TV Review: The CW Charmed Episode 1.03 “Sweet Tooth”

“You do know you can never tell her.” – Harry
“Of course I know that. Why do you think I’m freezing time to have an honest conversation with her?” – Mel

Okay, so before we get started, I need to mention what the demon from the beginning of last week’s episode reminded me of because I couldn’t place it at the time but I have since then and it’s bugging me. Supernatural! Supernatural has its own unique, distinct look so don’t take from them. Take from that show you’re, you know, remaking, and enhance that.

Now for this episode. It starts off with action and as it appears, the girls are comfortable in their skin kicking butt as witches. It feels natural (minus the lighting on set/location that they’re on) and even though it feels too natural for the time, I would totally be okay with another time jump in which they are settled into their witchery. But just as I’m getting comfortable with that idea, we discover this was in fact a simulation. Nooooo. Simulation training feels icky for a witch show. Like, it doesn’t mesh, it doesn’t fit. Is it just me? It can’t be just me who thinks this. Thoughts?

Also, what are your thoughts on the Elders being mentioned so early in the series? This isn’t the first mention of them but I don’t believe I’ve brought it up yet. I don’t mind it. I do wonder though what that means for the future mythology of the show and if the Elders are IT or if the writers will expand on the mythology already set out.

One thing I don’t need anyone’s thoughts on to bounce off of it the blasphemy of Nico in the attic! An innocent in the attic! HOW FREAKING DARE YOU. How. Dare. Sacrilege!

As far as any of the love interests finding out about the sisters being witches, it would make sense for Nico to find out first and be the OG Andy of this series. But I’m also more than ready for Nico to accept this new normal and be a team player, even moreso than OG Daryl was. Especially if the Elders give permission (LOL at the sisters obeying the Elders commands) for her to tell Nico. What do you think?

Back to the happening in the episode…Mel wants to use a spell that will attract every demon with a 26 mile radius so she can get a head start on fighting the end of the world. Macy wants to listen to the whitelighter and let the Elders handle it. Together though, the three agree to have Macy bake a cake that will cause a chemical reaction to the demon who is using a human as a host.

Out and about on their day, Maggie heads to work only to be ambushed by the sorority so she can convoke the rest of the house that she’s still on board. She tells them she can find a place off campus for a part and they say she’d be a legend if she did (because, alcohol). To no one’s surprise, that place is her house.

Meanwhile, at school, Mel finds out that Angelu Wu, her mother’s student who was harassed, woke up from her coma the same night the Harbinger’s residue was found and she could be the demon vessel.

But she finds this out through a student who is on his cell phone so she freezes time and takes the phone out of his hand to look at the news article, only for the whitelighter to come swooping in with a “You need to be responsible with your powers” speech. Which, yeah, it’s right on time. But these are young girls, they are going to be reckless with their powers and I am here for it! So imagine my dismay when whitelighter puts a bracelet on Mel that she can’t take off that will notify him every time she uses magic. Ugh. I HATE this so much. Don’t even know where to start on all of the reasons why I hate it so just know that I Hate hate hate it.

Anyway, the sisters come around to Maggie throwing a party at the house when she mentions they could rule out most of the people as the demon quicker. Sure but what is their plan to keep those innocents safe once they spot the demon?

“I wanted to surprise you!” – Maggie
“Do I look like someone who enjoys surprises?” – Macy

At the party, Maggie tries to impress the sorority girls, secretly whipping up all of their desires (aka drinks and all that comes with throwing a sick Halloween party), prompting whitelighter to tell Maggie that magic for personal gain has consequences.
If so much weren’t already happening in this episode, I might care but there’s just so much happening. For one, this is a Halloween episode and OG All Hallow’s Eve was a big deal so this sack Halloween episode is beyond disappointing. Plus, with Maggie’s outfit, then all I could think about was OG episodes “Oh My Goddess” and wanting to watch that more than watching this.

Two, personal gain deserves an entire episode from the get go and personally, I feel like it’s too soon for an entire episode…so I see why they are introducing it to us now but to really hit that heart of it and it not just be a lesson for the girls to learn (in this case, her glamour slows her down while demon hunting), we need to earn an episode and deserve an episode bigger than this.

Okay, okay, back to the episode. So the party is in full swing and they discover from Nico that 3 more murders took place at the school. (How on earth is the party not dying down in this day and age of social media which brings me to what kind of town has 3 school murders and doesn’t send an alert to the entire school?). They decide to seal the house so no demons can get in while they go to campus to hunt the demon. Problem is, Angela is already there so they can’t seal the house. So instead, Maggie uses her virgin blood to lure the demon outside, away from the house full of innocents. And after all is said and done, they knock the demon out and chain it up in the attic to wait for the Elders to take it from there.

Mel and whitelighter have a heart to heart afterwards, in which he tells her that he watched over a witch named Fiona (OG flailing!!!). Fiona trusted the wrong person with her secret (DING DING DING), she was institutionalized and finally, she couldn’t take it anymore so she killed herself. Obviously, we’re all waiting to find out that Fiona is family, so hopefully it won’t be too long on this revelation.

Also worth noting, Maggie bumps into this cute guy, Parker three times in this episode…once at work and again at the party and again when the head of the sorority introduces him as her boyfriend. Dun dun dun. Fun trope but do you care about this twist of events? Will it mean anything in the grand scheme of things? Because I definitely don’t think that Parker is the one for Maggie so I don’t care and feel like this is a waste of time for her and for the show.

So, to recap: I hate the simulation training, an innocent in the attic, the magic tracker that Harry put on Mel, getting a Halloween episode so soon in the series and it having nothing to do with All Hallow’s Eve, weak personal gain intro, the idea behind the Parker storyline

What did you think?