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*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

Desperate Housewives – Mama Spent Money When She Had None

Susan: Say something in Spanish.
MJ: I’m bored.
Susan: Be bored in Spanish.

The emphasis on Bree spending her money like it is no big deal when Lynette and everyone else is struggling was interesting to see because Bree actually acknowledged this issue positively at first. I really was pleased with the idea of Bree investing in Lynette’s restaurant instead of Bree simply giving her $20,000. Of course once the decision was made, it did not take long to see that Lynette’s worst nightmare was coming true anyway. Their truce at the end was good, topped off with Lynette hitting Bree’s car. So now that Tom knows about Dave, I wonder when and how he will tell Lynette, what the two will do about it, and how this will help or hurt their case.

Speaking of Dave… saying that love is just temporary (because of death) to Edie was more than odd. Does Edie really buy that? She is smarter than that. Which is why I cannot believe she gave into Gabby and referred her to boot camp. Gabby joining a boot camp to loose weight is a joke. Edie telling her off when Gabby was going to quit was just what Gabby needed to hear. Hopefully Gabby will use what she used int boot camp to stay fit even after the contract is up.

The situation that Susan got herself into with Katherine was embarrassing at first but once she finally let it out that Mike wouldn’t pay for MJ’s school, I think Katherine let her guard down. Although once again, Susan is put into an embarrassing situation when she finds out the pearls Mike bought for Katherine were fake and Mike was furious at her for thinking he would put his girlfriend before his son. Overall, this was a great episode.

Heroes – Trust and Blood

Sylar: And I let you live. Which is kind of a big deal for me.

The best thing about this episode, this volume is getting to see the cast interact more with each other. The most ridiculous thing that came to my mind was how every hero on the plane survived. Yes, it’s a TV show, but really? At least give some of them injuries.

Anyway, I knew Nathan was talking to Angela on the phone the whole time. Who else would he be talking to? It seemed obvious that he would be talking to her so there was no mystery. What is the mystery is talk of “hunter.” Who is the hunter? Or did that just go over my head? Who was the person texting Claire at the end of the episode? I hope it is Micah. I miss him on the show! If not, I hope it is someone worth all of this anonymity.

Then, to be honest…as cool as the painting the future power is, I feel like this power has been worn-out. I am equally excited and aggravated with the repetitiveness of this power in numerous people. Daphne being shot was horrible to see because I have grown to love this character…however I feel like she’s not dead. If she is dead, what a terrible way this was set up. I say that because there was no time to wrap my idea around the idea of her being dead. There was no time to process what just happened and cope with it.

So, I think she will be fine. Sylar torturing those 3 in Newark, NJ (what part of Newark was that supposed to be? lol)…Sylar is one incredible villain. This episode was good. I expected more action but I know that is coming up in the rest of the volume, I just have to be patient. There was nothing that really stood out in this episode, but I am sure that there will be as this volume continues.

90210 – Of Heartbreaks and Hotels

Silver: Go get us a cake!

Watching Silver being in love is quite amusing. Silver begging Naomi to help her get a table for Valentine’s dinner was really humorous. I really laughed when Silver yelled at the waitress at the dinner about the cake. Silver and Dixon are so cute together. As long as Silver doesn’t say or do anything stupid that is, like her Dixon tattoo. You can tell automatically when Dixon is taken aback by her words and actions. Let’s see how he deals with this situation and how she reacts. Ethan helping out Rhonda because of the accident is sweet, life changing and all, but that does not excuse him from spending all his time with her and not Annie.

Then, Annie using Rhonda’s story in her acting class was not right to do. Although that is definitely not solely why Annie and Ethan are having issues. Also, I think Rhonda was so thrilled with someone talking to her at school that she thought it was more than it really was – not because she truly thought Ethan liked her like that. Near the end, it was so sweet to see Navid come to Adrianna’s house. Finally they are back together!

I love the artist, Erin McCarley, so I was so thrilled to hear her song, “Pony (It’s OK)” play in this episode. This episode was enjoyable. Although there is nothing that sets this show aside from any other teen drama (which I knew coming into the show) so I think that once Season 1 is over, that will be it for me. I started out watching the show out of curiosity and then that slowly became obligation. Don’t get me wrong, I like the show, but I think I am over watching something that has already been done too many times before. Once the show ends in May, that will be it for me.

