DVD Review – Lifetime Double Feature: Christmas In Paradise & Deck The Halls

Release Date: November 22, 2011
Rating: NR
Running Time: Approx. 172 minutes

Charlotte Ross (NYPD Blue) and Colin Ferguson (Eureka) star in Christmas In Paradise about two families’ adventures aboard a cruise ship during the holidays. Deck The Halls stars Gabrielle Carteris (Beverly Hills, 90210), Steven Culp (Desperate Housewives) and Steve Bacic (X2, Andromeda) in a story of a young boy who tries to set up his mom with his new neighbor – a man who he thinks is Santa.

Getting right down to it, Christmas in Paradise was significantly more captivating than Deck the Halls. Perhaps that’s because of the setting. After watching a number of Christmas movies in small towns, the backdrop of Christmas in Paradise was a breath of fresh air. Not only that but Christmas in Paradise is much more realistic than Deck the Halls which doesn’t pull off the Santa, the fantasy element as well as I had hoped.

Plus, there’s a wonderful balance of drama and comedy in Christmas in Paradise. Colin Ferguson’s comedic timing and delivery alone is impeccable. Needless to say, it was much easier to remain engaged with this film but that’s not to say that Deck the Halls wasn’t as good. Perhaps it’s the family friendly film of the two more suited for the younger audience.

Then again, both films have a different kind of heartwarming element to them as well, something that is no doubt more appreciated by the older audience. Bottom line, Christmas In Paradise is a film I will gladly watch any time Lifetime chooses to air the film or any of my family or friends sees my collection and wants to watch. Deck the Halls on the other hand, well, I’ve seen better. It tries to embody all of the right elements but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t connect. Perhaps you will?

There are no Bonus Features on these DVDs.

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