Who Was I Thrilled to See at San Diego Comic Con 2010?

Well, the answer to that is quite long but I will tell you the five people who I was incredibly intrigued by! (Click photos to enlarge)

Michelle Rodriguez
I had always thought of Michelle Rodriguez as a lot like the characters that she has played throughout her movie career. No, I am not naïve but I have found that many people who are typecast (personality wise), they are generally like what is acted out on screen. While there is no doubt that Michelle is a strong and tough woman and admitted herself that she has played a lot of butch roles – she is such a girly, girl. Her laugh is constant and contagious and she brought a lot of fun energy onstage, where she was the only female on the panel. She was not intimidating at all and not only that, but I could tell that she really enjoys her work and spending time with the fans. Michelle Rodriguez, I love you girl!

Angelina Jolie and Helen Mirren
Based on the kick ass job Angelina and Helen do in each and every film, it is no secret that these ladies take their craft and pleasing the fans seriously. And that’s just it…serious. I had expected these women to come to the panel with a serious mindset and react to questions as if it were a professional press conference, giving standard Hollywood answers…aka not giving anything away and being short and simple with what is open to discussion. But Angelina gets Comic Con. She’s been here before. I am unaware when and how many times. Regardless, she gets it. And Helen is just a ball of joy and has such a youthful and positive spirit. Both ladies had a fun time with the fans and I really could not have had a better experience seeing them both for the first time.

Sylvester Stallone
Prior to this panel, I was aware of the passion Stallone has for the films that he chooses to make. But I did not take the time to really appreciate it. After sitting through this panel, I have a new found respect and appreciation for Sylvester. A lot of the qualities he has I see in myself and I never thought I’d be saying this, (simply because I was not familiar enough with Stallone as an actor and as an individual) but I really admire and look up to Sylvester Stallone! So thank you Sylvester Stallone for coming to Comic Con because you have gained one big admirer.

Jena Malone
Aside from having seen Step Mom and Saved and having Pride & Prejudice and The Messenger on my “To Watch” list, I was really unaware of Jena Malone before Comic Con. Though after seeing her speak on two panels, she has made quite an impression on me since. This young woman really knows her craft. She is an incredibly intelligent actress who does not simply remember lines, come to work, and give life to those words. She gives meaning to the life behind the words she is speaking on screen. She is so eloquent and so passionate about not just her craft but life. That is truly commendable and that is what makes me want to learn as much as I can about her and follow her career from hereon out. So don’t be surprised when I continue to talk about Jena even after Sucker Punch releases in theaters and then on DVD/Blu-ray.