What I Watched When I Joined Netflix + A Look at My Queue Over the Years

Since I am such a huge fan of Netflix, I thought it would be fun to share what my queue looked like when I first joined plus take a look back on my streaming queue over the years. I’m not including my DVD queue over the years as I often have DVDs sent that I never get to and send back and therefore don’t rate and I don’t want any non rated stars messing up the flow of the screenshots. Haha. Anyway…

First up? My DVD & Streaming queues from when I first joined Netflix in 2009 and then my streaming queue over the years. Check it out:


Oh, 2009. A great reminder that I need a good rom com in my life right now aka always. Anyway, my favorite movies from this part of my queue are easily (500) Days of Summer and Couples Retreat. The first gutted me. As for the latter? “But I always call my boyfriends, ‘Daddy!'” Ha ha ha ha ha! I will always laugh at that line! I will also always stop to watch both of these movies if I catch them on TV. So good.

Okay. So you’re probably wondering why Sonny with A Chance is the first thing I streamed on Netflix. I can explain. You see what had happened was… in December 2008, on a random day living in LA, I woke up and said to myself, “I want to go to a concert.” So I went online to see who was playing and one person stood out. Demi Lovato. I knew she was a Disney girl but I hadn’t really paid any attention. I remembered hearing a song or two of hers before and liked what I heard so I decided to see her in concert. If you click this link, ignore the terrible photos.

During the concert, I became a fan also known as a lovatic. From the exact moment the concert ended, I was on a mission to soak up everything that this girl did. Even Sonny. And while traveling around LA, I listened to podcasts, one of them often talked about how amazing Netflix was. Then, it clicked! I could watch Sonny on Netflix and so umm yeah, I guess you could say that I finally joined Netflix because of my love for Demi Lovato and a podcast singing the praises of Netflix.

Can I just say… I’m not often fascinated by Jennifer Aniston but when I am it’s in indie dramas. This is a romantic dramedy and it’s great. Go watch Management if you haven’t yet.

Is it just me or is Daybreakers highly under-appreciated?

I’m really mad about The Biggest Loser no longer streaming. That sucks. I don’t think I’ll ever get to see Olivia and her sister’s season and I really want to.

I’m still behind on Lost Girl but I’ll catch up so I can watch the final season live. This is such a fun show. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and is kind of the mac n cheese of TV. It’s sexy for those wondering so watch at your own risk!

I admit, I much prefer season one over season two of Sherlock. Before you ask about season three, I haven’t seen it yet but I’ve never exactly been a fan of anything Sherlock Holmes related so I’m not really in a rush to see it. I’m sure season three is good. I’ll find out when I get to it!

When did you join Netflix? What was on your queue when you first joined? What’s been on it over the years?