Starting Gossip Girl and Lipstick Jungle

So I finally read the first in the Gossip Girl series by Cecily von Ziegesar and really enjoyed it. I should be done reading the second book tomorrow and will start the third over the weekend.

I also watched every episode of Lipstick Jungle online, thanks to Hulu. I really love that website. Anyway, the show is really great (based on the lives of 3 powerful women in NY) and eventually I plan on reading the book that the show is based on. I have the feeling that with this show, whether you watch first or read first, you are going to really enjoy both…which is why I was not strict on myself about reading the book before I watched the show.

So anyway, get into Gossip Girl and Lipstick Jungle if you are not into these shows, and if you like to read, be sure to catch the books that these shows are based on. Enjoy!