TV Review: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere on Syfy

Tonight, the season two premiere of one of my favorite summer dramas, Dark Matter comes to Syfy! I am so excited for its return, I’ve been waiting impatiently for this show to come back since its season one finale!

In the premiere, we find out the real names of the crew (though it still remains to be seen if we have to call them those names or continue with the numbers), we get a tease more of Five’s backstory, and tons of story development that I cannot wait to see play out this season! Along with that, there’s plenty of tension, action, humor, charm, and all of the ingredients that make this show so enthralling and worth tuning in for each week.

I love the contrast of the first and second season beginnings. The show starts out when they’re lost and on the run and this season starts out as they quickly discover where they are and they are stuck there for the time being. So we caught the aftermath of the crew being on the run when the series began and now we get to see build up to them breaking out in a different way. Pretty cool.

So what happens? Spoilers ahead! Six (Roger Cross), who really works for the special investigations unit, has betrayed the crew (his version of helping) and landed the crew in a maximum security detention facility. They’re more or less separated from each other, until a few of them reunite and get ready to kick butt as a team. Oh boy, I cannot wait to see this go down! The hype is real! I cannot contain myself!

Six tells One (Marc Bendavid) and Five (Jodelle Ferland) that he was an undercover agent who went rogue. They’re not happy but before more can be said, a lawyer comes in for One and takes him away. One is grateful but wants to dig deeper into his wife’s murder. It seems his late father’s company is all his for the taking if he wants to take over and be the CEO…so he’s not the only one of the crew with a big name to live up to. But will taking on his father’s company help or distract him from his goal? Is that even a question worth asking given how this episode ends?! Ahhh! Didn’t see that coming!

Meanwhile, Three (Anthony Lemke) finds himself in the presence of old, unfamiliar enemies. Two (Melissa O’Neil) finds herself locked up in isolation trying to cool off the situation. She finds an ally (possibly?) in prison mate, Nyx (Melanie Liburd) while in a SIM during isolation and I don’t know how her new friend will play a role this season outside of the jailbreak if at all but I am very, very excited to see more strong ladies on the show!

Finally, there’s Four (Alex Mallari Jr.) who learns a thing or two the hard way about how things are run in the detention center. It won’t be as easy as any of them thinks to break out but it will definitely be worth it. They won’t have the help of  The Android (Zoie Palmer) who has its own problems at the moment but something tells me everyone will be back together soon. I just can’t wait to continue to see it unfold and see how it happens. So far, the second season is off to an amazing start. The season two premiere had me on the edge of my seat! No sophomore slump here. Dark Matter is absolutely electrifying so if you’re looking for a thrill ride, be sure to buckle in for the wild ride ahead.

Watch Dark Matter Fridays at 10/9c only on Syfy.