Heroes Reborn Episode 1.10 “Chapter Ten: 11:53 to Odessa” Review

Heroes Reborn returns tonight on NBC for its final episodes. In case you need a recap of what went down before the holiday hiatus, here’s what you need to remember…

“I think she likes humanity more than human beings.” – HRG

We open almost 8,000 years into the future with Miko where she runs into a small group of people who ask what year she’s from and if Erica sent her. Hmmm!!! Interesting! She finds the real Miko (in a stasis) and her father who says he sent Ren to her and he’ll be here (in the future) soon and now she needs to find Hiro who will send her on her final mission. So. Quite a lot happening here. How does her final mission play into the bigger picture here? Hmmmm! Meanwhile, a version of Miko’s father goes to Ren and tells him to find a time traveler in Gateway to take him to the future. Ha. Because it’s that easy…

Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC
Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC


As for Erica… she uses Tommy/Nathan to fulfill her wishes. He jumps Erica, Quentin, and Phoebe into the future, to the first city in the future, named Gateway. I love the connections here. Aside from this fascinating point, it is peculiar how Tommy/Nathan can’t absorb Phoebe’s power but he can still use his power to time travel them all, Phoebe included, even though Phoebe was using her power as they jumped. Her power to suppress other people from using their powers…if someone can explain how that is possible, I would love to hear.

Meanwhile, HRG and Malina drive away from town and are being followed by Luke. As they keep going, they find themselves near a huge storm that Malina pushes away. She saves the day but the humans nearby get angry, thinking she caused it. Typical. As someone with a gun gets ready to take aim at evo, Malina, Luke uses his power to strike fire and calm down the brewing storm of angry humans. Go, Luke!! They run, but without HRG who was taken by Tommy/Nathan. The timing of HRG being taken couldn’t be anymore worrisome.

Then there’s the Haitian who is working with Taylor to use Taylor’s mother for their plan. Taylor and a shapeshifter evo head to where Matt is to “talk to him.” Yeah. Talk.

We find out through Matt that Carlos was a soldier side by side with Farah!! With Farah! And Farah used her power to save him but went into hiding because she used her power. Wow. And these two were in love. So. The Carlos story line finally got super interesting. Ten episodes in…

Okay… So Matt is grilling them to find out where Malina is. I’m cracking up at Carlos’s escape and him slapping Farah to wake her up only for him to kiss her and then she opens her eyes and says, “The slap did the trick.” Who else was cracking up? What a great moment!

Finally, Matt leads us to Micah who is imprisoned and being used for his power. So sad. On another note, Micah is all grown up and looking great! OoOoooo let me fan myself and calm down. Anyway, great episode. Very much looking forward to the show’s return in just minutes!

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