Face Off: All Stars Episode 11.09 Recap & Review “Frightening Families”

The final four teams up to murder their opponents this week! And it looks like there are more of them now…

In this episode, host, McKenzie Westmore met the artists in the middle of nowhere to give them a huge leg up on the upcoming challenge as well as a gut punch. Instead of competing as four teams, the artists would create two super teams for this challenge! The pairs got to pick which super team they wanted to create. It seemed that everyone was staring at Cig and George but only Ben and Evan ran towards them. Smart boys! So that left Tyler and Emily pairing up with Logan and Adam.

The challenge? Horror inspired! Create a sadistic family of three deranged mutants in two days. But before the artists could get comfortable getting starting on their concept designs, McKenzie hit us with the hard truth. Immunity is over. Dunzo. RIP safety. But wait! That’s not all. No more eliminations by team. So, that means we’ve officially transitioned to individual eliminations. This is super confusing because I was definitely under the impression from the very beginning of the season that a team of artists would win the season. What’s the point in being a team for all of this time only to not win together? That doesn’t really sit well with me. They earned their spot together to the final four teams, they should make it to the final win together. Blegh. Hollywood for you.

FACE OFF — “Frightening Families” Episode 1109 — Pictured: (l-r) Evan Hedges, George Troester III, Benjamin “Ben” Ploughman, Cig Neutron — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/Syfy)

In the lab, series mentor, Michael Westmore joined the artists, giving his wisdom to the super teams. While Cig, George, Ben, and Evan were having a ball will their challenge, giggling and living it up in the lab… Tyler, Emily, Logan and Adam were having an issue with nailing their concept. So… it’s an easy guess which team came out on top here, yeah?

On the reveal stage, Director, Marcus Nispel, (Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) joined the judges panel. From Cig, George, Ben, and Evan’s team… I loved all three creations though the father creation was stuff made of nightmares, oh my. As for Tyler, Emily, Logan and Adam’s team, I think two out of three of their creations were amazing. Based on the editing of the episode, it seemed like they were selling themselves short because the end result was very strong. It was so cohesive, so creepy, so perfect for this challenge. They should be very proud of what they created.

The winning team was of course Cig, George, Ben, and Evan. That meant the either Tyler, Emily, Logan or Adam would be going home. In the end, the judges decided to send Adam home. As long as it wasn’t Emily or Tyler, I was fine, honestly. But the fight for the final win is on now that individual eliminations are a go. Anyone else want to throw their remote at the TV?!

FACE OFF — “Frightening Families” Episode 1109 — Pictured: Makeup by Cig Neutron, Benjamin “Ben” Ploughman, Evan Hedges, and George Troester III — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/Syfy)
FACE OFF — “Frightening Families” Episode 1109 — Pictured: Makeup by Cig Neutron, Benjamin “Ben” Ploughman, Evan Hedges, and George Troester III — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/Syfy)

Elimination Recap
Eliminated This Week: Adam
Total Eliminations: Stella (Season 7) & Jasmine (Season 9), Niko (Season 6) & Cat (Season 6), Gage (Season 1) & Rachael (Season 7), Keaghlan (Season 7) & Melissa (Season 10), Adam (Season 8), Cig (Season 7), Tyler (Season 6), George (Season 7), Emily (Season 8), Logan (Season 8), Ben (Season 9), Evan (Season 9)

FACE OFF — “Frightening Families” Episode 1109 — Pictured: (l-r) Adam Milicevic, Logan Long, Emily Serpico, Tyler Green — (Photo by: Jordin Althaus/Syfy)

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