TV Talk: Week in Review ’15-16 #4

Reviews for Fall TV Shows & Specials Which Aired
October 4, 2015 – October 10, 2015
* New series in CAPS
* Reviews May Contain Spoilers

Note: I will not be reviewing CSI: Cyber, Talking Dead, iZombie, The Flash, Arrow, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries.

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Once Upon a Time (ABC) – Episode 502 “The Price”
This week’s episode was great though it wasn’t necessarily exciting all the way through. The second half was certainly more captivating and compelling than the first half. All is well at Camelot’s castle…until it isn’t. Once things started to go south, things got interesting. Meanwhile, in present day, Regina really comes through in her mission to protect Emma. The lengths she goes for this duty shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point because she’s shown that she is good more times than one can count by now. And still, I am amazed by her goodness. It’s so refreshing every time. Other than this, I wasn’t all that moved by the episode but greatly appreciate what’s been done here as we progress to where the story is headed!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX) – Episode 302 “The Funeral”

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The Last Man On Earth (FOX) – Episode 202 “The Boo”

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QUANTICO (ABC) – Episode 102 “America”
Wow! Yes! This episode was everything! If there was any doubt that this is one of my favorite freshman series of this TV season, there is zero doubt now. Wow! This episode was amazing. This show aced the second episode and will surely ace what comes ahead. This show knows what it wants to be and delivers in every single way. I loved the developments in this episode, the chase as Alex almost got caught again by the FBI. How she’s found one ally but it’s still not easy. I love, love, love everything about this show and loved everything about this episode. I am so excited for next week!

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Gotham (FOX) – Episode 203 “Rise of the Villains: The Last Laugh”
Wow! This season is so much darker and twisted than last season. I feel such an evil stirring within in me when I watch this show and it’s not a good feeling. This week, a magic show at the Gotham Children’s Hospital gala turns into a hostage situation and Gordon must find a way to save the day. I thought the episode was great in terms of how well it was executed but goodness me, this show is so disturbing, I’m not sure I want to sit down and write about it every week. So this is going to be my last week writing about the show but know that it’s gotten even better than last season as far as the storytelling goes and I thought the first season was good so that’s a compliment. Great story here. Just a bit too dark for me to give more time to talking about it each week.

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MINORITY REPORT (FOX) – Episode 103 “Hawk-Eye”
Man, this episode was boring with a capital B. I am so disappointed. The show had promise in the premiere and I was holding out hope for it to progress in its potential and rise in the entertainment factor but it’s nosediving hard here. I am so, so, so disappointed. I don’t want to give up on this show though so I’ll continue watching and make a decision on whether to continue or not once the winter hiatus comes around.

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Scorpion (CBS) – Episode 203 “Fish Filet”
I LOVED this week’s episode of Scorpion! Sylvester was sent undercover in prison, yes, prison, one of the places he’d least like to go in life, to gain information that got the former CI murdered!!! Then the only suit that knows he’s undercover is also murdered! And his only form of communication with the team is literally knocked out of him. One of the reasons why I love, love, love this show so much is that the stakes never cease to rise. They just keep on coming and this episode was a fine example of such. I loved this episode. If every episode can be this good, which I’m sure it will be, the rest of season two is going to be amaziiiiinnnnggg!!!!

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The Mindy Project (Hulu) – Episode 404 “The Bitch is Back”
This week’s episode was hysterical, as expected. The funny hasn’t slowed down yet this season and that’s always a good sign. So it seems some time has passed as Mindy is already heading back to work. I loved loved loved the easygoing discussion Mindy and Danny had about whether or not Mindy would go back to work. Danny stepping up to the plate, knowing that the option is there for Mindy to be a stay at home mom is just so beautiful! But of course, Mindy not letting go of what she loves just because she’s a mom is even more beautiful. So it was pretty awesome and hilarious to see Mindy at work with Leo and see the dynamics between her expanded personal life and work life. Especially with two new doctors in the picture played by favorite, Garret Dillahunt (Raising Hope, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Fortune Feimster (Chelsea Lately). Great episode! I laughed aloud plenty and am loving the direction of this season.

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GRANDFATHERED (FOX) – Episode 102 “Dad Face”
I love this show way more than I thought I would and that makes me so happy! This week, Jimmy must make the tough decision to go to a very important social event, Diddy’s White Party, or spend a family day with his son and the family. It’s not an easy decision but he makes the right one…until he doesn’t. Soooo he’s still figuring out how to balance it all and that’s going to take some serious time not to mention trial and error. Watching him stumble has been great because we see that he has a heart. I also loved seeing other growing relationship as well in this episode! Ahhh there was so much to love here! Wonderful episode!

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Fresh Off the Boat (ABC) – Episode 203 “Shaquille O’Neal Motors”

“Why do I want to watch money wilt?” – Jessica (after receiving a dozen roses from her husband)

Anniversary bells are ringing on this week’s episode of Fresh Off the Boat and none other than Shaq was there to make it the best anniversary ever. I loved the anniversary storyline just as much as I loved the sibling story line back at home. Hard lessons and difficult failures to get past but with love and a little perspective, all characters found their way and that was really entertaining to see. Really looking forward to next week!

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SCREAM QUEENS (FOX) – Episode 104 “Haunted House”

“You wanna see my smile? Well, I’m smiling!” – Hester

Another great episode of Scream Queens in the books. Enjoyed the absolutely ridiculous haunted house story line which is I believe lasting for three episodes. Really enjoyed the developments this week. That said, I did think that the cafeteria scene was super random. But because I liked the message there so much, I liked the scene. Still, I don’t know if it worked in this episode in particular because it served no purpose other than to give that feminist message. Which I loved oh so much! As far as storytelling goes though, it didn’t move the story along at all. So. I wonder if the scene would have worked better in another episode or with a better tie into the storyline. Other than that, I think everything really flowed together and I’m anticipating seeing the rest of this haunted house story line.

