Face Off: All Stars Episode 11.10 Recap & Review “Cursed Covens”

This episode was wicked! Host, McKenzie Westmore met the artists in the lab to deliver a witchy challenge!! Finally! Yes!!! Witches are my jam! The challenge? Each super team (yep, still doing that) had to create a supernatural coven of three witches or warlocks. The covens are at war and each coven has cast a visible curse on the other. The teams had to pick a spell book which list the ingredients for the curse placed on the coven. The curse hasn’t been named, so that was up to the team to decide based on the list of ingredients. And with that, the teams were off to create!

FACE OFF — “Cursed Covens” Episode 1110 — Pictured: (l-r) Emily Serpico, Logan Long, Tyler Green — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/Syfy)

In the lab, series mentor, Michael Westmore joined the artists and seemed to suck the life right out of Cig, George, Ben, and Evan, whose designs weren’t where they needed to be to get the okay from Westmore. They basically didn’t get anything done on day one because they were just not at all on one accord with their concept. The ideas just weren’t coming together and clicking. They definitely hit a road block on day one but came in on day two excited to work it out. Meanwhile, Tyler, Emily, and Logan were feeling pretty good, great actually as they went ahead with their creations. So, a fair shift from the last time we saw these two super teams in the lab, I’d say. Ha!

On the reveal stage, I loved all of the creations but I absolutely loved the creations made by Cig, George, Ben, and Evan. Loved. It just felt more witchy and I got such good witchy vibes from their coven. Ah! Loved it. That said, Tyler, Emily, and Logan really knocked it out of the park as well and I can totally understand why the judges chose them to win this challenge, as there was one coven creation that really set the team apart from the other team. This challenge was such a tough one either way, so the elimination was going to hurt no matter what.

With Cig, George, Ben, and Evan on the chopping block, it was tough to say goodbye to Ben but at last, Ben’s time came. With eliminations going the way that they are now, I’d love to see Emily or Cig win this season but whoa, competition is fierce and everyone is worthy of the win. This is so hard. Who are you guys rooting for?

FACE OFF — “Cursed Covens” Episode 1110 — Pictured: (l-r) Makeup by Emily Serpico, Logan Long, Tyler Green — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/Syfy)

Elimination Recap
Eliminated This Week: Ben
Total Eliminations: Stella (Season 7) & Jasmine (Season 9), Niko (Season 6) & Cat (Season 6), Gage (Season 1) & Rachael (Season 7), Keaghlan (Season 7) & Melissa (Season 10), Adam (Season 8), Ben (Season 9), Cig (Season 7), Tyler (Season 6), George (Season 7), Emily (Season 8), Logan (Season 8), Evan (Season 9)

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