DVD Review: The Office Collection Special Edition

Release Date: November 22, 2011
Rating: NR
Running Time: 450 minutes

Written and created by Golden Globe winners Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the DVD special edition features the complete, original UK series plus all new bonus features. BBC AMERICA first introduced U.S. audiences to the comedy genius of Ricky and Stephen when it premiered the show in 2003. At its launch The New York Times called it pretty much the funniest show ever while Newsweek declared it the best comedy on television. It went on to win two Golden Globes, inspire the U.S. version on NBC and continues to influence the tone and look of everything from television comedy and movies to commercials and pop culture at large.

The Office Collection Special Edition is the must have Christmas gift for any fan of The Office. What better a way to spend the holidays than with the 10th Anniversary of the original BBC series? It’s a refreshing change from the Christmas classics that will invade your television screens shortly and will surely bring equal amounts, if not greater amounts of laughter and smiles for everyone. But the best part isn’t even the laughs from the entire series. Because this is a special edition, there is obviously more to the DVD collection than series one, two, and the Christmas specials. The extra footage with the creators goes beyond the typical episode introduction. The way that the very interviews from the creators, cast, and celebrity fans (including Matthew Perry, Ben Stiller, and Hugh Jackman), bloopers, etc… are intertwined with all of the episodes of the series is brilliant. It’s like video commentary with a twist! I wouldn’t want to watch the episodes any other way now. And the episodes are just as hysterical as they were when each of them first aired. The Office is truly timeless. Because no matter where you work or who you interact with, there’s something to relate to here and the parody of it all makes it engaging to watch all easier to handle in real life.

As someone who did not previously own the original DVD collections, there is an outstanding amount of bonus features on this collection which really is quite an overwhelming amount of insight into what went behind making one of the greatest comedies in television history along with outtakes, a music video, and other fun extras. Just to be clear, the extras from the original collections and an entire slew of new extras are included. The only downside to the extras is that there is no “Play All” option for web videos, deleted scenes, etc… but aside from this one flaw, it is worth watching every single moment of the bonus features. I especially enjoyed it since I was not on board with this phenomenon as it happened. I got into the American version of The Office early on but it’s not the same as watching the original series play out in all its glory. So I can’t even say to make sure watch a certain bonus feature, because it’s best if you watch them all… especially the original Pilot. You’ll have an even greater appreciation for the people who brought you this series and fall in love with The Office all over again. The Office Collection Special Edition is a gem. Get it while you can!

Bonus Features:
*Full Pilot (19:24 minutes)
*Comedy Connections: The Office (38:43 minutes)
*Web Videos – The Beginning, The Style, Comedy, Staff Training, Impact (41:52 minutes)
*Exclusive Documentary: How I Made The Office (39:16 minutes)
* Outtakes with an introduction by Ricky Gervais (7:43 minutes)
* Deleted Scenes with an introduction by Ricky Gervais
* Video Diary (20:10 minutes)
* The Office: Closed for Business Documentary (22:35 minutes)
* Golden Globes Featurette (5:46 minutes)
* “If You DOn’t Know Me By Now” Music Video
* Full Band Version of “Freelove Freeway”
* Director’s Commentary (The Office Special Part 2)

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