DVD Review: Cougar Town The Complete First Season

I was really surprised at how entertaining Cougar Town Season One turned out to be. I am not a cougar myself nor do I have any interest in seeing a cougar on the prowl. But I kept hearing such good things about the show that I had to get back to watching after I had seen the Pilot. I am so happy that I did and am now a happy owner of Cougar Town The Complete First Season on DVD!

Release Date: August 17, 2010
Rating: TV 14
Running Time: 520 Minutes

Golden Globe nominee Courteney Cox (Friends) stars in the hilarious hit comedy Cougar Town: The Complete First Season. After spending the last seventeen years as a wife and mother, recently divorced Jules (Cox) has reluctantly waded back into the dating pool and quickly finds herself in over her head. Now forty-something and single, Jules tackles real-life issues – dating, parenting and friendship. It doesn’t help Jules that her two best friends can hardly stand each other, her ex-husband is hanging around more now than he did during their marriage…and there’s that handsome divorced neighbor that Jules can’t quite get out of her head. Packed with laugh-out-loud moments and featuring a cast of television’s brightest comedic stars, Cougar Town struts its stuff in this DVD collection, along with exclusive bonus features and one or two special surprises. Cougar Town – it’s more than a place, it’s a state of mind.

In the beginning, Cougar Town is a very fun and racy look at 40 year old real estate agent, Jules (Courteney Cox) rediscovering her 20s. Around episodes 6 and 7, the tone shifts as the elements to the show mature. It becomes less about sex and more about serious romantic relationships, friendships, and family. The chemistry amongst the cast is so genuine and ultimately makes up one hilarious dysfunctional family. This ensemble cast delivers the comedy perfectly. I couldn’t imagine anyone other than Busy Philipps playing Laurie, one of Jules’ best friends. Her comedic timing and delivery is impeccable.

I also really enjoyed the direction that the show headed after the first few episodes…as there are only so many sex jokes one can hear before everything seems redundant. Thankfully, this show improved significantly in its plot and with its characters. The writing is solid…very clever, the dialogue is sharp and shockingly honest…the show has heart. Cougar Town is not mean spirited or insulting. That might be because the stars of the show are so tightly connected behind the scenes. Star, Courteney Cox and her husband, David Arquette both executive-produce the series. Christa Miller who plays Ellie, Jules’ longtime best friend is also the music supervisor for the show and her husband, Bill Lawrence is the show’s creator/executive producer/writer.

Regardless of the reason, I am glad with how fabulous the show has become. The setting of Florida is quite refreshing and pleasing to the eyes (for those who haven’t been to Florida and don’t know any better and for those who haven’t been to Culver City, CA where the show films). In the end, this show is definitely worth watching and ABC’s entire comedy line up this fall is worth watching. So make sure to pick up Cougar Town The Complete First Season on DVD and stay tuned for new episodes of all of ABC’s comedies this fall.

Bonus Features:

Taming Cougar Town (4:47 minutes) – This feature puts the spotlight on the creators of the show and the cast during the filming of the Pilot episode. Executive Producer/Creator, Bill Lawrence talks about how the concept for the show was created. Co-Executive Producer/Creator, Kevin Biegel mentions that it was intentional to not have the show set in LA or NY though I wish he explained why Florida specifically was chosen. Florida is a great place, so it would have been cool to get more background on the decision to choose the setting, which is really a main character in the show as well. What I did find interesting was Producer, Randall Winston talking about the double standard of women dating younger and men dating younger. I can appreciate this truth, especially since it seems the cast plays exaggerated versions of themselves. It makes the show all the more honest and humorous. Not only that, but the crew makes sure to keep a balance amongst the sexes when it comes to the “nudity.” There is as much male “nudity” as their is female “nudity” on the show. Though there is a battle of the sexes, ultimately no sex is left behind. What I found to be brave, smart, and really appreciative was Courteney Cox not using a body double in the opening scene of the Pilot, specifically. Good job Courteney! She has no shame in aging and that allows her to do so much on the show. This was a fun and simple feature to watch that can possibly spark quite a discussion amongst your circle of friends. Courtney Cox, Christa Miller, Ian Gomez, Dan Byrd, Josh Hopkins, and Busy Philipps also appear in this feature.

Deleted Scenes – There are five deleted scenes on this DVD and only one caught my attention. “Time Warp” from the episode, Into The Great Wide Open made me laugh aloud. I wish that this had been kept in! The other deleted scenes are worth the watch but it is completely understandable why they were deleted. “Free Sessions” and “Man Pillow” from the episode, Pilot, “It’s Okay To Be A Little Selfish” from the episode, Don’t Do Me Like That, and “Tiny Bubbles” from the episode, Two Gunslingers are the other deleted scenes on this feature.

Bloopers (1:48 minutes) – There’s lots of dancing and goofing around, a few cast members messing up their lines, Ian Gomez’s backside, Courtney flops with a few props, and more in this blooper reel. For such a funny comedy, I expected lots more footage on the reel, though what was shown was pretty entertaining.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Saber-Tooth Tiger Town (1:58 minutes) – This feature here is Jimmy Kimmel’s idea of a Cougar Town spin off. This parody stars Cloris Leachman and is definitely worth watching after you have watched the entire season of Cougar Town. I know I appreciated this parody more after having seen the series.

“My Sexuality” Music Video (1:02 minutes) – This music video is not a full length music video/song, but the song will get the song stuck in your head nonetheless. Viewers watch Josh Hopkins recording the song in the studio as well as clips from the show. I heard the song enough on the show, so I don’t see myself playing this feature over and over again.

Ask Barb – There are 9 uncut segments where Barb answers your questions about herself and sex. Needless to say, this is for mature audiences only. Each segment is less than 2 minutes long and is hilarious! She sports 4 different outfits in the 9 segments and all are quite colorful, along with the drinks in her hands as she is sitting at the bar. Hopefully this web exclusive continues to make it on future DVDs because this is funny stuff! Carolyn Hennesy is a riot!

Stroking it with Bobby Cobb – There are 4 segments, all less than 1:20 minutes where Bobby Cobb give golfing advice with co-star, Andy Torres in 3/4 segments. Golf is a big deal in Florida, so it’s no surprise that a feature was dedicated to the sport. Though the first segment is less about the sport and more about what sexual references can be made while playing the sport. Hmm…perhaps next season a local golf star can have a walk on role? Who knows. That would be a better tie in than these features. Ah well, they tried.

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Cougar Town Season 2 Premieres September 22, 2010 at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.