ICYMI: Voice Over Actors Are Cool

As San Diego Comic Con is approaching, I wanted to briefly share a memory of a time when I didn’t just go to panels at the con with big TV and film stars. I remember in 2005, I decided to go to a voice over panel just for fun and it was actually my favorite panel of the day! I still remember how much life there was from the panelists and how much genuine passion that the panelists had, even after working in voice over for so many years. Voice over acting is not as easy as it sounds, as I learned in the panel. You really have to be on your toes and this is a profession full of talent that truly does not get enough credit. So if you’re heading to Comic Con this year, try to fit it in your schedule to sit in on a voice over related panel. You might even meet the voice behind a Disney Princess, Spongebob, or a number of other popular characters!

Also, be sure to check out my interviews with young actors, Dan Milano (Robot Chicken), Josh Keaton (The Spectacular Spider-Man) among others who have a lot of great insight into the profession, having done it for years.

And if you’re interested in voice over acting, be sure to check out the Studio Center which has centers across the states to help up and coming voice talent hone their craft among other services such as video production and music production.