Caprica at Syfy Digital Press Tour

In Photo: Mark Stern (EVP Original Programming at Syfy) and Caprica Executive Producers, Ronald Moore & David Eick.
Photo Credit: Rae Hanson.

Written by Greg Witte

Caprica is back for Season 1.5 and there’s a lot of pressure on the show. Syfy won’t make the official decision to continue with the series until November, but, if executive producers Ronald Moore and David Eick deliver on their promises, then fans will want to tune in for what’s coming.

And just what are those promises? More, more, more. More momentum, more focus, and more ass-kicking. And whereas the first half of the season was focused on Caprica’s identity as it’s own standalone show, the second half starts to embrace its BSG roots and mythology. For me, hearing the cylons being referred to as toasters for the first time was proof enough that the show is finding its way back to having “a plan.”

I will say, though, that there’s one thing that I could have less of in the show and that’s Daniel Graystone chopping vegetables. It feels like we’ve seen him in the kitchen so much that he could have his own cooking show. Hmm, now there’s a spin-off that would pair well with Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen next year. Maybe Daniel Graystone Frakking Broccoli? You’re welcome, Syfy.

Stay tuned for the panel highlights!

Caprica airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Syfy.