck off and that was an eye opener for Chuck. I was glad that Chuck apologized to Jenny but there is more to what he said about not being there it seems. We’ll see. Next week looks like it is going to be a blast with Georgina returning!

Heroes – I Am Sylar

Ando: I understand. This has always been your “me time.”

The power that was introduced to Sylar, which he ending up taking was incredible. Sylar getting his “mother‘s” belongings was totally unexpected. Sylar turning into her in order to get a message from her, that was incredible. It was a bit confusing but it was also fantastic to see someone messing with his head. His discussion with his mother about when things went wrong was just full of so much emotion.

Later on, I was hoping that Sylar would not kill Micah. At first, I was so broken over the fact that the guards were chasing Micah, but just as quickly as I realized that the “Micah” being chased was Sylar, did they show it. Sylar does not have it in him to kill a child, even if his powers did not have an excess. What puzzled me the most was how Sylar was able to get up after being killed in the one spot that is supposed to kill him. I cannot wait until next week!

Getting to Hiro and Ando…It was hilarious that Hiro told Ando that he was bait right as they were going through with the plan. I love Ando’s alias as the Crimson Arc. It only made sense that since Hiro touched Ando, Ando’s powers would make it so that he would not freeze. Then when Hiro mentioned that baby Matt did not freeze, even though baby Matt’s power allotted for that as well it maybe that Hiro’s power is advancing.

But getting to Hiro and Ando, their tiff in this episode and Ando’s talk comparing the two to superheroes was the open door to Ando turning on Hiro. I was not at all happy when Hiro’s head hurt and he started bleeding when Hiro and Ando were about to go into Building 26. I wonder how this will play out.

Now if Matt and his wife are going to be making it work as a family, I wonder if this means that Elizabeth Lackey will play a bigger role in Season 4. Would Janice be required to get a power in order to keep up and stay alive? Only time will tell and I am looking forward to so much more.

One Tree Hill – I Would For You

Jack: She’s uh not my –
Sam: Yes, I am. Sam.
Jack: This is my girlfriend.

The introduction was funny when Sam said, “She frightens me” to Brooke about Victoria. Speaking of Sam, it was great that Jack got a foster home but it tore Sam up so bad. I really hope that Jack keeps in touch with Sam. On a side note, I also agree with Jack that the Burger King guy is creepy.

Getting back to Sam…Victoria made a terrible first impression and introduction when meeting Sam. It looks like their relationship will change for the positive but wow, what an introduction. Regarding Victoria’s comment about if Sam would rather want a mother who left her or stayed around and was bad at it…she didn’t exactly stick around when Brooke was in high school so I have no idea what she is talking about. I wish Brooke made a way for herself to join the company and get it back as hers and fire her ridiculous mother.

When it comes to the Brooke and Sam argument, I can see both sides but I agree with Brooke more and yes, Sam’s mention of Victoria was a cheap shot. Now I believe I have said it before but I need to say it again that I am so tired of Nathan’s basketball storyline where team mates and players think that they are better than him, etc… This is so played out, literally.

Getting to Nathan’s mini me…I was so proud of Jamie when he was an interest to a gifted and talented school. Jamie looked uncomfortable visiting the gifted and talented school. He maintained his cool though. As soon as the administrator said that the school did not allow sports, I shook my head no. I am not a sports person myself and I know that is wrong. That is just plain wrong to deprive children of sports.

As for Peyton … she does not have good luck when it comes to cars so even if the car accident wasn’t shown in the promo last week, I wouldn’t have been surprised. Mouth and Millie are great together, so I am so glad to see them together. I loved the shout out to In The Heights. When it comes to Skills, I was hoping that he was not going to create a relationship with Jamie’s teacher. I think that about covers it. I am interested to see how Victoria will work her way into Sam and Brooke’s lives and of course how Lucas and Peyton are going to be written out of the show. There are only a few episodes left until this season is over so time will tell.

90210 – Between A Sign and a Hard Place

Navid: I could go to baby swim classes. I mean, you are looking for a couple that communicates right, laughs, and respects one another. That’s us right?

Annie and Naomi trying to becoming friends won’t be as much of a conflict since Ethan will not be back next season. Naomi trying to get Ethan not to cut with Liam was hysterical. Naomi has become such a fun character to watch. Hopefully even though her father is being sued for sexual harassment, she will still have a fun spirit to her. I do not want to say that I doubt it but if she has to live with her father again, there is nothing fun about that.

Navid and Adrianna are just adorable together. I am so glad that Adrianna came to a realization that she can raise her baby happily with Navid. Knowing that the two are going to get married makes me so excited for what is to come. I might just have to tune in for Season 2.

As for Silver, it is definitely better for her to go to another school at this time so the questions are…will she be going there permanently or until she can get over the people at her old school? Kelly and Donna’s storyline was not all that entertaining. I am trying to figure out what else can really be done with those two. Well, this episode was decent. Naomi was very entertaining and I loved seeing Ad and Navid.

The Office – Broke

Ryan: I never went to Thailand. I went to Ft. Lauderdale.

The intro was incredibly funny! I do not understand why Charles has such a negative attitude towards Jim. He never tried to have a positive relationship with Jim or anyone else for that matter. To see Charles kissing up to David was something else. I love Jim’s ring tone for Dwight. I also really loved Pam, Michael, and Ryan’s confession circle. It was hysterical to see Michael so overjoyed about Jim telling the three about David’s offer.

I loved how Michael said, “Well, well, well…how the turntables.” Michael’s demands for David Wallace I felt were really genuine. When they got his demands and Michael closed the blinds to celebrate, that was awesome. I really enjoyed this episode.

It will be sad to see the Michael Scott Paper Company come to an end, however things are still going to be very interesting with Pam being in sales at Dunder Mifflin. I wonder where Pam will be sitting. This was a great episode! I am looking forward to the next episode.


  1. At first, when this whole thing with Blair and Yale and the teacher Ms Carr started I thought that it was just going overboard, that it was a little too much.

  2. I disliked the Ms Carr storyline altogether. Although I can take the whole Blair-Nate-Yale conflict since I am hoping to see certain things play out that were in the books when it comes to Blair and college.