My Movie History in 21 Questions

Note: I stayed away from (comic) book to movie adaptations, documentaries, and musicals as I’m saving a focus on those for later posts. I also tried to avoid listing movies multiple times but you’ll see one or two movies repeated.

1. What are your favorite & least favorite movie genres?
Favorite Genres: Comedies, Drama, Sci-fi, Action, Thrillers
Least Favorite Genres: Horror, Crime, Westerns

2. Which genres do you not watch enough?
History, War, Romantic Comedies

Where have the rom-coms been? My favorites include those starring Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner, Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, and Katherine Heigl to name a few. Where you girls at?!?!?!

3. Can you list 10 movies you loved as a child & your top 10 Disney movies?
Early Childhood Favorites: Fern Gully, Hook, Space Jam, Jumanji, Coneheads, Ace Ventura, The Flintstones, Scooby Doo, Good Burger, any Mary Kate & Ashley movie

Disney Favorites: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Toy Story, Hocus Pocus, The Parent Trap, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, The Princess Diaries, High School Musical, Tangled

4. Can you list your 10 favorite movies with teens as the main characters?
Clueless, The Faculty, Jawbreaker, She’s All That, 10 Things I Hate About You, A Walk to Remember, Riding in Cars with Boys, Seventeen Again, Pleasantville, Mean Girls

5. Can you list 10 movies that you remember watching obsessively and loving all the time when you were younger and still love?
Step Mom, The Truman Show, The Other Sister, Blast From The Past, Liar, Liar, Rigoletto, Father of the Bride, Twister, The Fifth Element, Cool Runnings

6. Now can you list 10 movies that were/are always playing in your house?
Look Who’s Talking, Edward Scissorhands, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Speed, Little Rascals, Runaway Bride, Armageddon, You’ve Got Mail, The Mummy, and every Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, and Steve Carrell movie

7. What series has given you your favorite theater memories?
Aside from Harry Potter, I’d have to say Toy Story brought me my favorite theater memories.

8. What movies have you watched the most times?
The Faculty, Independence Day, Enough

9. Which 10 movies will you always watch if you see them on TV?
Spice World, Rush Hour, The Mist, The Italian Job, Sky High, Shaun of the Dead, Couples Retreat, Super 8, 13 Going on 30, Zombieland

10. What are 10 movies you loved when you first saw them (and still do but aren’t your “Favorites”)?
Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, Dawn of the Dead, A Beautiful Mind, Spy Kids, Stick It, The Hours, Big Fish, The Butterfly Effect, Seventeen Again, Baby Mama

11. What are 10 of your favorite movies?
Gone Baby Gone, Minority Report, Inception, Shaun of the Dead, Looper, V for Vendetta, Constantine, The Birdcage, The Book of Eli, The Interpreter

12. Any movie let downs?
Well, The Reaping, The Happening, & Brave come to mind…

13. Which movies surprised you (good or bad)?
The movies that surprised me in a good way include Pineapple Express, Cabin in the Woods, The Expendables, The Other Boleyn Girl, Smokin Aces, Notes on a Scandal, Thank You For Smoking, Hostage, Click, & An Education.

14. What movies did you like that others thought were terrible, corny, or they probably never saw?
District 9, Jumper, Cry Wolf, Hot Rod, Taxi, White Chicks, Stick It, Without a Paddle, Clock Stoppers, John Tucker Must Die, Red Eye

15. Are there movies you’d consider underrated?
Sherrybaby, The Island, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, The Magdalene Sisters, Brothers, Blindness, The Last Kiss, The Adjustment Bureau, In Time, Timer

16. What movies made you cry?
I Cried: Honey I Blew Up the Kid, A Walk to Remember, Life is Beautiful
Tears Welled Up: A Mighty Heart, P.S. I Love You, Gone Baby Gone, In Her Shoes, Hotel Rwanda, Remember Me, The Impossible

17. What are your favorite holiday movies?
Favorite Holiday Movies: Home Alone, The Family Man, Elf, The Holiday, & Four Christmases to name a few because I am a Christmas movie addict and love them all.

Favorite Made for TV Holiday Movies: Christmas Do-Over, Mrs. Miracle, & Christmas With a Capital C to name a few because really, I’m a sucker for made for TV Christmas movies!

18. What’s an ending you liked that others didn’t and an ending you didn’t like that others did?
Source Code and for the latter, Eagle Eye

19. What 3 recommendations are you glad you listened to?
Napoleon Dynamite, Real Steel, Colombiana

20. How about listing 25 random movies you wanted to mention but there was no question suited for it…
Vanilla Sky, Sliding Doors, 500 Days of Summer, Contagion, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Penelope, Save the Last Dance, Sucker Punch, Another Earth, Panic Room, Midnight in Paris, Snow Day, Limitless, I, Robot, The Women, The Invisible, 16 Blocks, First Daughter, Groundhog Day, Nanny McPhee, Love and Basketball, Dead Poets Society, The Mask, Mrs. Doubtfire, & Bring It On

21. Can you list 3 of each of your favorite movie related websites & blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts, and apps?
Websites/Blogs: First Showing, Slash Film, Screen Rant
YouTube: Bad Lip Reading, Screen Junkies, Dinner for Five (I missed the series when it was on IFC)
Podcasts: The Q&A With Jeff Goldsmith, The Nerdist, The /Filmcast
Apps: Netflix, Flixster, Fandango

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