Talking To Brooke Lewis

Scream Queen, Brooke Lewis has recently taken a break from working on her web series, Ms. Vampy to shoot a short film, Choose on the East Coast. But that’s not all. Lewis has quite a lot going on and she talks all about it in this new interview!

So what’s the status of your web-series, Ms. Vampy, being made into the film, Vamp It Out?
We were blessed to get the show so much attention and so much of a fan base. I created Ms Vampy a couple of years ago and I am so in love with her. She is my alter ego. She is who I turn to when I’m scared and such…I think, “What would Ms. Vampy do?” This has been in development since I would say since last summer. It’s not what people would expect if you’ve seen the web series. It is completely different. I want to use the series to inspire me and I want the film to inspire the audience. So what we decided to do was use a Halloween family comedy. It’s “Elvira” meets “The Nanny,” meets “The House Bunny.” So you can imagine where we will be going with this. It’s about following your heart, your passion, your dreams and dig deep inside to find your inner vamp and vamp it out!

Another film that has an inspiring message is the short film, Choose. Can you talk about working with director, Robbie Bryan and the cast, many of which you worked with before on iMurders?
Robbie and his wife, who produced and acted in iMurders contacted me. Unfortunately they lost a dear friend to cancer and they were inspired by this topic to create this beautiful short film that raises awareness about cancer. The film is about a young man and his wife…the wife is pregnant and has cancer. The husband is forced to choose between his wife and his unborn child. It is really powerful, it’s heart wrenching. It really gets the audience to think. I am really excited to work with Robbie again as well as some of the cast from iMurders. They wrote in the role for me, as I am one of the best friends of the lead. I didn’t even know if I could do the film, due to scheduling and living in LA. But Robbie said he couldn’t imagine doing the film without me and the film was just so important, so I am happy to say that I so excited to be able to shoot this movie.

What did you learn while you read the script?
I cried. As an actress, as a human being, as a woman, it was heart wrenching. You don’t know what’s going to happen. Life is short and you have to embrace every moment. You get to choose in every decision. You choose what is right for you at the time but it could change your life.

The film tackles moral, ethical, spiritual and medicine issues, what would you say is your favorite aspect of the film?
It’s funny you ask that because my favorite aspect is actually my least favorite aspect too. When I read it, I was really affected by the ending, which I can’t give away. But while reading, I was forced to kind of choose. If you remember Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow a few years ago – where if you choose one way, your life could turn out this way and if you choose another, your life could turn out that way…it’s in that way. I can’t explain the emotions that went through me each time I read the ending. It was so powerful. Everyone will have different opinions, visions, and emotions tied to how they believe the story should play out.

Aside from being closer to home, what is your favorite part about filming in New York vs. Los Angeles?
(laughs) I am an East Coast girl through and through. So when I get to shoot anywhere outside of LA, particularly in New York and close to Philly…there’s that old school, everybody pull together for a greater purpose vibe. It’s not just a Hollywood movie you make to make a ton of money and I love that aspect. I started off Off Broadway in New York and that part of me hasn’t died. To get together with true artists who are in it for the right reasons, it is really an incredible experience.

Can you talk about your involvement in the Lynn Sage Foundation for Breast Cancer Research?
There was a calendar made where all of the proceeds went to the Lynn Sage foundation for Breast Cancer research in 2009. I was the female face behind the calendar, so I promoted it throughout the year and had various special appearances. It was an incredible opportunity to stand behind something that benefits women. I also shot a film that is creating a calendar in support of breast cancer as well. That’s another opportunity to be a voice for breast cancer research.

Do you see yourself going back to theatre in the near future?
That’s a great question. I love when people ask me that. I started out in theatre , sang and danced on tours and such. Then right out of college I landed an Off Broadway production which I worked on for almost 3 years. I think after that, working every single night, I got a little worn out. There’s only so much you can do so I moved on. So now, I would say no but down the road, absolutely.

Aside from writing, producing, and acting, is there anything else you are interested in taking on in the entertainment industry?
I think that’s enough right now (laughs). With working on Vamp It Out and my other projects, there’s not a lot of time to do much else. But acting is my heart and soul and passion so I am very excited for all of the acting opportunities I am getting.

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