Advance TV Review: White Collar 2.01 & 2.02

White Collar returns tomorrow night with a stellar season 2 premiere, “Withdrawal,” setting up for what will be a fabulous season for sure! Based on the first two episodes that I was able to watch, it seems this season will be even better than the first!

Peter: You gonna tell her?
Neal: No, I’m not gonna tell her.
Peter: You’re the one who made her a hooker.
Neal: You’re the one who’s sleeping with her.
Peter: You’ve got a point.

After Peter (Tim DeKay) escapes suspension and after Neal’s (Matt Bomer) stint in jail due to his almost running off with Kate…the boys are back! This time their mission is to make New York City bank security more secure. Yes, you read that right. There is never a dull moment when Neal has to show the FBI how to resolve the many flaws in any system, so this is especially entertaining. What is so intriguing about this story line is that the white collar crime that takes place would ultimately trickle down and affect everyone of any class if the criminals got away with the crime. So let’s just hope these security flaws are truly just fiction! Even more clever though is the return of Mozzie (Willie Garson). Garson steals the show with his comedic antics.

Not to be out done, Diana (Marsha Thomason) also brings quite a ray of sunshine to the show as Thomason is now a series regular. The chemistry between Thomason and Bomer is taken to another level in 2.02, “Need to Know” and viewers get to see just how well the two work together. We got a glimpse of how well the two are in Season 1, but this situation is much more comedic! The writers also waste no time in providing more back story for Diana, which was quite interesting to find out. It doesn’t stop there, as Neal finds out that Peter is secretly trying to find out who killed Kate. But he doesn’t know that Diana is helping Peter.

2.02 is not all about Diana. In fact, her undercover role comes into play due to Neal and Peter dealing with dirty politicians. Possibly because of the fun subject matter, I found this episode to be much more exciting to watch than the premiere. The writing was much more clever and there was just so much more fun to be had with the subject matter at hand. I won’t spoil the episode but I will say that after watching these two episodes, I don’t know a show on television today that is just as clever and comedic as it is smart and sophisticated.

White Collar Season 2 premieres Tuesday, July 13 at 9/8c on USA.