TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

One Tree Hill – Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said the Last Time I Saw You (Season Finale)

Haley: I was trying to feel something. Anything.

Therapist: And what did you find down there?

Haley: I remembered some of the good things in my life.

Therapist: And did that make you feel alive?

Haley: No. But it made me want to.

This was perhaps my favorite opening to a One Tree Hill season finale. Not just looking back on Haley & Nathan’s relationship but seeing how disconnected Haley is and her attempt to reconnect made this opening so touching. But the emotions were really bittersweet throughout the entire episode. Seeing everyone go to Utah for vacation – since it was where Julian’s film was playing – was such a sweet end to the season. Especially since the vacation proved to be a success with the news of Haley’s pregnancy and the engagement of Brooke and Julian. Congratulations to both couples! I already cannot wait until the next season to see the Scotts prepare for another baby and Brooke prepare for a wedding! Unfortunately the vacation did not end on a swell note for Quinn and Clay. The writers really had me fooled, thinking Katie was locked up. I wonder if either Quinn or Clay will have long term damage from the gun shots or if they will just heal over a short period of time. We’ll have to wait until next season to find out. That was a great twist. There had to be some “shocking moment” since Alex’s co-star did not come out of the closet, which it seemed like he would do for a moment. Speaking of Alex…she seems like she has genuinely made a 360 degree lifestyle change, so her dating Chase could be good for her. It is quite odd to get used to, these two together, knowing how unstable she has been and how stable he is. Clearly, opposites attract. Only time will tell if they will balance each other out or if they are just better off as friends. Well, there is quite a lot to look forward to next season and while I love the show, I would hope that next season be its last so that it goes out on a good note and not a tiresome note. Anyway, this was quite a gripping episode and I look forward to an even more gripping season premiere this fall.

Gossip Girl – Last Tango, Then Paris (Season Finale)

Chuck: If you want to leave, now is the time.

Jenny: You’re not kicking me out?

Chuck: Some of them don’t get the choice.

Jenny: I don’t want to be alone.

Chuck: Neither do I.

This episode right here is why I love this show so much! The anticipation of whether or not Blair would get Chuck back was so high and the end result was so wild. Blair avoiding the Empire State and then Dorota’s water breaking when she was going to change her mind was just her luck! Too bad Chuck didn’t wait just a little bit longer. He might have avoided the gun shot if he had. Now he is literally heart broken. Ha. Anyway, it is troubling that it took Dan to get out the truth about Jenny & Chuck. As if Dan hasn’t shown how much of an honest man he is enough…Blair really knows who she can trust. It’s crazy how Jenny was willing to take Serena down for her own sake but Dan was willing to do what was right for everyone’s sake. Why did he have to sleep with Jenny of all people? Ah Jenny. Jenny taking a photo of Dan & Serena literally sleeping together was stupid and low. That was just low. But Jenny’s actions did provide clarity for Nate. I was livid for a moment at the thought of Jenny trying to get with Nate but thankfully Nate didn’t go for the bait. Though it is quite unfortunate how Nate found out that Serena and Dan were getting back together, he should move on. Because it is really unfortunate that Nate and Dan won’t get over Serena because they both can do better. Last but certainly not the least, is Georgina really pregnant with Dan’s baby? Fabulous finale! It went out with a bang and I can’t wait to see how the show returns!

90210 – Confessions (Season Finale)

Naomi: Like you’re perfect?

Liam: No. I’m not. But this? We’re done.

What a fabulous season finale! This was better than last season’s finale. My immediate reaction to Ryan receiving the paternity test was that I felt bad that he could possibly be having a baby with Jen. Who wants their child to have Jen’s traits? My second reaction was that if this test indeed proves he is the father, hopefully he can get full custody on account of Jen being a psychopath. Though Jen has much more money, so unfortunately much more power in regards to getting a fabulous lawyer. Ryan getting drunk also won’t help his case. If any teacher needs to be suspended…well, let’s just hope he doesn’t show up to school drunk. Turns out Mr. Cannon does need to be fired. Mr. Cannon putting Naomi in such a vulnerable state was very frightening to see. Even though he is right, that she is the girl who cried wolf…Naomi is a smart girl. So it better not take half of season 3 for her to frames him to show everyone the truth. Speaking of the truth…well, this episode is called “confessions” and I was so proud of everyone sharing theirs. Though that is as far as it went so we will all have to wait until season 3 to find out the repercussions of their tellings. I was proud of Ivy for telling Dixon that she wouldn’t “play the second fiddle” another time. Ivy has a valid point and doesn’t deserve to be taken on that ride again, so hopefully this will work out in her favor this time. I was also proud of Liam breaking up with Naomi. He can do so much better. While I don’t think Annie is much better, it’s a start in a better direction if that is indeed his choice. Though with Annie’s confession about killing a man, maybe Liam is just better off by himself. He might have to be if the police catch him beating up Jasper (even though he had a valid reason for doing so). Jasper should pay Liam back for that boat and I will be highly disappointed if he is not told to do so by the law. Better together though is Navid and Adrianna. I was not expecting Navid and Adrianna to get back together basically in front of the whole school. But I loved every moment of it and I love the way this scene was directed. It was probably my favorite scene of this episode. I was also thrilled that Silver told Teddy what his father did to her. Though Teddy is trying to see past what his father and what Silver are trying to do for him, maybe he should stop and think about why these people are doing what they are doing and consider taking some time away from relationships to focus on tennis. He has devoted his whole life to tennis, so it would be a shame to throw it all away now at such an important point in his life. Love can wait. Lastly, the most incredible confession of all…I wasn’t expecting for Harry to go tell the truth to the board, hence getting fired and leading to quite a shocking revelation…Deb doesn’t love Harry anymore. How tragic. Those are words I don’t think anyone wants to hear from the one they love. If that doesn’t scream “I want a divorce,” I don’t know what does. It seems as though that is where this relationship is heading so it will be quite an interesting journey in season 3 for this family. This was a fabulous finale, as the show has set up some fabulous cliffhangers and there are so many directions every character has to go. So I am looking forward to season 3 very much! Are you?