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The Middle (ABC) – Episode 703 “The Shirt”
Everyone being amazed at Mike’s new wardrobe…a Hawaiian shirt at that! Yeah. Loved his midlife crisis. Hope it lasts for more than one episode. Meanwhile, Axl got dumped by Devin because he has feelings and Sue told her before he got to…eek! I’m glad they ended up getting back together after that snafu but it does make me think about who Axl will end up with. It would be nice if it were Devin. What do you think?

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Modern Family (ABC) – Episode 703 “The Closet Case”
Solid episode of Modern Family but this was way more message heavy than laugh out loud funny. I did find the Phil, Claire, and Haley storyline to be hilarious with Dylan moving in and soon after, Phil and Claire being on opposite sides about how to kick Dylan out and after all of the back and forth, in the end, Claire still ended up kicking Dylan out. I also found the rivalry storyline between Mitchell and Jay to be quite entertaining. So, overall, an enjoyable episode but it definitely didn’t garner many laughs. Funny but not funny enough.

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Black-ish (ABC) – Episode 203 “Dr. Hell No”
When Dre finds out that Pops hasn’t been to the doctor in years, the whole family reacts differently to the possibility of Pops being in bad wealth and the sudden realization that even if he’s fine now, he won’t be around forever. Great episode handling a sick loved one but especially covering the reasoning for most black people’s distance from hospitals and the like. If you think this reasoning has been exaggerated, it hasn’t. Looking forward to seeing what other topics the show brings up about typical life experiences but as the black experience. Solid episode.

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Episode 104 “Chapter Four: The Needs of the Many”

Wow! I cannot believe we lost Molly this episode! I can’t believe we lost her due to a self inflicted gun shot! Oh, man. I love that she knows there’s no other way out of being used for her power. But I hate that killing herself is legit the only way out. And I hate that HRG still has no answers. Then there’s Tommy. Oh, Tommy. He did all that he could to save his mother and now the authorities are on top of him after his blood sample was sent off…and his mother won’t get the blood that actually works and is needed for her to survive if he doesn’t cooperate. Oh my goodness. Will his mother survive? Will either of them survive? So many questions! There was more going on in this episode but these were really the story lines that I connected to the most this week. I’m still very excited to see how everything comes together. But I’ll always remember this as the episode Molly died. What an episode it was.

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Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – Episode 12.03 “I Choose You”
A lot happened this week on Grey’s and I appreciated and enjoyed it all. The writers handed over another strong episode of the show and there’s really nothing more to say here… what’s expected was delivered!

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Scandal (ABC) – Episode 503 “Paris Is Burning”
Cyrus is back!!!! He’s back temporarily working under Mellie’s behalf while Fitz and Liv work on how to handle the news of the affair just a few rooms away. Wow. I was not expecting to see Cyrus! I was not expecting him to ask Fitz for his job back either. That scene was so difficult to watch. The emotions were so strong. It takes a lot to ask for your job back and Fitz’s response was so cold. Oh, man! Cyrus is Cyrus though so he didn’t leave without causing a big wave. I was not expecting Fitz to finally get it and realize just how much he used Mellie, taking her for granted every step of the way. There was so much that needed to happen that did and so much I never thought would happen so soon and did. What a fantastic episode detailing the beginning of the fallout of the biggest scandal the show has ever seen!

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How To Get Away with Murder (ABC)
Episode 203 “It’s Called the Octopus”

Rebecca’s foster brother is Michaela’s boyfriend? Michaela doesn’t know but Wes does. Wes doesn’t believe him that he thinks Rebecca is dead. Ahhh Wes, listen to him!!!! That was my biggest concern throughout this episode. All of the other stuff was great but this particular story line just makes me all the more excited for the moment Wes finds out Rebecca really is dead. Did he attempt to kill Annalise because he thought she killed Rebecca? Even if that is so, why do it in the house of their client? So many questions! Nate is a cop in the future? How did THAT happen? Gah, so many questions! What a great episode! Very excited for more.

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Haven – Episode 5.14 “New World Order”
Strong return for the final season of Haven. I love how they’re setting up for the end. Although I do think that Dwight’s monologue in the station was really cheesy, I thought the rest of the episode was very strong as a whole and I’m extremely excited about what’s ahead. It’s been a long time coming, the entire town being fully aware of the troubles, this being confirmed for all who guessed in town. What a great moment! I’m surprised we didn’t see more backlash! Though this town has that community soul to it and it’s not deep down like most other towns, it’s right there to reach at the surface. So while fear is playing a huge part in the town, it’s being handled by The Guard and with many people who see the big picture and that’s a great resource not being taken for granted. No one can afford to at this point. Looking forward to seeing more of how the town adapts to this revelation to the entire community. And what about Duke?!

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Z Nation (Syfy) – Episode 205 “Zombaby!”
This week was all about the half zombie baby girl, Lucy being born and what a peculiar story line and really, overall episode this was. I was so glad that Murphy’s baby mama was killed because she was super annoying from the very start…and to endure an entire episode of her screaming while in labor…everyone who watched deserves a gold star. That was not entertaining after the first half hour. Also, I get the symbolism for the zombie birth and the birth of Jesus but it comes off as really stupid since this isn’t exactly an episode airing around Christmas…anyway, great episode for what it set out to accomplish but personally, I found it to be too bizarre to really enjoy.

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