Goodbye Michael Scott!

I was debating whether or not I would make a list of my favorite Michael Scott moments in honor of Steve Carrell‘s final episode on The Office. But after basically writing down every other line that Carrell has said, I figured I’d just let you know that there are far too many hilarious and heartwarming moments from this guy to list and they are best remembered on the small screen anyway. So if you don’t have The Office Seasons One – Six on DVD right now, get them and be ready to pre-order this season!

Last night provided for the biggest tearjerker episode of the series, and here’s a clip of one of those moments I’m glad nobody saw me crying to (as the “ugly” cry took place).

My heart breaks to see Steve Carrell go but I am very excited to continue following his movie career and other ventures as well as see who takes over our favorite Dunder Mifflin branch next season. Thank you so much Steve Carrell for all the work that you have done for this show! We appreciate it so much!