Privileged – All About Betrayal

Laurel: Whether you like it or not you are long past being their tutor. You are their mentor and their friend. Surely you know that.

As season 1 is coming to an end soon I must say that as I was watching this episode, I felt like I was “going through the motions” until the end. I am just not feeling the way that I felt about Privileged when it first began. I am no longer a fan of Megan. Reasons why are in my past reviews.

Laurel seems to always be away letting her staff care for the girls as opposed to herself. She says she wants to be there for the girls and yet her actions speak louder than her words. You can be successful without traveling every day. Charlie is gone. I feel that the quote I posted above is supposed to be the only explanation for the turn this show has taken.

On the positive side, the characters and stories are still as realistic as they were in the beginning of the season. Sage has become less dense throughout the season. Marco’s storyline has been building. Rose told Laurel how she really feels about her. Rose decided to have her own bedroom, a great step into becoming a more independent person.

It was nice to see Robert Buckley in this episode, as I loved him on Lipstick Jungle. Even though I do not like her character on the show, it was also great to see Elaine Hendrix this and last week. This episode did not have enough comedy in it. The balance of comedy and drama has been lost. When the season finale airs next, let’s hope I am given a reason to tune in for Season 2.

Ugly Betty – The Courtship of Betty‘s Father
Betty: You don’t know? You don’t know what? He’s grabbing her booty.
Hilda: It’s a very vague area. It’s sort of her hip, lower backside.
Betty: Hilda, he is in there!

Someone’s definition of shoplifting is off. Haha. It was fun to see Claire, as she has been missing the past few episodes. Although because of that, I was afraid the majority of the episode would be about her and it was! I know she is part of the show and all but I just hate in any show where a character is gone for a few episodes and then when they come back it is all about them.

Anyway, Hilda acting the way that she did when the camera was on was hilarious. Ana Ortiz has the perfect balance of comedy and drama in every episode. I love her. Betty’s dad feeling up the nurse was not expected and yet not shocking. For some reason I think that this relationship between him and the nurse might last long – just as long as Hilda and Betty put up with it.

Wilhelmina and Daniel running into each other with their dates was awkward and yet I am so over it. Daniel making an effort with Molly regarding Tibet was so sweet. However, he need not compare himself with any of Molly’s exes. Mark helping Wilhelmina with her feelings brought a little bit of comedy to this episode. It is great she got the courage to say, “I love you” to Connor. There was not enough Amanda in this episode! I know this episode had nothing to do with her, but still.

The Office – Lecture Circuit Part Two

Michael: Who have I wronged?

Since last week was so good, I had expected Part 2 to be even better. Although I enjoyed last week’s episode more. It was entertaining to see Angela so over the moon about her new cat. I do not know what is worse, selling your engagement ring on eBay or paying $7,000 for a cat. Angela’s love for her cats is more than creepy. It was tolerable the first 4 seasons but what we just saw in this episode is just…wow I have no words for that, other than creepy. I love cats, I am a cat person, but that was just weird. She licked her cat! Okay, moving on before I get even more weirded out. I loved it when Pam said, “Ay O” in the car! Seeing Michael so totally stuck on Holly was adorable. Yet the way that he was acting towards Holly’s boyfriend was just pathetic. I did laugh when Michael crawled out of the conference room.

Pam taking over Michael’s presentation was supposed to be funny but I felt as bored as those sitting in front of Pam. Creepy is what I thought when Michael cut part of Holly’s sweater. That is creepy and pathetic. Even for Michael that is taking it far. Kelly going off on Jim because of the birthday cake was funny but I agree with everything she said. Dwight has no right to say, “Good job on the cake bozo” because his brown and black balloons and “It Is Your Birthday” sign are worse.

It is a shame that Jim does not know how to spell Kelly’s name by now but at the same time, we all have had that experience. I am surprised that Jim did not go over to her work space when she was not there and look at a paper to see how her name was spelled, or asked someone. You know who’s birthday I would like to see? Pam’s birthday. Only because I would just love to see what gifts the guys in the office would get her. This episode really was nothing spectacular. It was amusing but does not stand out to me.

