TV Talk: Week in Review ’15-16 #7: Heroes Reborn

During the month of November, there will be no TV Week in Review as I will be focusing on writing and will not be watching my TV shows in a reasonable amount of time to keep up with weekly recaps/reviews.

I will however, recap and review Heroes Reborn. Below, the latest on Heroes Reborn! Enjoy November Sweeps!

Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC
Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC

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HEROES REBORN (NBC) – Episode 107 “Chapter Seven: June 13th Part One”

Wow. I don’t even know where to start. So many bombs were dropped this week! It was amazing! It was phenomenal. Everything I wanted and more. So much more.

So HRG and Hiro are back on June 13th, trying to stop the explosion which happened at 11:14am. They only have three hours to stop the explosion and HRG wants to get to the hospital before Claire but before they can do anything, his co-worker (who thinks he’s talking to the HRG in his timeline and doesn’t know any better) says that Claire came in early at the East Gate. Ahhh!! I love how as soon as present HRG moves East to find Claire, we see past HRG get out the car, arriving right behind him!!!!!

Claire isn’t at the East Gate but present HRG and Hiro are still searching for answers and they overhear past HRG being upset with Erica who shuffled around security. Clearly, she cleared the way for the bombs to be planted and for Claire’s death…which is still really unclear. If she bears children, bears life, does that mean she has no more life to give? That’s the only reason I can see for her dying, given her power. I’m not good with theories though so I’d love to hear yours!

Then…Mohinder! Meets up with Angela! Yesss!!!! The OGs!!! Angela thinks they made a mistake getting into bed with Erica. Mohinder is grateful for them getting behind his work in a way that Primotech never did. He was always stubborn, that Mohinder. He thinks he’s saving the world, Angela is telling him Erica plans on saving certain people. She’s telling him and he still doesn’t believe her. We all know how hard it indeed is to trust Angela, so his hesitance was warranted but his stubbornness was at 100 and that was not cool. He knows he’s surrounded by EVOs. She can’t lie about everything.

Apparently, Angela had a vision of the bad that is to fall upon the world but her vision also showed her the EVOs who could save the world. More on that in a moment!!! She told Erica and Erica didn’t even care. Erica. The one who was supposed to be on Angela and Mohinder and all of the EVOs side. Angela tells Mohinder his team in the arctic was killed. Mohinder doesn’t believe her. Agh! C’mon, Suresh of all of the times to hold Angela’s past over her, now is not the time!!!! He walks away, angry. Not long after this, present day Hiro saves past Mohinder from being one of the bombs, it seems. Or were Harris and his clones the only bombs?

Then, Angela runs into who she doesn’t know is present day HRG and tells him Claire was rushed to the hospital! Claire died in childbirth as we find out. Giving birth to multiple children?! WHAAATTTT. Twins! One boy, one girl! Perfection! Ahhhh! Named Nathan after our favorite and Malina after HRG’s mom?! What?! MALINA!!!!  Malina is Claire’s child! Why is she grown when it’s only been a year? I get it as it’s explained later but I want to see how this worked because visual learning is best for this world. Show me Angela taking care of Malina and what happened all this time.

On top of all of this, Angela had a vision about the twins. One of them or both will be the savior of the world. It’s both at this point, right? That’s what it’s been leaning us towards believing. I LOVE how poetic that is, from save the cheerleader save the world to save the cheerleader’s children save the world. What in God’s name was the vision Angela saw of them saving the world, EXACTLY?

Also, I loved Angela’s reaction when she realized HRG came back from the future (our present). And that HRG realized he had himself forget Claire’s children so that Erica couldn’t get to them. So smart! So sad. A grandfather of twins having to literally forget that he has any. The sacrifices our heroes make never cease to amaze me. Wow.

Then we find out that Tommy’s real name is Nathan. I repeat. Tommy’s real name is Nathan. Tommy is baby Nathan?! Claire’s son. WHAT. Claire’s son. How did he end up with the hospital nurse as his “mom” and where was he before that? When were Malina and Tommy split up? Young, but how young? How long will it take for them to meet and realize they’re they are twins?

Switching gears here, Molly worked closely with Mohinder even as she grew up. Is there something more there or? I know there’s an age difference but I just need to understand all of the relationship dynamics here! I would hope not but you never know. I’m so glad that we got to see Molly again because this time around she looked like our Molly, the Molly we all knew and loved in the original show. A change in wardrobe and overall style really makes a difference and it’s very telling to see how much Molly changed after June 13th. What an intensely painful year she had running from Erica all of that time leading up to her death. It makes her death hurt all over again and even deeper than it did before.

Meanwhile, Erica is holding Phoebe, Quentin’s sister, prepping her to “save the world.” Whatever that means to Erica at this point. i don’t even know.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa so Luke and his wife knew that their son had a health issue with the sun and Luke said his son was special but she didn’t think it was like some power or anything?! Wow. Luke gave his son his power. His son inherited the power and it kind of is poetic and makes more sense why Luke decided to burn his home down and start in his son’s room. Then, On June 13th, she wanted to leave early and Luke didn’t? The guilt Luke must have felt after that? He has so many reasons to be guilt ridden, it’s no wonder he tried to kill himself. Thankfully, Malina was there to save him. I can’t wait to see Malina and Luke meet more of the EVOs that will save the world alongside them.

So Hiro and Erica were partners? I feel like this went over my head and it’s just now really becoming clear to me? But Hiro hadn’t time traveled in a long time? Why? He was forced into the video game without much explanation which is funny because usually it’s Hiro is doing all of the explaining and here he gets basically none. I have so many questions about Hiro and Erica’s partnership. Do you?

Finally, if I were HRG, I’d want to kill Erica too but Hiro wouldn’t lie to him. They have to be very cautious of what they change in the past. HRG knows this! Yet his heart is leading here and whose wouldn’t? Anyone with a heart can see why HRG did what he did but but but the world, the entire world is at stake. I cannot wait to see what happens next!

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