TV Week in Review

*Reviews May Contain Spoilers*

One Tree Hill – What’s in the Ground Belongs to You

Chase: It’s not so much the texting part but the break up part that bothers me.

This was a much better episode than I had assumed it was going to be, though it still wasn’t up to par with how amazing I know this show can be, especially at its last few episodes of the season. Haley’s mourning was tough to see since no one wants to see her hurting but it was the strongest story line. The story line also brought quite a memorable moment when Haley & Nathan sat in “their spot” with the cracker jacks. Ah, the good old days. Now that Nathan knows about Haley leaving voice mails on her mother’s phone, what will he do about it? Will he get the chance to do anything about it, what with Haley blacking out at the most dangerous times lately. I’m hoping Haley doesn’t accidentally drown or hurt herself even more than she already is hurt because that would just be too tragic to handle. Then there’s Haley’s sister, who is dealing with Katie as well as Clay is. Though Clay dealt with Katie more in this episode. Clay helping out the police in getting Katie from her suicide attempt, which I think she never would have went through, it was just a scare or cry for attention…that was smart of Clay. He could have tried to help Katie himself but he went the smarter route and worked with the police. Hopefully, Katie is on her way to a psychiatric hospital, because I’ve had enough of her. Then there’s Brooke. Alex’s business proposal to Brooke was actually a reasonable and intelligent proposal that I was eventually expecting Brooke to propose as a natural work progression for Alex;s work…but not for Alex & Brooke’s mom. So now with Brooke assigning everyone every which way, it will be nice to see Brooke’s business expand. Knowing about the expansion of the business is refreshing because aside from Brooke working on Julian’s film, it is unclear what other special projects she has with her business since we haven’t seen her in a NY or LA fashion week, or seen her sign any endorsement deals, or anything of that nature. So hopefully, if there is another season, more of that can be explored. Since Mouth’s story line did not further along at all in this episode…lastly, there’s Mia. Yeah, Mia. She finally decided to stop by Tree Hill, after breaking up with Chase to help run the studio. That is awkward. Now that she is back to help run the studio, is there still a chance for them? Since the main reason why she broke up with him was the distance, is there a chance…or is there an underlying reason she has yet to mention? Either way, breaking up through text is just hard and I feel like I am taking the break up worse than Chase is. Overall, this episode was good, but it definitely did not pack the punch an episode before the season finale should. Nor does it seem to be wrapping much up, just in case this happened to be the last season of the show. But there’s one episode left, so only time will tell how well this season was wrapped up.

Gossip Girl – Ex-Husbands and Wives

Blair: Ugh. They’d be lost without me.

This was a great episode! Dr. Holland telling that she slept with Rufus in front of Rufus and everyone as a favor to William, that was low. What happened between the two before that made Dr. Holland say yes to this favor? No matter, it says a lot about her character and that is unfortunate because she will lose a lot of people’s respect when this gets out. It was so much fun to see all of the scheming in this episode! Jennie & Chuck going to Blair for help and then Nate and Dan asking Blair for help was just so thrilling to watch. It was so exciting to see Blair back in the game of bringing people down, old school. It is so sad that it took what it did for Serena to believe her friends, the truth. The desire to know and trust her dad understandably overshadowed the reality of the situation, but even still, Serena has acted childish throughout this entire ordeal. It has really made me conflicted in regards to who is more unlikable, her or Jenny. Especially since Jenny tipped William off! But now that William has been caught in his lies…what is there for Serena to run after? Why is Dan by Serena’s side and Jenny by Nate’s side? If anything, Serena and Jenny need to kiss and make up because Serena was so cruel to Jenny when Jenny was clearly trying to help when she didn’t need to. Lastly, this episode ended on such a fabulous note because now the clock is ticking for Blair! It will be such a disheartening moment to see Blair leave Chuck for good if she does not show up at the Empire State. Or will it? Is Chuck doing the best thing for him? Are Chuck and Blair really meant to be the ones for each other? Hmmm…

90210 – Javianna

Silver: The only time I ever done it, I was going through a manic phase, so I feel like I’m a virgin again.

