Advance Review: Glee Episode 6.05 “The Hurt Locker, Part Two”

Photo Credit: Beth Dubber/FOX

Sue is at it again, trying to mend relationships that she thinks need mending. Meanwhile, Kitty helps Rachel find the perfect set list to win the invitational and Sam recruits football player Spencer to join the glee club.

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Wow. This week’s episode of Glee begins with Sue throwing down the gauntlet and making up her own rules, yet again and this time, not a single thing worked out in her favor…well, maybe except for the possibility of Klaine.

I think that her efforts here might have planted a seed for what I’m sure many of us are dying to see. Blaine and Kurt together again. Blaine’s current relationship is easily, for me, the biggest upset of the entire show’s relationship history so I’m highly anticipating Kurt and Blaine getting back together…they have to, right? Right? Even if they don’t, I can’t accept Blaine and Karofsky together. I will not accept that. No.

That was really the only story line I truly cared about this week as the actual glee club drama was rocky, as usual but in this case I don’t like watching Will suffer at a job that pays well financially but not in any other way and I’m not all that connected to all of Rachel and Kurt’s glee club members so the rest was background noise (including the musical numbers this week).

I liked that Rachel got help from a person she least expected as well as Rachel and Will finding out what Sue was up to (now Rachel just needs to get a clue about Sue and Sam) but aside from that, this week was really all about Kurt and Blaine. So, on one hand, this episode felt a bit like filler but on the other hand, the pacing is right where it needs to be leading up to Kurt and Blaine hopefully getting back together. And as Sue says, there are only 7 weeks left for these two to get back together so the clock is ticking and we are all waiting. Tick tock.

How do you want to see Blaine & Kurt get back together? Who do you want to see make the first move? What song would you love for them to sing in the episode that they (hopefully) do get back together? Feel free to comment or @ me on Twitter!

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