TV Talk: Week in Review ’14 – ’15 #8

Reviews for Fall TV Shows & Specials Which Aired
October 19, 2014 – October 25, 2014

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* Reviews May Contain Spoilers

Note: I will no longer be reviewing American Horror Story due to time constraints and I will also not be reviewing Grimm and CONSTANTINE for the same reason.

Once Upon a Time (ABC) – Episode 4.04 “The Apprentice”

Snow taking a photo of Emma before her date with hook! Absolutely adorable! Oh my God. David intimidating Hook before the date. The two staying up late for details on the date! So cute! Elsa reminiscing about the only time she made someone sweat…which involved Anna dating! Ha! Loved that pun. Loved this episode! This episode was so much fun to watch. So much fun!

Speaking of Emma and her date…Hook wanted his hand back to be whole for Emma and of course he had to get it from Rumpelstiltskin. He was warned about getting his hand back but took it anyway. His hand has been sitting in a jar for all of these years. Zombie hand! Ha ha. But really, putting something dead back into place won’t make things return to normal. Because it’s not. In fact, this reminded me of Eleanor from the Something Strange & Deadly trilogy by Susan Dennard which is a must read by the way!

Also making the ridiculous decision to trust Rumpelstiltskin, Anna makes a deal with him but fails on her end and has to figure out how to get out of the mess she didn’t realize she signed up for. Meanwhile, Regina is trying to work on unfreezing her love’s old love. Plenty happened in this episode and every moment was just as enthralling as the moment before. Also definitely worth mentioning… loved The Lady & the Tramp reference! More lovely moments like this please to reference more Disney classics please!

The Walking Dead (AMC) – Episode 5.02 “Strangers”

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Resurrection (ABC) – Episode 2.04 “Old Scars”

It’s the anniversary of Jacob’s death and Lucille is not having the best day, even with the resurrected Jacob back. Margaret, seeing how distraught Lucille is, encourages her to hold a celebration tonight given Jacb’s return instead of mourning him again this year. It turns out the night becomes a Barbara bashing event until she walks away. That anger was justified but the outburst during a time of celebration was uncalled and it’s such a sticky situation so it’s really sad that the guilt and unforgiveness and all of the feelings swirling around in that room couldn’t be settled or set aside for one hour to do what they intended to do in the first place.

Meanwhile, all of the returned are getting sick. First, Rachel. And while getting a check up, she finds out her baby is growing twice as fast as usual. What?! Then, the deputy’s brother (who finally left the house) and many others in town. Yikes! What is happening?! Also, Bellamy’s investigation may unveil more about the first returned and Langston goes digging after hearing this, asking Margaret some questions as well…and by her behavior, it seems she may have something to hide. What do you think? Was she just being protective or dismissing Langston’s question a little too quickly?

Photo Credit: ABC/Guy D’Alema

GOTHAM (FOX) – Episode 1.05 “Viper”

Whoa! Why anyone would consume a strange substance that a stranger gave them is beyond me but that provided for a few very gripping moments as we watched the effects of the drug take shape. Aside from that, Fish Mooney was as fierce as ever. And there was the Penguin. It was also exciting seeing Margaret Colin (Gossip Girl) guest star in this episode. Aside from that? This episode wasn’t memorable in the least.

SCORPION (CBS) – Episode 1.05 “Plutonium Is Forever”

The team takes a job involving a nuclear power plant in LA. As enthralling as a storyline as this sounds… not only did this fall flat but this show is still focusing on case of the week stories which is very disappointing. *I* need a bigger overall story arc to keep caring for this show in particular because I still feel so disconnected and there’s zero sign of any of this happening at this point. If there’s still no sign halfway into the season, it will probably never happen at which point I won’t continue watching into season two which I’ve said before but can’t stress enough. What do you think?

The Blacklist (NBC) – Episode 2.05 “The Front”

An episode about a plague at a time when so many people are (misinformed and unnecessarily) afraid of catching ebola? The timing of this episode couldn’t be any more ironic. Ha! Anyway, Liz was quite a force to be reckoned with this week! Clever lady. Loved it! And Red, of course, clever as always, doing his thing. It’s funny because I’m always astonished by what he does but never surprised that it’s him that’s doing it. It’s so Red. You know?

Castle (ABC) – Episode 7.04 “Child’s Play”

I loved the case this week and what Castle had to do to help (go undercover in an elementary school classroom). This is definitely the most exciting episode so far this season. The first three were interesting and memorable on the Castle was missing and clues need to be pieced together front but taking a break from that and just following Castle and Beckett on a case that heavily involved Castle was just the change of pace needed to jump start the case of the weeks in a sense. Great episode!

