Hulu’s Freakish Season Two Premieres In 2 Weeks

In case you may have overlooked this show, Freakish is a half hour sci-fi horror teen drama on Hulu that captured my attention from the very first episode. I binged the first season (which is only ten episodes) and as expected, I binged the first five episodes of the second season that were available for me to screen.

I was not disappointed.

If you liked the book, This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers, you should check out Freakish. There’s a zombie outbreak and we’re following kids who are stuck inside their high school. Like Summers’s work, the writers on the show really know how to tap into great teen storytelling, authentic character and relationship dynamics, and stakes.

The stakes are constantly being raised and I love how every episode ends in a cliffhanger or really intense moment that no matter what you’re doing or how tired you are, you’re going to press play and watch the next episode. I say this from experience, as I stayed up past 2am watching the screener episodes and I would have stayed up to watch the remaining five episodes had they been available to view.

Season two brings new dangers, new allies, new threats and enemies. Less food and water and supplies. A number of ventures outside where death lurks at every corner. There’s more mystery. More answers. More death. More questions. More of everything that you can hope for, which is definitely worth noting since a new show has a lot to prove going into its second season. Simply put, this show does not suffer at all from the sophomore slump. It just gets even better. Grittier. Less campy than the first season. There wasn’t a ton of it in season one but enough to notice it. Thankfully, the show grew into its own voice quickly in season one and has continued to soar in that voice in season two. It’s great. I love it.

My only issue within the first five episodes of season two is a small one…in one of the episodes, the blinds of a room that some of the kids are in are wide open, so the freaks standing outside can see them, inside. Close the blinds so the freaks can’t see you! They’ve been cooped up inside of the school long enough to know to do this as a precaution. Yes, in this particular instance, the smell of a certain injured character is drawing the freaks, so the blinds being opened or closed is irrelevant BUT before he was injured, I’m just saying the blinds should have been closed.

Okay, anyway, so I can’t believe this is the first time that I’m talking about this show on the blog. But believe me, I am a huge fan of the show and am loving every single moment of teen angst mixed with zombies, all contained in a high school setting.

I was already going to watch this show before it premeired because 1) it’s sci-fi and 2) it’s zombies but I was especially excited and intrigued to watch this because I am a fan of YouTube, Liza Koshy who is known for her comedy but lands so well in her dramatic role on this show. Also starring on the show; Leo Howard (Kickin’ It, Shake It Up!), Meghan Rienks (AwesomenessTV), Melvin Gregg (Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!), Tyler Chase (The Walking Dead), and Adam Hicks (Lemonademouth) to name a few. I won’t mention the newbies of season two, you’ll just have to watch season ones and two to see how everything plays out.

So what are you waiting for? Get on Freakish because it’s truly one of the most thrilling teen dramas out there that no one is talking about and I need people to talk to about this show.

Watch the entire first two seasons of Freakish today, only on Hulu.