V – Red Sky (Season Finale)

Anna: What’s happening to me?

Marcus: I believe you are feeling your first human emotion.

This was such an exciting finale! It exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait until season 2! With Anna killing Val and bringing Ryan back onto her side, the fifth column is in serious danger. That is unless Ryan somehow gains his memory back about Val. But even then he maybe conflicted since their baby is a V. If his memory returned and he found out that Anna did indeed kill Val, would he save his baby while going back to the good side or is that a sacrifice he is willing to make for mankind? No matter what happens, the war is on now that the Pastor has made a sermon about choosing a side and Erica has killed Anna’s army. Anna’s (human like) reaction to this was the best scene in this episode! I loved Lisa’s smirk when Anna was freaking out. Will her human emotions get in the way of her decision making? As far as decision making goes, Lisa helping Erica was a step in the right direction. Hopefully in season 2, Lisa becomes a full fledged fifth column member. It wouldn’t be a finale without the serious threat of a fatality of one of the good, but it was still terrifying seeing Erica and Joshua in such a compromising state. Thankfully, he was brought back from the dead! Will they be so lucky the next time? Lastly, I didn’t want to see it before but Chad is so idiotic. Anna threatened him plain as day and he is still doing nothing to save himself or others. Hopefully Chad seeing one of the visitors being tortured will change his mind. Again, this was a fantastic finale and I look forward to season 2 very much.

Flash Forward – Countdown

This was such a great episode, building up to the hour of April 29th at which the flash forwards took place. The episode opened on April 29th at 3:23am with Charlie terrified that her flash forward would come true later in the day of her father dying. Talk about disturbing. That must be so hard for her. Today is a tough day for everyone. I laughed when Nicole said, “Happy Flash Forward Day” because it really isn’t such a happy day for everyone, especially with her flash forward being her drowning. Thankfully she told Bryce that Keiko was in town, so he could try to win her heart. But what’s left for Nicole and Bryce and will there even be a chance for Nicole to redeem herself in Bryce’s eyes? It doesn’t get any better, as we’ve got Aaron fighting for his daughter’s life, which was just so heartbreaking. He went to so many lengths to get his daughter back and now she is possibly dead. If there’s any hope to be had in this episode it’s mainly for the following characters. Demetri telling Zoey that he slept with Janice so that she could get pregnant was smart to do now rather than later. But Demetri loves her too much to keep anything from her for too long. Now even though he didn’t have faith in the future before, hopefully Zoey will come around because these two are so great together. Then there’s Mark, who continues his interrogation of Hellinger but Stanford says he’s got everything covered so only time will tell if he does. With just one episode left of the series, the anticipation is killing me as to where these characters will be by the end of the day…whose flash forwards will come true and if it ends up being positive or negative for not only the individuals but everyone around them. Fantastic episode, looking forward to the finale.

The Office – Whistleblower (Season Finale)

Michael: I miss Holly.

This was quite a disappointment for a season finale. The cold open was funny but it wasn’t hilarious right off the bat. It’s the kind of cold open that becomes funnier as you watch it more and more. So in the long run, it is a good thing but for right now, it just didn’t pack a huge punch of hilarity. Who knew the printers catching on fire plot would grow into its own episode? Kathy Bates guest starred in this episode as Jo and does anybody else find it odd and hilarious that Jo brings her dog with her every time she comes to the office? Was it already explained in a previous episode why she does this or is this just a comedic mystery? Anyway, the mystery of who was the whistle blower was really not all that interesting. I didn’t care that it was Darryl or Pam or anyone else. I didn’t care that Andy was getting blamed for it and everyone was blaming each other. It was kind of funny when the cameras met David Wallace briefly outside on his doorstep. Really though, the best moment was when Gabe told the office that he was leaving. It troubles me that the most amusing scene was with someone who I’ve never connected with. Of course that is what made it so funny, but really? This is the season finale. Jo and Michael may have bonded and there is the hope that Holly may cross paths with Michael in the next season, but aside from that there really does not seem to be anything to look forward to for the next season. This was a weak finale and not one of my favorite seasons…so I am really hoping that next season is much more entertaining.