Though this episode was good, it was not very attention grabbing. Navid and Adrianna both have feelings for each other, so they need to stop wasting time and get back together. Until Ad accepts this, everything that happens in between…it’s just a waiting game. Silver & Teddy spending the night together was unfortunate because of the break up that took place shortly after since Teddy’s dad was desperate for his son’s focus. Props to Silver for not taking the pay off, but it is quite unfortunate to see their relationship end. Though something tells me it isn’t over. Call me crazy. We’ll see. Although with Silver & Dixon having a moment, it wouldn’t be so bad if those two got back together. As for Dixon…the family trip to Australia seems odd since the school year is still going. When is this vacation taking place exactly? Why Australia? The reasoning went over my head. Honestly, I don’t even care…unless this trip is once last try at being one big happy family. Speaking of family…how did we not know that Jen was pregnant? It seems she is 3 months at least, so what is up with this surprise? How could Naomi not have noticed Jen’s growing belly? Jen is a terrible person, so I hope having a baby changes her for the better. Otherwise, I hope someone with sense and morals spends more time with the baby than Jen. Anyway, this episode didn’t hold my attention in every moment, so hopefully next week, there will be more to be excited and intrigued by.

V – Fruition

Tyler: I should have told you she was a visitor.

Erica: Yeah, you kind of skipped that part.

Fabulous episode! It is so incredibly twisted how Anna used Lisa as part of her plan to destroy the fifth column and Lisa went along with it. Lisa identifying Parker as one in the fifth column who attacked her was so wrong! Thankfully, Erica finally found out about Lisa being a V by Joshua filling Erica in. Will Erica try to protect Lisa as well as Tyler from Anna? Will Lisa really leave with Anna or will she run away and join the fifth column? Or will she stay with her mother and play both sides? That’s awfully dangerous since we see her mother knows no bounds since she has no grasp of human emotion. I appreciated Erica standing her ground in Anna’s coded threat to her, but I want to see this threat played out. I also can’t wait to see what Ryan’s baby turns out to be…human or V, or both! Lastly, I don’t understand Anna’s game plan for Chad, so I wish this were laid out a bit more clearly. So much happened in this episode, leaving viewers itching for more next week. As it should be. It is so thrilling to be in anticipation every single week watching this show. With so much going on, the season finale will be one heck of an adventure.

Vampire Diaries – Founder’s Day (Season Finale)

Damon: I’m not a hero, Elena. I don’t do good. It’s not in me.

Elena: Maybe it is.

This was such a fantastic season finale! Starting off light, Caroline definitely deserved Miss Mystics Falls, so it was good to see her up on the float strutting her stuff. Now getting right into all of the drama and action…it was so sad to see Anna killed by John. In the end, she was playing both sides, helping Damon, which helped save his life and his brother’s. So it might be safe to say she was a martyr and that is always hard to watch. Especially since her boyfriend, Jeremy is now contemplating suicide. If he goes through with it, how ironic that Anna was more of a hero than Jeremy would be for Elena. What a turnaround for Bonnie, as she was thought of as a hero by Elena until it was discovered that she did not bind the weapon against the vampires. Luckily she got to redeem herself. But will Elena be so trusting in the future? Will Elena cut her ties with Bonnie or get past this (huge) conflict of interest (the vampires) and continue to be friends? At this point, with the mayor a vampire (surprise!) Bonnie would definitely be an asset to either side, so it really is a waiting game to figure out where she will stand in the end. I definitely do not think this fake Elena roaming the streets will help in her decision. Who killed John and kissed Damon when he thanked her for her help if it wasn’t Elena? Lastly, is Tyler a werewolf? This was definitely one of the strongest season finales of the 2009-2010 season…and there is so much to look forward to when the show returns this fall.

Flash Forward – The Negotiation

Demetri: You believe any of this stuff?

Mark: That the universe is somehow pushing us towards one certain outcome? No.

Demetri: Then my being alive isn’t somehow screwing things up?

Mark: Oh, I think you’re screwing a lot of things up. But the universe has nothing to do with it.

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The Office – The Chump

Dwight: You were being really funny and then you went too far.

The cold open didn’t grab me this time around, so I was going into the episode a little cautious that I would not be laughing very much. It was so awkward and so inappropriate for the office (more inappropriate than usual) that I was worried it was foreshadowing the entire episode. Though I was mistaken from the moment Erin responded to Pam’s exhaustion in saying, “You probably shouldn’t keep a baby up that late.” The entire office working together to make things great for Michael as he was getting over Donna was quite interesting. They all seemed to be more concerned about this than actual business (as usual?). It seemed as though their efforts were in vain since Andy took Michael out to see who Donna’s husband was…and Michael still considered continuing the affair! It would seem out of character for Michael to stoop that low, so thankfully it did not come to that. It was quite hilarious though to see Michael get over Donna by…not distracting himself with work but by eating ice cream. This was a great episode (minus the Dwight & Angela plot) and I am looking forward to seeing where Michael’s head is at next week.