Gilmore Girls TV Watch Along with Melody & Lenore: Season One, Episodes 15-21 (Week 3)

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Week Three Questions:

In 1.15, “Christopher Returns,” Emily takes it upon herself to have a mini family reunion dinner on Friday with Christopher and his parents without consulting Lorelai first. Richard says later in the episode, “Sometimes one has to sacrifice something in order to do what is right.” Do you think Emily put the dinner together for this very reason?
I think that’s what goes behind every decision Richard and Emily make, so I would not be surprised at all if this is something Emily thought when inviting Christopher and his parents over. Emily had good intentions, as she always does but Emily and Richard have the tendency to only think of themselves and their sacrifices rather than everyone else’s which is interesting considering they are so worried about the family…or not if you believe they are more worried about the family name than the actual family. Still, Lorelai’s parents are a few steps ahead of Chris’s in terms of pride but that’s not enough and, well…motives.

In 1.16, “Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers,” Dean shows Rory the car he’s fixing up for her during their three month anniversary date and shortly after, the two begin to argue over their relationship, in particular, “I love you.” This leads to the break up. What do you think about how Rory handled the situation?
Rory handled the situation responsibly and didn’t back down from her beliefs despite Dean’s attitude. Go, Rory! I love that Rory has grace under pressure and is as patient as she is with Dean, who has good intentions but still has some growing up to do. He’s selfish and doesn’t even realize it. As most teenagers are in general, so. Something tells me he’ll grow out of it. Rory’s patience with him, together and broken up, will definitely help in making this happen. Now though we’ll get to see Lorelai’s patience with Rory as she goes through the motions of the breakup at home. Now that, I can’t wait to see.

In 1.17, “The Breakup: Part 2,” Rory & Tristan kiss after Tristan breaks up with his girlfriend. The rebound! Do you think that’s all this is?
No. Enough has been built up before this for the two to get together eventually. Will it last? I don’t think so. I think it could last a good while when it eventually really takes off but if it’s between him and Dean, Dean probably wins.

In 1.18, “The Third Lorelai,” Rory’s Great-Grandmother comes to visit and Emily scrambles to make everything perfect. After Richard’s mother offers to give Rory her trust fund money now rather than when she turns 25 years old, Emily scrambles to keep Lorelai from saying yes. Did Emily handle herself well?
Well, it sure was fun watching Emily scramble in the beginning. But it turned from funny to sad as Emily tried to save the relationship she has with her daughter by cutting off financial ties that she really should have had no say in at all. It says a lot about Emily for her to go the lengths that she did to save what little of a relationship she does have with Lorelai. But she went about it all wrong, i.e. her approach as a whole and not being honest about her motives when Lorelai approached her. She’s not open to being vulnerable and taking down the walls and that’s a big reason why Lorelai can’t put her trust in Emily.

It’s natural for children to go to their parents when they are in financial binds but that is not the glue to this relationship in particular. They weren’t estranged to the point of never visiting or talking before Emily agreed to pay for Rory’s private school so there’s still something there. If Emily works on herself, Lorelai works on herself, and the two come together to work on their relationship, a better relationship will follow. But Emily doesn’t see how she’s part of the problem and as long as she sees Lorelai as the only problem, their relationship will suffer.

In 1.19, “Emily in Wonderland,” Rory takes Emily on a tour around Stars Hollow and Emily sees where Lorelai and Rory used to live. After seeing their formal living conditions, Emily gives Rory her own room in her house. Emily blows up at Lorelai after the reveal. While Rory is silently and unknowingly in the middle of this conflict, do you think she’ll ever become vocal between the two?
I don’t think Rory will really get in the middle of an argument in the first few seasons, but over time, yes. Right now it would seem out of character and not smart at this time. Rory would really have to be fed up before trying to mediate anything between Lorelai and Emily and I’m sure that time is coming but not yet.

In 1.20, “P.S. I Lo…,” Rory goes to Emily and Richard’s after she has an argument with Lorelai. Should Rory have left a note at her house before running off?
Hmm, that’s up for debate. I think Rory knew Emily or Richard would call Lorelai so she didn’t think she needed to leave a note. That’s what I would have done and thought. Plus, who thinks about leaving a note in their haste to get away from someone they’re mad at? Still, does it make it right that she didn’t leave a note? Good question. Because the town is so small and she really had no place to go other than somewhere in town or her grandparent’s house, it was okay for Rory not to leave a note. In another circumstance, probably not. Also, the breakfast scene at Emily and Richard’s was adorable.

In 1.21, “Love, Daisies and Troubadours,” Max proposes to Lorelai and Rory tells Dean she loves him. How long do you think Max and Lorelai will last?
I really hope that Lorelai and Luke get together at least by season 3 but I would hate to see that happen right after Lorelai and Max call it quits so I’m just hoping Lorelai and Max quit while they are ahead so the timing is right for Lorelai and Luke. I really don’t want to see Lorelai with Max after season two.

What is your favorite and/or least favorite episode this week and why?
Not a whole lot of interesting things happened in “Emily in Wonderland.” It was pretty slow compared to all of the other episodes. The only story line I really enjoyed was Emily’s.

“The Breakup: Part 2” was easily my favorite episode of this bunch. From the neighborhood’s reaction’s to Rory’s breakup and Sookie trying to reign in the kitchen on her date to Lorelai being up front about not actually being over a certain relationship after pushing Rory to get over hers by wallowing, this episode was fantastic.

What are your favorite quotes?
“Christopher Returns”
Lorelai: Did you just curtsy?
Rory: Shut up!
Lorelai: Sorry, m’lady.

“The Breakup: Part 2”
Rory: I don’t want to wallow and you can’t make me.

Rory: Trash is discarded aspects of people’s lives.

Lane: I can’t believe I just gave my number to a potential Korean Doctor!

“The Third Lorelai”
Lorelai: We want Rory to be whatever kind of man she wants to be.

Rory: Well, you’d be one well-dressed widow.

“Emily in Wonderland”
Kirk: I like to have silence in order to cleanse my mental palette and achieve calm before I enjoy a motion picture.

“P.S. I Lo…”
Richard: “I’m sorry you’re upset but I applaud your timing.

Final Thoughts:
I loved that in “Christopher Returns,” to make up for missing her date with Luke, Lorelai painted the diner. I also enjoyed watching people around the neighborhood taking responsibility for Dean and Rory’s breakup. Kirk’s approach brought the most laughs. Luke taking on Dean outside of the cafe was also pretty hysterical. That town loves Rory so much. I love seeing that. Love it.

Thank you so much Lenore for participating in Season One of the Gilmore Girls TV Watch-Along. I had a blast! For those interested, Season Two of the Watch Along begins in August!