TV Review: Flash Forward – Future Shock

*Review May Contain Spoilers*

Olivia: At 10:00 p.m., the answers will come… because they will. It’s not about equations. It’s not about the two of us just physically being here. It’s about this moment… right here. I’ve fought it and resisted it, and yet here it is. It happened. The future happened.

It’s finally April 29th and it seems fate has overshadowed free will. In this episode, we find that most if not all of our characters are right where they were in their flash forwards, whether they liked it or not. Mark uncovers the date of the next blackout and after quite the shoot out, seems to sacrifice himself while sharing this news with the world. Simon and Demetri break into the NLAP mainframe, with the help of Janis…who’s diversion led her to the hospital. It’s a boy for Janis!

In less exciting news…Dylan and Lloyd end up meeting Charlie and Olivia at the beach in the beginning of the episode, so the adults attempt to head to Olivia’s and recreate their flash forward without actually sleeping together. I wonder how Olivia feels about trying to be on track with her flash forward when her husband is dying. But that’s about all that is not too positive in this episode…Mark’s death and Olivia and Lloyd just dying to recreate their flash forward. Everything else seems to work out great for the others.

Even though I like the idea of Bryce with Nicole, the search Keiko and Bryce have is like no other. It was so exciting to see Keiko’s mother give Keiko her blessing to run off to find Bryce while Bryce bribing the security guard for Keiko’s information. Seeing the two lovebirds meet up was more exciting than I initially thought it would be, since I was more attached to the idea of Nicole and Bryce. But even though Nicole doesn’t have Bryce, she is still alive and well…which is more than she thought she would be at this time. Thankfully, she was saved from her drowning by a man who saw himself saving her in his flash forward. Talk about a life saver. We knew Nicole would survive, since she had a flash forward but it seems this good Samaritan saved Nicole’s life in the sense of renewed faith and hope.

We also knew that Tracy would live on this night since Aaron saw her eyes open in the flash forward. What we didn’t know was that the second flash forward was indeed coming tonight, and the world would see their future in 2015! Talk about an incredible cliffhanger that will never be answered since this was the series finale. Teenage Charlie saying “they found him” brings for lots of speculation as to who she is talking about. But alas, this is the series finale so since many questions will never be answered in the screen format, best get the original take on this story in the book this series was adapted from by Robert Sawyer. Great series, too bad it ended prematurely.