Heroes Reborn Episode 1.11 “Chapter Eleven: Send in the Clones” Review

Heroes Reborn is back! I was excited about its return and though I wanted more HRG and more from the originals, this is very much the story of the newer heroes so after adjusting back to that mindset given the short hiatus that we had, I buckled in and was ready to enjoy myself.

Starting off, Malina thinks that Erica took HRG and Luke agrees he will be right there with her no matter what she decides to do. Which is great considering how much Malina was depending on HRG to be there but even with this momentary loss, she still has someone. They believe that Tommy’s been taken to Colorado so Luke says once they get him, they’ll all head to Odessa.

Harris, Phoebe, and Quentin? They are going after Malina. Phoebe is set out on killing her but Quentin’s conscious is getting to him. Oh, Quentin. It’s about time, buddy. Too little too late though? He’s still with them and doesn’t do much anything when they do catch up to Malina and Luke, almost chasing them into a cornfield, Phoebe preventing the two from using their powers. Luke tells Maline to go and he’ll try to stop them (with the help of his glock). At first, Malina listens, which was quite impressive but it didn’t last long because the good guys have a conscious. She goes back to help Luke and after quite a scuffle, they manage to get away. Woohoo!

That’s hardly the beginning though. Miko takes Tommy to Gateway in the future. Miko starts glitching and Tommy realizes she’s not real. As someone comes in, Tommy makes them go away. Miko gives him her ribbon to make a point to Erica before he sends Miko on her way…just as Erica comes walking out to get an update from Tommy. She wants to go to present day Odessa. I love, love, love how everyone’s moves are leading back to Odessa. Where it all begin. Where it all may end.

Erica threatens Hachiro with killing his real daughter, the real Miko, if he doesn’t do what he needs to do. Uh oh! So he’s there when Erica approaches Tommy but doesn’t say anything. Erica and Tommy head to Odessa and reunite with Emily and Tommy’s “mom.”  The reunion doesn’t last long as Erica asks (nicely) to borrow Tommy for a little while longer. On a phone call with Harris, Erica discovers that Hachiro is playing both sides. Yikes! This does not bode well for Hachiro or Miko… hmm…

Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC
Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC

Meanwhile, Carlos and Farah defeat three Harris clones before shutting off Matt’s recording that’s playing throughout the building and hypnotizing everyone. As for the real Matt, The Haitian and Taylor head to his office. We find out that Matt is not only helping because he thinks it’s the right thing to do but he’s on the list of people to be saved for the future. How convenient.

I think the worst moment of the episode is easily Matt shooting The Haitian’s ear and telling him to leave (with his powers). My how far Matt has come. Then he threaten’s Taylor’s life – but not before getting some answers. He finds out that Taylor is pregnant. But is she pregnant or is she just putting on a show?

Anyway, Carlos and Farah get into a room full of evo prisoners and say they’re free, only they need to find Micah and Jose first. Finding Jose is pretty easy. So is finding Micah (so good to see Noah Gray-Cabey reprise his role which I failed to mention in the last review because I was so taken aback by how much he’s grown up!) with the exception of getting him out of his solitary prison box. Anyway, with the help of an evo (who is shot shortly after coming in to help lol), Micah is freed and they all head for the exit.

Just in time, Miko appears on the compound, ready to face Harris and his clones. In the ultimate sacrifice, Miko kills Harris, the real Harris, by stabbing herself with her weapon which goes not only through her but through Harris who is behind her with his own weapon at her throat. She cuts off his head as well for good measure and just like that, we lose not one but two evos. Wow wow wow. What a great scene! Emotionally and as a fight scene. Fabulous. I am really going to miss Miko! But I hope we get a few scenes with the real Miko before the show concludes.

Before leaving, Micah tells them of two solar flares hitting the earth tomorrow at 11:18am and 11:53am. With his powers, he connects himself around the world to tell the world the truth and while this is one great moment towards the end of the episode, the arguably even bigger moment? Erica bringing in Joanne who she’s been tracking all this time. Joanne’s next target? Malina. What makes this so interesting is that she knows Luke is with Malina. Dun dun dun! There’s so much to look forward to in the final two episodes and I have no idea how these story lines will wrap up with the solar flares beginning in the next episode! This is the big boom we’ve been waiting for, but umm, how will it all conclude?! Because there have been these momentous moments on the show before but the show always went on and this time it’s not. Let the freaking out commence! Ahh!

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