The Voice (NBC) – Episode 7.09 & 7.10 “The Battles Parts 3 & 4”

The battle round came to an end this week and there was plenty to enjoy as this round wrapped up. Singing Beyonce’s “Halo” were Danica and Toia. I loved Danica in the blind auditions and she was just as phenomenal during the battle…but so was Toia! Wow. This performance was top notch. one of the best battles this season. Blessing and Katriz battled next. I loved Katriz during the blind auditions and she aced the battle round so it was no surprise that Pharrell chose her. But Blessing wasn’t done yet! Adam and Gwen decided to steal Blessing and Blessing went with Adam!

Pharrell’s final pairing was Brittany Butler vs. Ricky Manning. Brittany was a favorite of mine during the blind auditions and while she performed well during the battle round, I agree with Adam that we saw a huge leap from the auditions to the blind auditions with Ricky. Brittany held back this time around and Ricky practically strained himself to win this round. Well, he won it. So congrats! I don’t see him making it super far in the live rounds but we’ll see.

Team Gwen next. Jessie and Ryan battled against each other and Jessie was very impressive in the battle round so she had my vote. They had Ellie Goulding’s “I Need Your Love” which favored Jessie significantly with her edge that is a bit similar to Ellie’s but Ryan is a great singer so it was still an equal battle. And I was not expecting Ryan to win this but he did! We didn’t get to see the full performance of the battle involving Anita Antoinette but she made it through to the next round and really, that’s all that matters.

Team Blake…Bree and Taylor battled to “You’re No Good” and while this performance as a whole was lackluster, Taylor was better so it’s good to see that Blake chose her. Reagan James was a favorite of mine in the blind auditions and watching her sing a Lorde number against Kensington whom I don’t remember actually but am super impressed with! Especially after coming out of the hospital with kidney stones. She pushed herself and she killed it! And while we didn’t get to see the battle involving Allison, also on Team Blake, she did make it to the next round and I loved her blind audition so I was very thrilled with this news!

Finally, Team Adam. Damien and Kelli were the first from Team Adam that we saw battle this week. I liked Kelli during the blind auditions and she sang great during the battle round but I wasn’t impressed and I wasn’t a fan of the song choice so it was hard to enjoy this performance in general, not to mention Kelli’s lack in stage presence.

Matt and Ethan were next and I liked Ethan during auditions but I liked Matt during the battle and Matt won the round so, fair fight there. Adam’s final battle was between Beth and Mia, both of whom I loved during the blind auditions. But I love, love, love Christina Aguilera so I’m super biased when it comes to anyone attempting to sing her songs. Between the two, I’d say Mia was more impressive. But Beth is great so I’m glad Adam chose Mia and Gwen used her final save on Beth. Win win!


“Keep your head up, Dick.” – Beaver

This week, we get to see Ryan’s show as if we’re actually watching the show. It involves Ryan as Dick, talking to Beaver’s ghost when he should be investigating Weevil’s murder – at which point Dick gets cocky about investigating and Beaver reminds Dick that his death was not murder but suicide. Keith is also investigating Weevil’s murder…until he himself is murdered by the same person who got to Weevil. Does anybody smell a theme here? Everyone but Dick dying? Ha! That would be hilarious. Anyone, loved all of the puns in this episode. Whoever wrote this episode clearly had a ton of fun.

Photo Credit: ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC)
Episode 2.05 “A Hen in the Wolf House”

Gemma gets in quite the pinch with Hydra for being the “mole” and feeding S.H.I.E.L.D. information. That was exciting to see, her getting out of that. And then we have Skye! I don’t know why I’m obsessed with this character but I’ve loved Skye since the very beginning and I just can’t get enough of her so it was awesome to see more of her this week! The more Skye, the better!

19 Kids & Counting (TLC) – Episodes 14.12 “All About Jill”

Right before the big two hour wedding special next week, this week was a walk down memory lane as we looked back on Jill’s growth in the Duggar family. It was so much fun reminiscing and getting to look back at Jill as a child, pre-teen, teen, and now woman getting ready to marry. Can’t wait for the wedding episode!

