TV Review: Heroes Reborn Episode 108 “June 13th Part Two”

There’s an all new Heroes tonight, so while we wait for the next episode, here are my thoughts on last week!

“We have not been formally introduced, Super Baby. My name is Hiro Nakamura, former master of time and space.” – Hiro

So Erica called Mohinder an EVO and blamed him for the death of his team in the Arctic? Wow. She’s foul. That man did nothing but good for all of humanity and she’s tarnishing his name? I haven’t felt an extreme hate for Erica until now. That is just… basically unforgivable. Ugh.

Meanwhile, Past HRG saw Present HRG and OMG problems! Naturally, Past HRG is worried about the butterfly effect. Past HRG tells Present HRG to go back home. Present HRG tells Past HRG he needs to forget about today and not use The Haitian. Present HRG heads out but when Past HRG tries to make his way out, Harris is there waiting. Yikes!!! But it gets worse!!! Harris brings in Matt! Matt! Our Matt! Who is helping Erica out! Oh, Matt! Noooo! That’s not how I wanted to see you end up! Matt sold his ability to the highest bidder? So he’s working for Erica too. Ugh. He thinks Erica is helping EVOs and is their best hope. Thankfully, Past HRG gets out of the interrogation but that was SUPER close!

Then, in 1999, Hiro has taken himself, Angela, and the twins to the right year but they were supposed to go to Angela’s place in Geneva. No go. It turns out, Nathan absorbed Claire’s power and that’s why she died. Good enough reason for me. In order for him not to absorb Malina’s powers, they must be raised separately. Which means Hiro and Angela can’t run into their future or former selves while on this journey. All of that and Erica still found out that Claire had a baby. Fate, man. It finds a way. You can travel through time and space all you want but you can’t really change what’s going to play out in the end…

Onto another story line, I loved how we saw the creation of Miko! You can’t lock a developer out of their own game! Gaming 101. Hello! Erica thinks everyone is on her side and whoever isn’t, she can beat. Ha! That’s hilarious. I mean, it seems like Erica is winning whatever she is trying to achieving now but we all know it’s not going to happen so….

Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC
Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC

Jumping to an older Angela! Ah! Loved the makeup! Whoever did that should get an Emmy. What’s this 11:53pm and birds, butterflies flying in the wrong direction and the Northern Lights heading farther than they ever have before and all of these signs until the end? Anything more you can share, Angela? I want an Isaac like spoiler! We know the world is going to go boom! What else?! There’s more. There’s always more.

A minor detail grew into a big detail overnight…Quentin is alive in the past and after the butterfly effect, he’s alive in the present. This got me thinking…this would be pretty awesome if he were the Neville of it all. Unfortunately, it seems he’s working for Erica and HRG is going to lead him – err Erica – right to the twins! I’m SO disappointed in Quentin working for Erica but I know that he’s doing it for his family. You do what you do for the people you love and/or for the greater good so it’s great seeing how each character makes a decision to go down either path.

So Nathan sends Molly to India so that she can tell Mohinder’s mother the truth about what happened. And there begins her being on the run from Erica? But since the future has changed, does that mean that Molly is alive again?!?!?!?!

As for Luke and Joanne… I’m a bit confused as to the status of their son. Because their son definitely had a disease but it’s unclear if he only had the disease or if he also had the same power of his father and maybe the disease was a side effect or his body rejecting the power. Either way, it seems they went to the summit for help? And that backfired in a big way, with the death of their son and in this episode, we discover that Luke saved an EVO during the blast. Joanne wasn’t too happy about that, an EVO being saved with her son dead. And thus the killing spree begins. Man. That’s heavy!

So much happened in this episode and while part one was significantly more exciting than part two, I really, really, really enjoyed part two and am so excited to see more developments. Great episode!

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