TV Talk – Face Off: All Stars Episode 11.06 Recap & Review “Wasteland Warriors”

An all new episode of Face Off: All Stars airs tonight on Syfy! You know what that means. Here’s a recap of last week, “Wasteland Warriors!”

Host, McKenzie Westmore met the artists in the desert to deliver the next Spotlight Challenge. Inspired by Mad Max and Death Race, each team had to pick a post-apocalyptic vehicle before them and create the dystopian wasteland warrior who drives it. Basically everyone was excited about this challenge and rightfully so!

There was an added challenge to incorporate at least three car parts from a trunk full of parts into their creation. The artists also got to check out the Hyundai Veloster that McKenzie rode into the desert with, as inspiration to win the challenge since the winning team of this season will get that very car for themselves.

Series mentor, Michael Westmore joined the artists in the lab as usual for some guidance. Most of the teams seemed to be doing well, a few hit bumps in the road, but nothing out of the ordinary.

On the reveal stage, judges, Ve Neill, Neville Page, and Glenn Hetrick were joined by guest judge, writer/producer/director, Paul W.S. Anderson (Death Race, Resident Evil). Ben and Evan’s creation was fun and the judges liked it as well, though the judges would have liked more when it comes to the details. Logan & Adam’s creation was a beast! I would not want to come up against her. The judges, on the other hand, wanted more detail, which I now agree with after hearing their comments. Tyler and Emily won immunity last week and were safe. As for their design? I liked their creation but I could have done without the feather head piece silhouette going on. The headpiece and the makeup felt too pretty and clean for this challenge but as the judges couldn’t deny, overall, this was pretty great. Cig and George’s creation was fierce and the judges loved it as well. Keaghlan and Melissa’s creation seemed clunky to me and the judges said that they wanted more clarity with the paint job. I wanted more clarity all around. Finally, Gage and Rachael had some great ideas but I wasn’t too sure about the execution. Both the judges and the team were on the same page about that issue.

The winning team was George and Cig. No surprise there. The judges love their work now and they loved it back in Season 7, so these guys are definitely consistent in their level of awesome. As for the other teams? Well, to coincide with Hyundai’s slogan, “We Make Things Better,” the rest of the teams got a second chance! This came in the form of another hour of last looks in which the teams could work on their makeups, inspired by the judges’ feedback. But oh snap! The episode ended and we didn’t get an elimination! They pulled a fast one on us and it looks like this one is a two-parter. I guess that’s the kind of thing they’ll have to do without incorporating any foundation challenges into the mix. Way to drag it out, but you know what, I don’t even mind. Who do you hope to see make it past this round of eliminations?

Face Off airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Syfy.