Terminator: SCC – Good Wound

Cameron: Future you has more important things to do.

I was so ecstatic for the return of this show that if the cast had just sat in a circle staring at each other I would have thought it was amazing. I am not even kidding you, this is one of my favorite shows on the air and my heart was skipping beats as it got closer to 8pm. The switch from Monday nights to Friday nights is perfect and terrible because Monday is like prime time TV overload for me and this show is a perfect way to go into the weekend…Although Friday nights is like TV suicide. I am hoping the time switch does not affect the ratings in a negative way….

So getting to the episode… Once Sarah got out of the hospital and took the doctor hostage to help her, I was upset that Sarah had the gun in the doctor’s face for so long. That doctor seemed like no threat at all and if I can see that, then surely Sarah can. Sarah “seeing” her husband, Kyle throughout the entire episode was really good for her. I am glad that she finally gave in from her pride, fear, and whatever else and let the doctor take her to the hospital. Cromartie or, now John Henry telling Ellison about the human being that Cromartie mirrors was interesting because he says he found out the information because he was curious. My question is, will his curiosity put him on the dark side like before or bring him to the good side.

The scene with Cromartie and Catherine was really good! Shirley’s acting and her character has become so much more interesting. Catherine killed at the warehouse! Literally. She got everyone. It was so sick, I loved it. I do not really know what is going on with Riley or Jesse at the moment but I also do not care at the moment. I loved the ending of this episode. Catherine is a step ahead of Sarah & Derek but not for long. Let’s see how they handle this situation and get ahead of Catherine. Excited would be an understatement for what I am feeling for next week’s episode.

Dollhouse – Ghost

Echo: She‘s not asleep.

Going into this show only knowing the basic premise, it was exciting to jump into something fresh. I have stayed away from spoilers (as I usually do) so keep that in mind that I know nothing when I spew off my “theories.“ I had a huge grin on my face when Brett Claywell appeared on the screen for the opening scene because I loved him on One Tree Hill. Everything up to the opening credits was a nice set up to the rest of the episode. Echo walking in on the test subject having her brain wiped while not asleep was pretty funny. She was so calm with her worry and curiosity.

When she was called in for her turn, after seeing what she saw…the face she made makes me think that she will eventually try to fight the system, try to get out or control it – whether her memories have glitches and are not fully wiped or not. She said, “You can’t fight a ghost” and that can play into a lot more in the future. With that said, I wonder if she would get help from the inside, other test subjects, those outside the system, or all of the above to get out or control the system. Although I do hope that this show is much more complex than the basic premise and these typical theories I am sharing. I expect a lot from Joss Whedon. I expect the unexpected. This show has a lot of potential due to the name behind the show alone. So it had better live up to its expectations and go beyond that.

Now I understand that the test subjects need flaws (such as what we saw with Echo and her eyesight) because every human has flaws, but the way it was presented did not seem right. While eyesight is a simple setback, it makes me think that if my theory above is correct that an easy way to beat that is through the ability to put flaws in the test subject. That random lady who busted in the door near the end when Echo already saved the kidnapped girl was so…random. The ending made me excited about seeing the story unfold of how Echo joined the dollhouse and what she was like prior to. The pilot was enjoyable. I think I expected more action. I hope that there is an equal amount of drama and action in future episodes. It is too early to say that I am hooked but I am looking forward to next week.

What I Am Watching:

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) 8pm
Desperate Housewives (ABC) 9pm
United States of Tara (Showtime) 10pm

House (Fox) 8pm
Chuck (NBC) 8pm
Heroes (NBC) 9pm

90210 (The CW) 8pm
Privileged (The CW) 9pm

Lost (ABC) 9pm

Ugly Betty (ABC) 8pm
The Office (NBC)

Terminator:SCC (Fox) 8pm
Ghost Whisperer (CBS) 8pm
Dollhouse (Fox) 9pm


  1. I LOVE the show! “Privileged” I watch it all the time I even discovered this singer named erin mccarely on a episode they all ways play great music.

  2. Privileged is a great show, I agree.

    I’ve been a fan of Erin’s since last summer when I found her Myspace and it is so great to see her music on more and more TV shows and in films.