SDCC 2012: Mankind at Cross-Country Cookout

It’s been a month since San Diego Comic Con but I’ve still got some goodies to share! If you were at Comic Con and missed the Cross-Country Cookout tanker brought to you by the History Channel, you missed out on something incredible. The 8- foot long smoker and grill provided fresh burgers, steak, sausages, pulled pork, and more (including samples) essentially all day every single day of the con. They’d be crazy not to come back next year. I’d be crazy not to come back to their grill next year because their breakfast burritos were insanely good! I was going to just eat one but could not resist another! But the food, as phenomenal as it was, was not the best part of the first Cross-Country Cookout.

I was invited to sit down with the writers and artists of the upcoming graphic novel for the History TV series, Mankind. Graphic novelists, Marv Wolfman, Dennis Calero, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Nathan Edmondson were all in attendance for signings every late afternoon at the grill as well and from what I can tell, it was quite a success. History Channel knows what they are doing! Their marketing and promotion is truly off the map! It was literally across the street from the convention center (on the A side). After checking out the very first Mankind comic, I have to say that this would have been such an asset for me if I were a kid in school. I really hope that this series is incorporated into classrooms because it will sure keep the students up and intrigued and interested. Check out what the novelists had to say as I caught them at the cookout below:

Stay tuned for Mankind: The Story Of All Of Us to premiere on History this November.