DVD Review: Holiday Wishes

Release Date: November 22, 2011
Rating: NR
Running Time: Approx. 90 minutes

Amber Benson (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) stars in this magical, inspiring holiday tale on DVD for the first time. When Britney, a rich, spoiled child, and Rachel, an orphan, switch bodies after a visit to the mall with Santa, each girl wakes up as the other: Britney is in the orphanage, and Rachel at Britney’s family’s mansion. ith the magical intervention of a professional party planner Rachel teaches Britney’s unloving family the true meaning of Christmas, and Britney learns that giving is better than getting.

Holiday Wishes was a pleasant surprise, considering how odd it started out. The acting is not exactly award winning but once the wishes take place, all that you were doubting before is thrown to the side because the whirlwind of chaos begins! The characters are charming and lovable and relatable. And even though only two of the girls switch bodies, they are not the only ones who get a different perspective on life. The girls and others are reminded of what’s important in life and are pushed outside of the box to keep the good lives that they do have and maybe took for granted earlier.

We’ve seen movies before where people switch bodies but there is so much more to the predictability about it all surrounding this specific premise. Everyone involved is forced to throw out their idea of a perfect family in the end to embrace each other for who they are and be open to the possibility of what goodness that will bring. There’s a genuine, heartfelt, significant story to be told here.

Holiday Wishes will have you glued to the screen whether in fits of laughter or in tears. The comedic timing is perfect. The Buffy reference was fun. The pace of the story and balance in tone was well thought out and there is a natural flow to the film that is not lost or is distracted in the commercial break scene breaks. Holiday Wishes is a great film. It’s fun for the whole family, fun for a holiday movie marathon with friends, or fun home alone with a mug of hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows. Whatever your viewing experience, Holiday Wishes deserves to be included in your Christmas movie screenings this December.

There are no Bonus Features on this DVD.

Own Holiday Wishes on DVD November 22, 2011.