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

Arrow (The CW) – Episode 3.03 “Corto Maltese”

We catch up with Thea who has joined her father, Malcolm to escape the pain that she has felt thus far. Ironic? Be careful what you wish for. Malcolm teaches her how to get past feeling physical pain. We get to see a bit of Thea sparring with Malcolm and I’ve been waiting to see Thea fight for so long! So that was very exciting! But if the plan is for Thea to return home and Thea has already shown one sign of having changed (the spilled coffee), how long does Thea have until Oliver finds her out? And what is Malcolm and Thea’s plan for her return in the first place? Ah!!!

Felicity tracked Thea down in Corto Maltese so Oliver and a guilty ridden Roy were on the move to bring her home but that was easier than it should have been. The real problem? With Oliver off to Corto Maltese, Diggle thought he was getting three days off until being sent to Corto Maltese by Lyla to check up on an operative. Turns out he had intel which made him a target. Until it turns out he was playing Diggle for even more intel! Yikes!

Meanwhile, at an AA meeting that Laurel and her dad attend, one woman strikes Laurel’s interest as her condition being abused by her boyfriend is getting worse. Laurel (naturally in a situation like this) wants to take action and make sure the woman is safe. Her father does too though it IS called AA and bringing he explains that bringing his cop badge into the mix is problematic. Well, Laurel didn’t stop there and it almost got her killed. Because she wasn’t prepared.

Oliver refuses to train Laurel, so that Malcolm doesn’t lose both of his daughters. But Laurel is determined and if Oliver won’t train her, she’ll easily find someone else. Which she has. Ah! Thea and Laurel both kicking butt this season? Yes, please! They both seem like they’re in over their heads so it will be interesting to see how they fair this season as they grow into the BAMF that we all know they will become!

The Middle(ABC) – Episode 6.04 “The Table”

Axl and Hutch decide to make their own version of a fraternity to help pay their bills (ha!) and Frankie sets out to buy a new dining room table on Craigslist only when the table arrives, she realizes how easy it is to get taken advantage of online. Not a memorable episode per say but the table storyline was pretty funny!

Modern Family (ABC) – Episode 6.05 “Won’t You Be Our Neighbor”

Phil is helping his neighbor sell his home and that makes for a great opportunity for the Dunphy family to “pick” their next new neighbor. To impress the ones they like, they pretend to be a cookie cutter family and naturally, comedy ensues. Andrea Anders (Better Off Ted) and Steve Zahn (Dallas Buyers Club) guest star and are hysterical! Also, Alex being all flustered after the son of a possible future neighbor calls her hot? Hilarious! This episode was great! Full of so many mixed messages and miscommunications. Talk about laugh out loud funny. This show’s still got it!

BLACK-ISH (ABC) – Episode 1.05 “Crime and Punishment”

When Jack hides in the mall and freaks Rainbow out, she tells him that Dre is going to spank him. But Dre never agreed to that and he isn’t on board with the plan. That is until Jack hides yet again, this time with Dre present and experiencing the anxiety that Rainbow experienced the first time. Thus begins the domino effect and for those who got spanked, many flashbacks thanks to much of the dialogue and actions in the episode. Truly made me laugh! You know, now that all of that spanking is in the past haha.

The 100 (The CW) – Episode 2.01 “The 48”

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Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Vampire Diaries (The CW) – Episode 6.04 “Black Hole Sun”

Damon and Bonnie are still stuck living the same day and closer to finding out what the key to getting out involves. Doesn’t seem like they’re a whole lost closer though. Even knowing that the guy they are sharing this hell with is a crazy killer. Eek! As for Elena? I really hoped that she wouldn’t restore her memories so I’m glad that at this point, she hasn’t, even knowing that she can. And Stefan? Ha! He’s got a new vampire on his hands. I wonder how long she’ll last. How long do you guys want her to?

Finally, it was so good to see Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (She’s All That) guest star! She was in “I’ll Remember” but I wasn’t paying attention and when I saw her in this episode, I immediately recognized and placed her from a teen movie that I watched way too many times to count for years on end. I know she’ll be in a few more episodes but I really hope we see even more of her than that!

The Biggest Loser (NBC) – Episode 16.07 “The Drop”

Well, what an interesting challenge this week. The teams had to hold a small percentage of their combined body weight and whoever dropped the weight first, lost their trainer for the week. The second losing team only had their trainer for the last chance workout. The blue team won their first challenge and kept their trainer. The white team was second place. Red team wouldn’t see Dolvett until the weigh in. I’m not sure if all of the dramatics mattered though in the end because Dolvett’s team faired the same as the other teams, pulling in low numbers. But someone who was ready to take on the real world was eliminated so at least there’s that. Good luck to her!

Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) – Episode 11.05 “Bend & Break”

Callie and Arizona take a 30 day break, with much resistance from Callie and much peace of mind from Arizona. Callie gets so distressed that she goes out drinking with Meredith. Arizona soon becomes so lost without Callie that she comes back to Callie but the response isn’t what she was expecting. I absolutely loved the writing and directing in this episode. I loved how the timing of the storytelling was laid out. I loved the emotional story resonance this story left. What a fantastic episode!

Scandal (ABC) – Episode 4.05 “The Key”

This episode seemed liked an awesome prologue to the next episode which looks way more intense than what we got this time around now that Olivia has told Abby that Jake was framed. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

GRACEPOINT (FOX) – Episode 4

Despite a really good lead (or red herring), this episode fell flat for me. But the first three were significantly engaging so I’m hoping this is just a blip and next week it will be back to awesomeness!

Parenthood (NBC) – Episode 6.05 “The Scale of Affection Is Fluid”

Max pursues his crush, Dylan and it is the most adorable thing ever. Amber goes on a date she doesn’t expect to get anything more than fun out of but she quickly realizes her feelings for the guy and must figure out how to tell him she’s pregnant. As suspected, it didn’t go well. Amber had a lot of hope in people and the world and I do too so I can relate to her optimism but there are just some things most people aren’t ready to accept and a pregnant girlfriend on a second date is usually one of them. Amber will be fine though. We all know this and deep down, she knows it too.

Finally, Julia is seeing her high school love which Joel finds out about through his kids. Wow. I’m glad Julia apologized for the way she handled the situation because that wasn’t right at all. Julia clearly has no interest in getting back together with Joel but she needs to get her head out of the clouds and think about how this is affecting her family and will continue to especially as this new relationship progresses and if it doesn’t progress as well. So. There’s a lot to take into account this week as each character battles a different conflict which makes me wonder all the more how everything will be resolved for the series finale which we are quickly inching closer to.

Episode 1.05 “We’re Not Friends”

After the murder, in the woods it’s made clear that Laurel slept with Frank and cheated on her boyfriend. Yikes! But that’s not really the exciting part.

Keating is angry that her husband cheated on her (six times with the murdered girl), something that she knew he did with his first wife. And finally, finally Wes finds out that her husband is “Mr. Darcy” as he put it and was sleeping with the murdered girl. Ah! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

She is confronted in this episode and also does the confronting. Nate is fired and blames Keating at which point, Keating realizes it was Bonnie who screwed things up for her affair with Nate. Which makes me wonder if there’s anything Bonnie can do that will be unforgivable in Keating’s eyes? Hmm.

Haven (Syfy) – Episode 5.07 “Nowhere Man”

“Nathan, I’m sorry. We’ll have to have a seance later.” – Duke

Watching Nathan and Duke try to hide Mara since Audrey is back and then dealing with the trouble causing Nathan to die and become a ghost? AWESOME. This is probably my favorite episode of the season so far. Nathan is a ghost. I loves ghosts.

And Mara, MARA is the only one who can see him (aside from the other ghosts of course). She is immune to troubles when it was Audrey who was previously immune. And Mara won’t help Nathan. Ha! As expected. We shouldn’t be surprised.

On top of all of that, the town sees Audrey for the things that Mara did so they’re not too thrilled with her. Not to mention, the guardians are on Audrey’s tail, thinking she’s Mara. They kidnap Audrey, thinking she’s Mara and if the stakes weren’t raised enough, here you go! Ha!

Duke plans to trade Audrey for Mara but as soon as Duke gets ready to execute the plan, Audrey starts talking to ghost Nathan and Duke’s plan changes…and so does Mara’s attitude towards helping him – at least when it comes to getting Audrey back from the guard. So while Audrey is safe with Duke, Nathan is still a ghost… and the episode ends on quite the cliffhanger with a ghostly death! As if Nathan’s life in this ghostly realm wasn’t already problematic! Wow! The writers sure upped the stakes at every turn this episode! Absolutely fantastic! Loved, loved, loved this episode!

Z NATION (Syfy) – Episode 1.07 “Welcome to the Fu-Bar”

Making their way through Kansas, the crew stumbles upon a group of people hosting a gun/liquor trade, a few of which knew Doc pre-zombie. With their truck on its last legs, they need to find a way to make a trade. One of the most intriguing parts in this episode? Murphy biting someone and then them being killed but NOT turning. Hmm. I think he needs to tell the group about this and get some volunteers to be bit by him haha. What do you think? Also, how do you feel about the Michonne replica?

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