YouTube Profile Series: Kristina from Kristina Horner (#4)

Each week this month, I am putting the spotlight on one of my favorite YouTubers who will answer 8 questions created from the word, YouTuber. This week’s spotlight is on Kristina from Kristina Horner. Check it out right below her latest video!

Your best year as a YouTuber?
It’s hard to say! I feel like every year gets better than the previous one, but I guess I’ll say that 2009 was pretty dang awesome, since that was the year I was a Fiesta Agent for the Ford Fiesta Movement.

One of the greatest lessons you’ve learned from other YouTubers?
I think I am most inspired by the amount everyone has needed to adapt to stay on top of new technology and standards for being on YouTube. It’s encouraged me to pick up a DSLR, to play around with lighting, and to take on much bigger projects than I ever would have thought myself to be capable of.

Underrated: What’s the one video you wish had more views or brought more of a discussion?
I made a video about the day Taco Bell surprised me by COMING TO MY HOUSE to bring me a case of their new menu item. It was one of the craziest days of my life and I’m really surprised that more people didn’t watch it!

Time you doubted a video idea and shouldn’t have OR a time you doubted a video idea and are happy you didn’t do it.
I was heartbroken the day I found out pterodactyls weren’t entirely the creature we thought they were – so I made a video about it. I got this huge negative backlash (albeit mostly in good fun, though I think some people are still mad at me). I go back and forth on whether or not I’m glad I made that video. I kind of like being known as “pterodactyl girl”, though I’m not quite so fond of “pterodactyl killer”.

Using one word, describe why NO EXCUSES: A NaNoWriMo peptalk is the video you are most proud of.

Be Yourself Tag: What are 3 books that taught you the most about yourself?
Harry Potter series, Harriet the Spy and the Uglies series.

Expand: If you were expanding your brand which route would you go, TV (reality or talk show) or radio/podcast and why?
That’s really difficult to say! I mean, I’ve already branched out into web series, so I will go with that.

Road Show: If you went on tour for a live YouTube event, who would be your musical opening act?
Well, I used to be in a band that DID tour to YouTube events, so I would open for myself! Or Ke$ha. Can I pick Ke$ha?

Thank you so much Kristina for participating in Hollywood the Write Way‘s, “YouTube Profile Series!” If you are a YouTuber and are interested in participating, I would love to extend this spotlight through the summer. You can email me at melodysimpson(at)hollywoodthewriteway(dot)com.

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