Advanced TV Review: The Last Man On Earth Episode 202 "The Boo"

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX

In the season 2 premiere of The Last Man On Earth, we watched as Phil and Carol got separated and Phil’s reaction once he realized Carol wasn’t on the trailer with him. In tonight’s all new episode, we get to see the aftermath for Carol and the lengths Phil goes to get Carol back. And those lengths are great.

If for some reason you still haven’t forgiven Phil for his actions in season one, his actions in the first act alone will fully redeem him. He’s in search for Carol because she’s Carol but he’s always holding onto hope in general and seeing that frantic plan of action to keep both is so human and relatable and beautiful but also hilarious because in such desperate situations, you really can’t help but laugh. And we’re the ones laughing here.

Back in Tucson, Phil’s also wracking his brain to figure out how his former Tucson home burned almost to the ground and where their former Tucson neighbors are now. He does eventually find out where they all went. And without mentioning any big revelations before the episode airs, I will say that the crew is given quite the scare and and and there’s one more new funny face in the circle of neighbors than there was before. One person I was more than thrilled to see. Beyond excited!

Now if you’re familiar with my favorite comedic actors, you might be able to guess who! If not, come back here after the show to find out who it is! And enjoy the surprise if you’re watching live! Gosh I love this show and it’s awesome surprises! How are they going to top this one?! Update: Will Ferrell!!! How?!

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