Audiobook Review: What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey

What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey
Narrated By: Oprah Winfrey
Release Date: September 2, 2014
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Genre: Non-fiction
Running Time: Unabridged | 4 CDs | 4 hours
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-4272-5826-7
Source: Received from Publisher
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After film critic Gene Siskel asked her, “What do you know for sure?” Oprah Winfrey began writing the “What I Know For Sure” column in O, The Oprah Magazine. Saying that the question offered her a way to take “stock of her life,” Oprah has penned one column a month over the last fourteen years, years in which she retired The Oprah Winfrey Show (the highest-rated program of its kind in history), launched her own television network, became America’s only African American billionaire, was awarded an honorary degree from Harvard University and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, watched friends and colleagues come and go, lost beloved pets and adopted new ones, and celebrated milestone birthdays. Throughout it all, she’s continued to offer her profound and inspiring words of wisdom in her “What I Know For Sure” column in O, The Oprah Magazine.

This September, for the first time, these thoughtful gems have been revised, updated, and collected in What I Know For Sure, a book packed with insight and revelation from Oprah Winfrey. The audiobook, which will be published simultaneously from Macmillan Audio, will be narrated by Winfrey herself.

Well, if you are an Oprah fan, you will love this! I would highly recommend buying this as an audiobook rather than the hardcover or paperback because there’s something about Oprah’s voice that makes everything still and makes the person listening truly pay attention and really get it. It’s one thing to see Oprah’s words on the page but hearing it from her mouth takes her words to the next level. It’s difficult to explain but her voice means so much and it works so well and makes so much sense that she would be the one to narrate her own book.

“When you can see obstacles for what they are, you never lose faith in the path it takes to get you where you want to go because this I know for sure…who you’re meant to be evolves from where you are right now so learning to appreciate your lessons, mistakes, and setbacks as stepping stones to the future is a clear sign you are moving in the right direction.”

As for the book itself? It’s great. It’s everything you’re expecting. It’s confirmation and inspiration for so many. Oprah talks about love and joy and relishing in the moment rather than consuming all that’s around us simply because it’s there. She talks about living fully and becoming the person you are intended to be. She talks about choices and your deepest intentions. About having the courage to seek out your dreams. About value and being valued. Hearing and being heard. Saying yes. Working hard. Surrendering. Conquering fear. Gratitude. The transformation of consciousness.

“While I was waiting on God, God was waiting on me. He was waiting on me to make a decision to either pursue the life that was meant for me or be stifled by the one I was living.”

There’s not a whole lot to review here… people who follow Oprah know what they’re getting, know what to expect and this is no exception. This is an expansion of the goodness that is. The goodness that we are and can be and it’s a great addition to anyone’s book collection. There’s something here for everyone to appreciate, to learn from, to be encouraged to do in their life. As Oprah shares stories about some of the lessons she’s learned over time, her “Aha” moments, it’s clear that we are so much bigger than ourselves and once we can truly grasp that, there is so much we can achieve for ourselves and for others. This is a wonderful book about being the best person we can be without being preachy or self help like. It just is. As the leaves fall in this new season, let the rest fall away from you and let this book which is such an encouragement, be almost like an anchor to change and growth and progression. After all, isn’t that why we’re all interested in picking up this book?

What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey is available today.