DVD Review: White Collar The Complete Third Season

Release Date: May 31, 2012
Rating: TV-14, Special Features Not Rated
Running Time: 689 minutes

Matt Bomer is back for another thrilling season of high-class capers and criminal intrigue on TV’s slickest, sexiest show, White Collar! Bomer returns as suave con man turned FBI consultant Neal Caffrey, racing to stay one step ahead of the feds even as he helps his partner, Agent Peter Burke, bring down some of the world’s most clever criminals. The stakes are at an all-time high as Neal struggles to come to terms with his own checkered past, but will his greatest con cost him everything? Featuring DVD-exclusive extras, the white hot Season Three of White Collar is a whole new bag of tricks!

White Collar Season One holds a special place in my heart because it was such an incredible introduction to this world that Jeff Eastin decided to build, master, and share. Season two raised the stakes. But season three. Season three is phenomenal. It is the best season so far and I really did not know how this should could get any better than it already it, it is so good. The lengths that Neal goes to get what he wants while keeping all parties (mainly Peter and Sara) content will amaze you, especially since one of those relationships comes to quite a rocky standstill. In the end, someone’s going to get hurt. No matter how hard he tries to evade a conflict for the other person’s benefit… everyone is tied to Neal. But what makes this season so great is that everyone is on Neal’s side, which is so beautifully showcased, sprinkled throughout the season but head on in the season finale. Neal tries so hard to live two lives and season three is a great example of this conflict and why Neal is so torn in the first place.

Since the very beginning, we’ve all wondered “What’s next for Neal?” and in the way that season three ended, that question could not be anymore alive. Not only that, but we’ve finally got episodes giving us background stories on minor characters like Diana and Jones. Questions were answered and with that more questions were raised. But what makes White Collar so great is that we all know the answers are coming soon. This show doesn’t put us in the wringer and laugh its evil laugh while doing so. No, White Collar is beyond that.

This is one of the smartest shows that I have ever seen and aside from the obvious reasons why, the pacing is on point. I could go on and on praising this show…but I have in past reviews so you can refer to those so that this review does not become too long to stand. There are also special guest appearances by a number of talented actors including Eliza Dushku, Beau Bridges, William Sadler, and Joe Manganiello to name a few. In case you weren’t already won over by my “this is the best season to date” note. The acting is sharper than ever, the emotions higher than ever, the writing even more brilliant than the first two seasons (if you can believe that!), so what are you waiting for. Go get Season three of White Collar! Thank me later!

Special Features:

Interrogation Room: A Trivia Challenge with the Cast (6 minutes) – The cast takes part in season three trivia. The teams are Garson vs. Bomer, Atkins vs. Thomason, and Thiessen vs. DeKay. What feature doesn’t show just how much fun this cast is having? Really.

Jeff Eastin @ddicted (Approx. 4 minutes) – You know that social media has reached new heights when a specal featured is dedicated to Jeff Eastin being addicted to Twitter. What’s great about this feature is that it includes the twitter handles and hashtags for all of the cast and crew members who participated in this feature. It’s a very entertaining feature to watch since everyone genuinely had fun making it and their joy will give you joy… as well as encourage you to follow all of these people on Twitter. They’re happy, we’re happy, it’s a win win. Watch it!

Also appearing in this feature: Hilarie Burton, Tiffany Thiessen, Tim DeKay, Matt Bomer, Channing Powell, Jim Campolongo, Joe Henderson, Marsha Thomason, Eddie Serrano, Willie Garson, Alexandra McNally, and Sharif Atkins.

Gag Reel (Approx. 7 minutes) – This is one of the most hysterical casts on television today. The DVD would not be complete without a gag reel. They are all such clowns. To see that they know how to have a good time while working, it makes it all worth it. So without a doubt, this is truly the best gag reel of the year. It’s a must watch.

Deleted Scenes (Approx. 3 minutes) – There are approximately five deleted scenes for the entire DVD which was surprising because I did expect there to be more. But the scenes that are shared are throwaways so this is not a must watch.

Commentary – The commentary for the season finale, “Judgment Day” is conducted by Jeff Eastin, Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, and Willie Garson. This is one of the most entertaining commentaries that I have listened to all year. Why? This is one of the best casts on television today. Seriously, this is such a wonderful great group of people so being able to hear these guys go back and forth, sassing each other as they talked about the episode, it made for one incredible viewing experience. I did not want it to end. Being so invested in the show from the very beginning and knowing many of the showbiz tricks mentioned, there was nothing new that I took from this commentary but just being able to listen in on these guys as they sit back and relax and enjoy not only their work but the experience of making this work, it was a pleasure. Best part of the commentary? The montage song. Oh my. I don’t normally watch commentaries more than once, but I’d play this again.

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