What’s Going On With Bevin Prince

I have been a One Tree Hill fan for a long time, so I was more than thrilled when I got the chance to talk to Bevin Prince for Hollywood the Write Way. When I attended the People’s Choice Awards as a fan earlier this year, I snapped a picture of her on the red carpet, which made my day although my chat with her was even more exciting. I could talk forever about Bevin and One Tree Hill, so I am just going to stop now and let you get to reading the good stuff!

Are we going to see you appear again on OTH in the future?
You know, I do not know the answer to that. That is something that is not completely ruled out so we will see.

Do you still keep in touch with cast members from the show?
I do. Danneel Harris who played Rachel is one of my dearest friends.

Out of all 6 seasons, what are some favorite moments?
I will never forget when I Notebooked Skills. I remember that day so clearly, I was so nervous. I didn’t know what I was doing because I was just starting to act and I was fumbling around with the scenes. Everyone was so supportive. Paul Johansson was directing and he pulled me aside to work with me and did everything he could to make me comfortable. Antwon (Tanner) looked at me and said to me “Just do you.” That was the best piece of advice. It stuck with me and I think I say that to myself daily now.

What is your favorite storyline of OTH in Season 6?
I am a big fan of Haley and Nathan. I love that love story. I love watching Joy (Galeotti). She is such a talented actress. To watch her is always a fun experience.

What are some of your favorite musical artists that have been featured on the show throughout the years?
Tyler Hilton is a buddy of mine so I am always supportive of him. I feel like I have watched him grow up into a phenomenal, respected musician. I love The Wreckers.

Tell us about your upcoming films.
Redefining Love came out in limited theaters but will release in about 25 more states on March 20th. I feel like it is snippets of conversations about their lives. It is a fun little film. I had a great time shooting it, I was surrounded by such great people.

Having graduated from UNCW’s film studies program, can we expect to see your name in the credits as director, producer, etc..?
I hope so. I have really been trying to invest in that lately. I have been lucky enough that the producers of Life On Mars have let me come and learn from them and watch what they do. It is such an interesting process. It is so stressful though, I don’t know how they do it all in a day. The timing hasn’t been right for me to fully get into it yet. It is definitely something that I am interested in and always trying to learn more about.

How long did you intern for a casting director in North Carolina until you got the chance to appear on One Tree Hill?
I remember interning for one summer session of school, so I think it was about a 1 ½ – 2 months.

Having been a cheerleader and dancer in high school, do you still practice dance?
I don’t. It is something that I will pick up in class at the gym. I do need to invest in it more. It is my favorite thing in the entire world. I love it and I do it for me just for fun.

What plays were you involved in during high school?
I remember The Boyfriend, The Gift of the Magi, The Sound of Music, and Music Man.

Where do you live primarily, Los Angeles or North Carolina?
I live in LA primarily, for the past year and a half. It has been quite the transition. I have really grown to love this city. I am lucky that I have met 3 women who have become like a second family to me.

What is your least favorite part about living in LA?
I miss my mom, dad, and my sister. I miss having a backyard too. I am in the middle of Hollywood, not outside of Hollywood so I definitely miss waking up and smelling the salt in the air, the ocean, the morning swim with my dog.

Do you have an older sister or younger sister?
She’s my older sister. She is the most beautiful woman in the entire world. I am very lucky. We never fought, we never were competitive with one other. Her greatest gift to me was that she always had me in mind. She set boundaries for herself to make sure that I had the right boundaries for myself. She is the definition of grace. I could not be more grateful for her. I couldn’t imagine it any other way. She is my best friend.

Where are your favorite places to hang out at in North Carolina?

I love to get on the boat with the family. That is my favorite place to be. We go and ski, pull the surfboard behind the boat, play with the dog, and just hang out on the island.

What are some of your favorite television shows?
I absolutely adore Life On Mars. I am waiting for So You Think You Can Dance? to come back on

Finally, if you weren’t acting, what would you be doing?
I am not sure. I don’t like to think about that because this is where I am right now. I really try to live my life in a way where I am open and I have faith in being guided to where I should be. As far as things that I enjoy, I really enjoy writing and I really love to read. I like good wine and cheese. I am kind of in a self discovery mode right now.


  1. Bevin Prince is gorgeous and she has the sweetest smile. It's nice to see that she and Danneel Harris are friends in real life. I would love to see Bevin back on One Tree Hill or pursuing other projects.