Sightwitch is Out Today!

I am so excited that today is finally here! Today is the release of Sightwitch by Susan Dennard! 

Sightwitch is a prequel novella in The Witchlands young adult fantasy series (Add the series on Goodreads) which currently is comprised of Truthwitch and its sequel, Windwitch. Unlike many novellas, this one actually comes in hardcover, woooo!!!!!

I’m picky when it comes to fantasy and I absolutely love this series. This world and this magic RULE and the characters are so captivating, one of my favorite qualities of Susan’s writing. The prequel is actually my favorite of the series so far for a number of reasons.

First, it follows Ryber Fortiza, pushing Ryber, a strong Black female character from the background to the forefront. As a Black female myself, this was so exciting to read! I loved it! (And I love the cover!) Second, this prequel is written in a format unlike any other book Susan has written in that it’s told through journal entries and sketches. SO much fun. I LOVE when writers take creative liberties over the visual structure of their story and the execution of this is a slam dunk! Third, we get to zero in on Sightwitches in this book in a time and place long before the chaos that ensues in the first two books plays out. It’s exciting to see how the dots connect over time, whether you read Truthwitch first and then jump into the first two books or vice versa.

So basically, if magic is your thing and you’re down to dive into another amazing fantasy series, check out Sightwitch. Finally, if you’re in the LA area, Susan Dennard & Holly Black (The Cruel Prince) are having an event this Thursday night at The Grove B&N! See you there!

Sightwitch by Susan Dennard is available now. For more information, visit