Book Review: Studio City A Mile of Style – What’s History What’s Gossip?

Studio City A Mile of Style – What’s History What’s Gossip?
By Joann Deutch
Release Date: December 5, 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Genre: History
ISBN: 978-1478254539
Source: Received Paperback from Publisher

For anyone who loves history and loves Southern California, this is the book for you. Studio City A Mile of Style – What’s History What’s Gossip? is a fascinating read about the rich history that makes up Studio City. It’s clear that Joaan R. Deutch put her heart and soul into the research needed to make this book happen and she should be very proud of the end product.

There are eighteen chapters and I’d say I started to really get into the book between chapters six and eight. I’d like to say that I love history but I am also very picky about how I get the information and how it is presented. So while the first few chapters were interesting and the pictures did help keep me focused, I did glaze over some details in the beginning. I did love Joann’s voice but sometimes, that’s just where my minds goes when history is involved. I hate that this happens, but that’s a discussion for another day. Anyway, things became more interesting for me around chapters eight and nine when Studio City really starting taking shape the way that I am familiar with now. There’s just something so magical about watching a city form, grow, and mold itself (into something more than just another industry town) and that’s the beauty of this book right here.

I wish the chapter, “What Used To Be Where” had been longer and I especially enjoyed reading the chapter, “Bits and Pieces of Local History.” I did get rather excited when Big Brother got a mention! When I lived in LA, I was able to make my way out to Studio City a handful of times but I clearly missed out on so much! I can’t wait to move back to LA so I can take a day to visit some of the awesome places in Studio City that I learned about because of this book, including some really cool murals. Really, what a treat this book is for history buffs as well as people who love Southern California and want to soak up as much as they can about the lovely place. Great book! If this sounds like the book for you, it probably is.

You can purchase Studio City A Mile of Style – What’s History What’s Gossip? by Joann Deutch on Amazon today.

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